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Feb 25, 2013 at 16:39
by Brandon Twosixbikes  
We are a small custom hand-made bicycle frame manufacturer located in Arizona. We specialize in hand made, heat treated 6061 aluminum hard-tail frames. Almost everything is made in house from dropouts to our hand made yoke.In our line-up as of now are our urban/dirt jumper and trail frames. We decided we would show Pinkbike the process of making something truly unique. Below is the process of a custom Dual Slalom frame from the beginning to the end. All our frames are hand made by the Co-Owner Adam who is a Aerospace Certified Welder.

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Here is where we start with our custom builds getting all the fine details (insert humor here)

Engraving a chain stay
CNC engraving the drive side chainstay

A few of our yolks dropouts and engraved chain stay
A couple of our hand made yokes and and adjustable horizontal dropouts(single speed)

Seat stay getting notched
Coping a Seat Stay to fit perfectly into the seat tube

Downtube notching
Here we are coping a Down-Tube on the mill to align with Seat tube and Bottom Bracket

A complete frame on a table
A complete frame laid out and ready for the magic to happen

Starting to Tack weld the frame in the Jig

Finishing a frame
A few more tack welds

Starting to throw down some bead after a few test fits and measurements

here we are paying close attention and welding the yoke and bottom bracket together

Fresh beads
Fresh Bottom Bracket bead

Head tube
Fresh Head Tube Bead

The frame is now finished and ready for heat treating



T6 certified
T6 hardening test

custom twosix bikes - 20.99lb.
Wills Custom frame 20.9 pounds

My personal build

After ride
A few of our Demo builds, thanks to our Sponsor Kuat Racks we can roll 4 bikes deep!

Oakley sender
Meet TWOSIXBIKES, picture from Redbull Rampage 2012.
From left to right Tyler (The crash test dummy) Adam (co-owner, founder,and Fabricator) Jim (the engineer) Brandon (co-owner,crash test dummy,director of customer engagement)

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 You already know what I think but just for public record.....most beautiful welds I have ever seen, and I'm on my 2nd Intense. Also the damn sexiest drop-outs ever! I gotta figure out how to validate a 4th bike so I can get one of your fine frames......
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 so stoked man we are ready when you are. Full builds coming soon fox/hope/mavic/deity
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 Get out of my head with that build! Naw, I'd try the ultimate original build with your frame......still would use the Hope brake though, there's just no way around that. Hahaa, mark my this time next year I will be a proud owner of your DJ frame and hopefully have it built as well. I might have to keep it at my buddy's house so the wife doesn't find out but oh yes, I will own one......just as long as I can get the ano orange, hahaa.
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 haha nice
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 Yep, Barnett can throw some mean welds that's for sure! Looks good guys, glad to hear you are getting good feedback. It's definitely well deserved. Doesn't Adam have like 8 years in the aerospace industry?
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 That one piece seatstay is slick.
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 Was doing a few edits while you posted but thanks!
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 This is great! Thank you for posting.
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 Was doing a few edits while you posted but thanks!
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 Beautiful frames would look damn good raw finished with copper/white parts
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 thanks,and yeah that would look good! however the frames dull a bit after heat treating and wouldn't quite look like this unless you started polishing them. We have 1 raw demo bike with black parts to give you an idea of our true raw. .

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