Pinkbike Preride - BC cup #5 - Bear Mtn Challenge

Jul 1, 2010 at 10:10
by Darryl Bartlett  
We are already more than halfway through the BC cup DH series. The Bear Mountain Challenge is happening this weekend out in Mission. I went up and tried out my new chest mount for the Go Pro HD and got a preview of the track for you all to enjoy.

Chest mount Cam inside,The Bear Mountain Challenge is BC's longest running Downhill race, at well over 13 years now. The course has changed over the years, jumps have been added, berms get buffed, and the odd line is opened up or made wider, but everything else is just as good as it was 10 years ago.

Ewan, Taylor, and Todd have been working hard making sure the course is buffed, the trail was raked from top to bottom yesterday, I've never seen a trail look so perfect.

Stevie Smith has the current course record of 3:31. Will the record be broken this year?

Who is going to take the Elite men victory? Will Dan Skogland hold the number 1 plate for a second race in a row?

But the real question is, How much is Holly Feniak going to beat the Elite woman by?

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 wow, there were some pretty big jumps in that
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 Sundays DH went like clockwork, starting on time and finishing the same.
Shuttle both sat/sun started early and loading and unloading by the volunteers was steady and fast.
PinkBikes Daryl Bartlett got his first ever win!! with a 3:55 ,I am sure he will never forget this win.
30+ Citzen Men class winner Todd Kaulback (read big smile here) 4:27
biggest clas 49 Senior men .
Junior Men had 45 with Nick Grimm ripping a 3:47 top 8 riders sub 4min!
30 Pro Men with Dean Tennant doing a 3:42.69 and yes the Bear Mtn tradion of the podium winners in the lake happened....
8 Pro Women Miranda Miller 4:28.
Look to this race getting bigger and as always so much fun it was voted last year best DH race by the racers.
The extra shuttle bus and van really made a difference .
Those who didn't make it really missed out on a great race ,don't let that happen next year.
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 love that track its super fast
but i cant race this year causse i was practicing two days ago and ate it pretty bad and broke my arm Razz
but sweet run good luck
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 Nice run Darryl. Good luck in the race.
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 That was a 4 Minute run, That so Dope! Good luck in th race! Beer
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 Im suprised no one has called "VOD!!" yet, lol.
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 i want to race so bad, but the rents said no cuz i ate it bad last year. but course looks good.
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 i found it to be really smooth trail and fast my time is avg of 4:45 ish on bear, i found lots of room to pedal like hell
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 That track looks amazing!
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 Such a nice track. Good tunes for the vid too.
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 After Arduum, Bear feels super fast!
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 Yeah Bear! See you tomorrow.
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 looks a good track, but rimmed a few jumps! Razz
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 ya it should be fun
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 looks sweet! Smile
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 3:31? shit how?, that vid was like a 3 55 and it was fast
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 steves a wc rider now, what do you expect?
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 sure, but have you seen someone run a 3 40 something on the course? an extra 10-15 seconds off of that pace is unreal fast.
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 its actually pretty smooth in a way if u know what im talkin about

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