Video: A Day In The Life Of Luke Ball

Nov 1, 2012 at 6:49
by Sean Lee  
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Luke Ball is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the downhill community. With the likes of Kian Esmaili, Sean Lee, and Jacob Gibbins producing photos and videos that have become viral, it's no wonder that Luke's effortless style has become famous among many. His style and dedication has helped him to acquire consistent and impressive results, such as winning the 2012 West Australian Downhill Series overall title. This video gives an insight into a typical day of his life, riding BMX, downhill, and driving fast cars.


summer s finally kicking in

Luke jumping the pipeline gap. A lot bigger than it looks

Bar dragging rock punching too... trying some different post processing not sure whether I like it or not

Video by Kian Esmaili, Photos by Sean Lee and Kian Esmaili.

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 Yeahhhh boyy! JANNER!
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 This guy is absolutely loooose!!!
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 Yeah! What a shredder!!!
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 best thing about luke is that he is a nice guy, not too cool to chat with the slow guys Smile
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 Yes, one of the South West's greatest exports!!!
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 Haha remember seeing your video of you atbig ups gawton you look alot diffrent now your riding style then was sick and just seems you got sicker enjoy your vids keep em coming Smile big ups luke !
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 Awesome work Kian and Sean as always... the video is very exciting to watch and Sean's photo is getting better better. That photo with the roost is just awesome, I can feel the rush and intensity just looking at it. Luke got styles for miles.... this guy will go far, can't wait to see him mixing it up with the big boys in world cup circuit....
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 I don't understand how people can ride without the chest straps on their neck braces.
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 Right! I tried and couldn't deal w/ it constantly slapping my helmet. Ended up customizing even tighter straps than what it came with.
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 Bolmaing, you dont need to if the brace is proprely fit and adjust to your body it s not gonna move
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 Co slopestyler there is something wrong with your set up. Most likely if the brace is loose it s because it s not the right size and or you didnt adjust front and rear table. Usually you have 3 size of spacer to adjust neck size did you try them all ? Is the back plate going down you neck is properly set ? Wearing a brace should be problem. Have a good one, if question just ask me.
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 Should Not be.....
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 Luke Ball's riding style is sick and soo lose,this guy truly rips trails fast & super smooth.
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 haha i love seeing more australian rider videos comeing on pink bike!! and fully sick commo ute!!
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 Fast cars..... Where are they?
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 I want to have a day like this,
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 Good luck with that.
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 Thanks man. (evil sneer) lol
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 i like the pipe jump
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 Yeah Baller! Epic edit mate!
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 BMX and downhill, some of the best ways to ride
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 would love to ride with you again soon mate!!
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 super cette vidéo, très bon style!!!
la musique c'est quoi? j'adore
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 Song: The Parlor Mob - Carnival of Crows Smile
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 He's letting it hang out like a fat bird in a bikini!!
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 If that a day in the life I want to see his year!
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 Just watch the video 365 times, you'll get the idea
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 mad swappaaa
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 Big time Ball! Good to see you are making a name for yourself over there.
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 Love the Straya'n vids
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 Nothing beats life in the day of tom dugan!
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