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Soooooo this happened

Oct 9, 2014 at 13:54
by Jordan Boostmaster  
A few weeks ago this happened. I crashed straight into a tree and broke my bike, I landed the jump badly though so thats why I couldn't steer away from the tree.

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 You are a true hick when your are riding bikes with no shirt on
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 ya man, I'm a total hick
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 Tree hugging to the extreme
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 Seems it might have been failing before that jump. Pretty chill landing, but the bottom separated, causing the wobbly steering that lead you into the tree. Glad you're okay! Seems you have a decent case for a warranty claim. that was not a bad landing.
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 Can you mark this as "private" so you could send it to them and let them know you're not trying to broadcast the issue?

I'll bet they'd be more helpful if that was the case.. can always flip it back on, if they're jerks.. I bet they'll help tho. Good luck
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 well I kind of endo'd the jump and overshot it, so I landed flat causing my landing to be more harsh than ever before, and I'm pretty sure that is what knocked my feet of and screwed me up. I'm not sure what the point of making this blog private is for, I'm not saying Norco sucks, I like them. but this makes for a sweet video, so I figure its good to post for people to see!
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 Fair enough. Glad you're okay!
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 God Damn man! Hope you're okay!

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