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Aug 10, 2005 at 11:47
by Drop In!  
So you aren't quite as talented on two wheels as Darren Berrecloth? You don't have cahones the size of Cam McCaul, not quite as pretty-boy as Wayne Goss? That's fine. This contest is for those of you who's talent lies behind the lens.
The 2005 Crankworx Shootout.
I guess it was around September of last year when I started to see what I missed while gearing up for the season 3 Drop In tour. Everytime I went online I saw a new "video" of Crankworx. A plethera of short videos which were made by everyone from the pro's like Freeride Entertainment to the "no-name" dude and his buddy who had to fight for the angles with their hi-8 cams and edit on their commodore 64's.

Let's make things a little more interesting and a little more organized.
Those of you who brought your cameras to Whistler August 3 - 8 for Crankworx this year and fancy yourself a bit of a filmmaker - Combine your shots with your friends' and use some of those creative editing skillz to create a killer short-film about what events like Crankworx do to/for you. How you feel, act, and react should translate through your creative work to the viewer.

The winner?
The winner will be chosen through an online voting system. That means the public is deciding and they want one thing... Entertainment.

Who is the viewer?

The viewer is anyone of the 500,000 users per month that come through this site and the new RIPtv - broadband tv network launching this year. This contest will be run like Race Face runs the UFC. The deadline for submissions will be August 31. We will narrow the field down and the voters will decide who should take home the prize.

What is the format?

All of Crankworx is the subject however you might want to make your film shorter and more hard-hitting by just concentrating on the Slopestyle events. It's up to you. Shoot with whatever you want and edit however you want (VCR to VCR is accepted not recommended).
The music you choose to accompany your film should be used with the permission of the artist. Proof will be required. The artist will have an interactive link to their site appear throughout your film so you can offer that in exchange for usage.

No length restrictions but keep it entertaining for a better chance of winning.

Deliver your submission to the FALL LINE Productions / RIPtv offices by noon August 31, 2005 on DVD (Quicktime file) or mini DV tape. That gives you about 3 weeks to edit something sweet. Include the link to the site of the artist who's music you used (with permission). How do I get permission?

The Prize?

Obviously we'll be swagging you out with some product such as T-shirts, Hoodies, all 3 seasons of Drop In on DVD, The film Genesis, Adidas Goggles, a handle bar from Block 8, and Hayes brakes. Intrawest will be offering some prizes as well which will be announced here.
The main PRIZE will be creating the project and having it air on the worlds first Action Sport Internet TV Network (RIPtv) for the world to see until Crankworx 2006.
RIPtv is looking for talented and eager production people to join the team and the Crankworx Shootout will be one of the places we look to find you. Show us what you've got!

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