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Fox Racing 2011 36 180 Float FIT RLC

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 to sum up these forks.... BIKEPARK KING

not the most sensitive forks in the world (theyre by no means insensitive or harsh, just not as much as a 66rc3ti or their coil counterparts) but smooth good looking and superbly controlled and consistent damping, id allways recomend buying a tub of float fluid and running
them with a little extra oil in the lowers for extra smoothness and reduced service frequency plenty stiff for any sized rider in a bikepark but the big guys might find a little flex if they hound them on world cup tracks, still steering precision is immense and combined with excellent rebound control you really can stick it into corners.. if you want a lightweight 180mm fork you really cant ask for much more.

if youre in the market for a set of lightweight 180mm forks your choices are
1> marzocchi 66 rc3 ti
2> totem solo air
3> fox 36 float 180
the reasons i bought the fox's are as follows

1> marzocchi are good but as there is no air option they are heavy, the dampers are significantly less reliable and the seals aren't as good.. the bushing can be a tad sloppy, and the axle system is a bit naf the titaniuum spring makes them expensive and if it isnt the right weight you will be forking out another 150-200 for another spring

2> the totems are insanely heavy (for the same weight as a air totem you can have a coil fox 180) they need servicing as often as an f1 car and they too suffer in sensitivity due to the large contact area and they feel really dive prone when pushing hard including extra seals in the box may seem nice but it is an indicator of what is to come

3>fox may be expensive but what you must remember is that unlike marzocchi (and rockshox) to a lesser extent the value of them second hand doesnt drop anywhere near as much so you will get your money back on the other end

while i couldnt decide which fork gave the better performance between the 36 and the 66 i could decide on one thing..the rrp of the 66 is £999 and the 36 is £929... so my verdict get the fox's and save the price of a set of tyres Smile
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 Smooth operation and precise tuning. The concept of having high and low speed compression within reach is great. With most types of terrain, I don't have to adjust very often after my original setting.
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 these forks are so solidly reliable and with the new kashima coat legs and fit cartridge to keep at all buttery ! have loved these since i got them and would highly recommend them!
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 Excellent fork - I have found the single crown to be adequate on all the dh tracks I've tried.
It has been perfectly reliable so far and the axle system is excellent

No straight 1.5" though for some reason
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 Just overall a fantastic fork. Stiff, plush, and won't let you down! Takes a bit to break in, but once it is it's super smooth and durable.
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 i dont have it but i know that there awesome!................................................................
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Fox Racing 2011 36 180 Float FIT RLC (MSRP $0) — Travel is adjustable to 100m in 10mm increments

1.25" steerer (2370g, 5.22 lbs)
1.5" taper steerer (2350g, 5.18 lbs)
20QR thru axle system Post style brake mounting
Low speed compression High speed compression Air spring pressure Rebound

Specifications Compare to other Forks

Release Date 2010
Weight 2350 g
Color Options White
Travel 180 mm
Travel - refers to the distance the wheel can move in respect to the frame. Typically measured in millimeters, most forks range from 80 to 203 mm of travel
Spring Air
Crown Single
Body Type Magnesium
Rebound External dial
Rebound - is how quick your fork returns to a fully extended position after being compressed. Almost all after-market forks feature external rebound adjustment for easy fine tuning.
Stanchion material Kashima Coat
Steer Tube 1.125
Damping FIT
Damping - The process of absorbing the energy of impacts transmitted through the forks or rear shock during the compression stroke, and absorbing the energy of the spring during the rebound stroke.
DropOut Options 20mm
Compression Low speed, High speed compression
Compression - This is the damping circuit that absorbs the compression energy force on the damper. Compression damping is used to adjust how quickly a fork or rear shock compresses when hitting a bump, and is adjustable on some products. When compression damping is too soft, this condition allows most of the available travel to be used without attaining control of the wheel. When it's adjusted too firmly, the wheel will jump or "dance" about when hitting small bumps, again failing to gain control of the wheel.


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