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Oct 5, 2014 at 10:17
by Jack Fogelquist  
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I love Whistler, you love Whistler, we all love Whistler. Whether you've been there or not, this magical place has surely brought you some stoke in one form or another. Amazing people, amazing mountains, amazing trails, it's all here. I had my trusty GoPro with me for this year's Crankworx trip, so relax, take a seat on the side of my helmet, and enjoy the ride!

Songs: Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC, Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin, Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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 Damn, he really wrote the manual on those trails.
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 He wheelie did.
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 this is why i love the biking community
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flag loopie (Oct 5, 2014 at 11:53) (Below Threshold)
 The manual says mix Stagg Chili and KD, supposed to be wheelie good....tried that ONCE, explosive combo
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 whats a manual? don't you mean speed wheelie?
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 I swear his front wheel employs some type of anti-gravity device.
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 @HutchJR Wasn't it "back nose speed wheelie"?
@h82crash It's got Helium instead or air inside. I am sure. I saw the sticker "Helium inside" in a circle.
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 After a season in Whistler he could still sell his front tire second hand.
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 Banshee Darkside = Manual Machine!
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 @flamshmizer - that, or he can use that wheel for about 20yrs...or until they come out with the 35mm thru axle. Oops...that's supposed to be a secret. Wink
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 Yes, 35mm axle! I heard about it. They say it has all the benefits of a 9mm axle, 20mm axle and 2/3 of a 9mm axle all together. I think I believe them. I've just done the Maths. Seems to be very likely it'll become the golden solution for all of us miserably riding the old stuff. There are no words to describe my gratefulness and joy about this. We can all just buy it at once and become ultimately happy.
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 lets face it, he can shred, endo-discussion
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 Very Brendog like manual wise on Dirt Merchant.
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 Went to Whistler for the first time this year and have never loved a single place so much. Best trip I've ever had and can not wait to come back.
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 The same here dude! Next year, I hope!
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 nice. 44 seconds of hi-5's.
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 Thought that was one of the coolest intro's I've seen in awhile. Really embodies the stoke of riding with your friends and having a good god damn time.
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 You know it's an awesome video when you can sit through 12 minutes of GoPro footy. Killled it Fogel!
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 absolutely!! even my 5 month old daughter was stoked by it, gave me a high-five at the end and everything
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 That was the best Whistler vibe video I've watched. Loved how stoked you were at all times. Yelping over every jump is so much fun.
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 I too, love Whistler. It is the best place ever :,) sniffle sniffle
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 I m Wasting my life, I must go to whistler soon
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 mean while, in the buy/sell pink bike section : "for sale : two wheels the front one is barely used, the rear one was used in Whsitler and Coast gravity park this summer". lol
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 boy, that's a lot of high fives
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 I wish I could speed wheelie like that
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 The brilliant trails and yes that's my type of soundtrack. This is why I ride with headphones.
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 This VIDEO made me fell 30 years younger without even getting on my squishy bike. Thanks from the ranks of the teneured and rebuilts.
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 Do you even manual bro?
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 You know you can manual when half your video is on the back wheel
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 Jack, I don't know you but this video features so many of my most favorite things that I feel like we share a brain - the riding (though I'd say you're about 20 notches above me on skill), the music, the cameos, the chili and mac n' cheese, the rope swings... So good.
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 Damn, such a good video.... He sure loves those manuals
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 Looks like he beat me to the "best of helmet-cam summer edit" thing...not that I ride at his level, so I don't feel so bad about it.

That was a fun edit!
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 Sweet vid. He should get an automatic sponsorship from Kraft and Stagg. I'm a health food nut and I now feel like getting some of his diarrhea-inducing cuisine. That's how fun this edit is.
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 The start pretty much illustrates why I love biking so much. That happiness and stoke after a run with your friends. Badass feeling!
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 Was at Whistler for the first time this year, for my 40th birthday. Another one ticked off the bucket list..... What a place Smile
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 Same boat. 40th birthday and bucket list. Can't wait to go back.
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 Great video and great music
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 Finally, a video with awesome music!
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 who doesn't love whistler
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 I'm convinced that there is something wrong with his fork and/or wheel. So many wheelie's!
Sick edit Jack.
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 Just getting things sorted for September next year for another 2 weeks 3rd year in a row bring it on
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 this guy must wear through back tires twice as often as front.
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 I love the part when he do a manual
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 trespasser FTW!!!!
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 epicness! when are you going to learn how to manual?
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 Good old fasion whistler vid
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 The amount of manuals was out of control lol !!
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 No I love Whistler!
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 Such an awesome video! Can't wait to go!
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 The dust drifting at 11:20 \m/
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 whats a highfive?
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 Just throw away your front wheel already....!
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 Cool rides, Cool tunes, Cool vid.....nice one!!
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 If there's a video that makes me want friends who ride it's this one
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 Jack Fogelquist: Pro Unicycler.
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 Enjoyed it! Good times.
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 Looks like whistler gives you the same feeling as being high
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 The cameos tho
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