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Jul 21, 2010 at 14:56
by John Lee  
The race scene is full of so many talented riders and awesome people. Sarsha Huntington though is probably one of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her addictive, flamboyant personality mixed with her vivacious riding style means you get the whole package in Sarsha!

Story inside,

Name: Sarsha Huntington

Nickname: Sarsh, Sarsaparilla, Sassy

Age: 26

From: Brisbane, Australia

Discipline: Race 4X at World Level and race DH back in Australia

Bikes you ride: Tomac Snyper, Tomac Primer, Tomac Automatic

Job: I own a Promotions & Events Company back home and I run that. Check it out:

Favourite band: Big fan of Powderfinger, Nirvana & Pearl Jam

If you weren’t riding bikes what would you be doing to fill the void?:
I would be competing in some kind of sport at a high level. It is in my blood, I thrive off the competition and the sense of achievement and of course fun. I previously competed in Pole Vault (athletic's field event) at an extremely high level until two broken ankles and various operations later I was unable to run and train on my feet.

Describe a normal day for us:
Randal (my husband) & I get up and train together, usually a gym or cross country session as I am not so co-ordinated in the early hours of the morning. Then we have breakfast and a coffee together. He heads to work and I work from home for my business. In the afternoon we pick my step kids up from school (if it is our afternoon) and take them and our puppy dog to the park and run around and have fun together. Then we drop them home and Randal and I go do another training session, usually gate starts, pump or jump session. Then head home for dinner and a cuddle on the couch. Then off to bed...

Best dream you ever had:
I dreamt that I won the World Champs... now that’s a sweet dream!

Worst nightmare you ever had:
Getting chased by a axe murderer, then somehow I was in water and about to be eaten by a shark, then I was out of the water and being hunted by native jungle people. I woke up so scared, but completely confused at the same time? Scared the crap out of Randal when I woke up in the middle of the night and nearly knocked him out.

When did you start riding and the start racing?
Randal introduced me to riding when we met in May 2005. My first experience was on a BMX bike... it didn’t go so well as I crashed the first time I rode and broke my wrist. I decided to stick to bigger bikes. I went to my first race, the Australia MTB Champs in December of 2005 in which I got 5th in 4X and 1st in Women’s Sport DH. It was my first ever DH race or ride. I was in love with it from there.

Best Results in 2009?
My best results were winning the Australian 4X Series. I also placed 7th at the 2009 World Champs in Canberra. On the World Cup series I had a 7th finish in Mont Sainte Anne and a 6th place in Bromont.

Describe your perfect day?
My perfect day would be waking up next to Randal with beautiful clear blue skies and the sun shining. Walking down the street to enjoy bacon and eggs and a latte. From there we would hit some DH or 4X tracks with some mates and have fun riding. Then we would have a romantic dinner together, watch a movie and have special cuddles later. I know... lovey dovey!

How’s 2010 going?
My season has been extremely successful so far. I started with winning the Australian 4X series for the 2nd year. I also took out the Oceania Title in both 4X and Dual Slalom. From there I headed overseas and had my first World Cup Podium in Maribor with a 2nd Place. I had some bad luck in Fort William with an extremely bad crash in which I ripped my thigh apart with my brake lever. But that didn’t stop me racing in Leogang with 2 holes in my leg. I am currently sitting in 6th spot in the 4X World Cup Series and I hope to raise that position by the end of the series.

Thanks to all my sponsors - Tomac Bikes, Supersports, For The Riders, SixSixOne, Sram, Jet Black Cycling, KWT, Adidas

3 Random Facts about yourself - 2 true and 1 false:
I start with my left foot forward in the gate. (True)

I have been Aussie 4X Champ. (False)

I am going to be competing this year in my 3rd ever World Champs. (True)

What's the Australian race scene like?
Australia is one of those lucky countries in which we can ride all year long. The down fall is that we never seem to get a break. You finish the World Cup season and then not long after that the National season starts. Then once that is finished, the World Cup season is back on again. Competition wise, although there is not many girls who compete in 4X I have a great battle on my hands with current World Champ, Caroline Buchanan. We love racing each other as it gives us a chance to really push each other. The DH race tracks are heaps of fun and some of the local tracks in my area are up to World Cup standard. We don’t have many 4X tracks around, but we have 2 that we helped to design and build and let’s just say that we like them rough.

People You Want to thank?
A big shout out to all my sponsors especially Tomac. To the boys from FTR as they have been with me right from the start of my riding career. A massive thanks to my parents who have been supportive of my sporting life right from the get go. Thanks mum for washing all my clothes in Maribor after the mud. And lastly to my hubby for coaching (even when I don’t listen) and being the most supportive person of all.


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 Yewww, Aussie Aussie Aussie! Big Grin
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 oi oi oi
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 You realize Australians stole that off the Welsh right?
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 nope haha:P
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 Extremely talented rider!

I also love her name.

"Sarsha" not exactly a name I hear often =)
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 yeeeew good to see another Queenslander out there reppin! QLD rocks 4X!
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 Good interview Salute
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 Sarsha's a legend Smile
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 yay she wears my helmet!
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 u mean u wear her helmet
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 Can i have a poster of her, coz shes hot. and i am a 16 year old boy, and you know what 16yo boys like to do!
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 Are you serious??? Keep that stuff to yourself man.

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