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Jun 14, 2013 at 13:35
by deathgripracing  
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It's 2013 and Deathgrip Racing is back for another season with two new members.

Ryan Scnepf Regan Hogelie Mitchell O Keefe and Travis Taylor.

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Junior Expert - MItchell O'Keefe from Calgary , Alberta.

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Senior Men - Travis Taylor

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Returning from last season is Elite rider Regan Hogelie.

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Also returning from last year is world reknowned freerider Ryan Schnepf.

TRavis Regan Mitchell and Mr. Perfect.

2013 would not be possible without our great sponsors:
On the Edge
Pivot Cycles
Nema International
A'ME Grips
Lavan Apparel

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 Those Pivots are awesome
  • 3 0
 the dog is awesome-er
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 Is Dat Mitch Okee??
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 sick edit! Death grip takin the NW by storm. Cant wait to see what else you guys get into this season.
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 Always love the Deathgrip edit's!! and well I know what the first song is. Can someone help me out with the second song ?
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 The second song is lemaitre-continuum (waek remix)
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 lemaitre - continuum
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 Nice edit. I helped mitch and his bud out a moose mnt the other day . Was wondering how they got on. Good luck for the season lads anyway.
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 Yeah Travis you guys got this! Looking fast on the new bikes! so sick DEATHGRIP IT!!!!!!!!
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 Go Regan!
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 I see one fast kid named Mitch and a couple turtles
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 no turtles on that team
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 Ahahaha agreed
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 DW link is good
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 Nice dog...
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 Got my "Anticipateurs" look with those with those white oakley sunglasses
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 They're 509 .. about ten times better than any Oakey Smile
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 I like the first piece of music. Anybody familiar?
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 Caspian - Malacoda
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 Thx. Normally I am trying to google type lyrics I hear, but this time I was helpless. So tell me who evaluated me negative while I was asking and by the same rewarded Your answer to my question?
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 try downloading shazam on your phone
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 Thank You for the piece of advice. I am sure it would solve all my trouble recognizing music, but I have one of the simpliest phones still on the market. It operates text massages and classic conversations. Morever it has an alarm, calculator, and some similar. This is why I don't think downloading any of shazam or of that sort, is possible in my case. Sorry to casue You trouble with reading my pointless comments, but I am struggling to maintain classical human conversation, that is why I chose asking. Please acknowledge my appology. Anyway Caspian Malacoda turned out to be the music of my presently ending day and I think it would still be the theme of tomorrow. Thank You virtualmedia!
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 that guy on the far left on the last picture is running blackbox boxxers , nice . he either bought them off a guy who had the demo or he got custom sanctions made .
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 You can buy black stanchions for boxxers from 'fast suspension'. Think they are based in France.
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 Why would you have your goggles sitting on your shoulder?
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 Took 4:03 to get to the first excuse, that has to be a record
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 "I ended up making some really big errors in the air, barely holding it together"

Sounds more like an admission and acceptance of making a mistake rather than an excuse. Maybe that's just my opinion.
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