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Make Poverty History - Drop In

Sep 9, 2005 at 2:32
by Drop In!  
On July 2nd of this year I turned on the tv to see something that blew my mind. Usually that's reserved for depressing world events like Tsunami's and Hurricane's and the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show but this time it was the Live 8.For those of you that were trapped under a rock that day, or were just outside getting your shred-on (good on you), the Live 8 was a free concert that happened simultaneously in 8 countries around the world. It was the biggest worldwide event that ever happened and it was watched by 10's of millions of people. The idea behind the Live 8 was to communicate to as many people as possible that we have a serious problem of the distribution of wealth in the world and there are people born into circumstances in certain areas that have no hope of the bare minimum.
It kind of puts that $4,000 freeride bike into perspective eh?
I don't want to pull a big guilt trip on you because you are able to fire up a computer and read this, or because you are privelaged enough to have food to eat today or this week.
The great thing about the Live 8 is that it showed the leaders of the wealthiest countries that they can do something about it on our behalf. Unfortunately nothing changed after the leaders of those 8 countries sat down together after the Live 8 day but we can't let the message fade away. Especially after the what's gone down so far this year in terms of disasters. Let's keep the awareness alive as long as possible. Here's how we can help put poverty on the center stage...
Go to the "Make Poverty History" website and get yourself a white band. These bands are cheap and they are something that will remind yourself and people seeing you wear it that the problem won't just go away because there's no more 8-country concerts, get 2 and give the other to someone else. September 10 is White Band day 2.

Buy a Drop In DVD, "Dirtbag" shirt or "Genesis" and you'll get a free white band in your order. Remember, you don't have to feel guilty about having the ability to have options - BUT you need to put a white band on to spread the message.

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