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Be nice Ambergate xc/enduro loop

Jan 30, 2013 at 12:22
by craig butler  
Hi all my MTB English friends..those of you who are wanting to come on the xc/enduro ride saturday up derbyshire. Can i just say quite a few people have contacted me wanting to come, so its gonna be a mix of all abilities and fitness levels. having been on a few rides were people r'nt that friendly with all the people on the ride it usually gets where the faster more gifted riders dont give a fuk about lesser skilled riders. or if someone they dont no has a mechanical people just dont stop to help.
Can i just say, i will be guiding the route and i have arranged the ride out. so i would just like to set the tone before we go riding.
1, hopefully everyone will stick together and help each other out.
2, we will always wait for the slowest riders at the top of hills and allow them to get there breath back before we start again. if this pisses you off waiting then dont come.
3,if at anytime anyone feels they can not make the full circuit. you can always at any point drop down onto the A6 and have a easy pedal back to the car park
4,for me its about having a laugh and some good descents and session a few sections along the way, nothing serious just fun, leave ya egos at the door danke....

5.. meeting time will be saturday 2nd feb 10.30-11.00 Ambergate car park.
i think the loop is about 25-30km with the emphasis being on long climbs long tech decsents.
hope you all get were im coming from
cheers craig

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 Im on shift this weekend so can't get over, would have been well up for an xc hack around Derbyshire! Enjoy.
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