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Snafu's MTB line up

Oct 12, 2009 at 7:00
by Turd Monkey ?  
Click here for more info on Snafu's MTB line up for 2009 Snafu has been offering quality products for BMX for quite some years now, from tires to cranksets Snafu has been offering them to the public. Recently Snafu has taken a plunge into the mountain bike scene, offering a number of new mountain bike products. Snafu has been working hard on mountain bike gear for the past few years and now they are equally as focused on the BMX scene as the mountain bike scene.

Here is the line-up.

Here is some eye candy Snafu will be offering to mountain bikers :

The Rim job and Knob job tires have been well known for all you 20" enthusiasts but now, they will be offered in 26".

Here is a glance at the knob job and Rim job tires.



The Rim job and Knob job tires



Rim job tires.
offered in 26"
Size: 26x2.35"
Recommended for street park & tarmac
Inflation rating: 60-65 PSI

The Rim job tires offer a tight tread pattern that churns up less dirt under torque and braking making it less abusive to fresh-built trails.These tires are indestructible ! I have had them on my bike for a solid year now, and have yet to experience a tear, no matter what I do they will not let me down. They are perfect for street and hardpack because of the tight tread pattern that causes low rolling resistance that some other tires happen to have.The tires have used the concept as the BMX tires but for 2009 the will be offered in a foldable bead for weight savings and greater strength compared to 2008.

So make sure to check out these tires!



The knob job tires.
Offered in 26"
Recommended for dirt,plywood & tarmac
Inflation rating: 60-65

The Knob job has larger traction blocks and more knob spacing making it better forturning at aggressive angles compared to the Knob job.The Knob job tires are for those who are staight up dirt jumpers and need more traction than the Rim job, these tires are for you ! Lightweight and durable,what more would you ask for ?



Snafu MTB bar in white



Snafu MTB bar in black

Snafu MTB bar

The Snafu MTB bar made from 4130 Chomoly and is offered in 31.8 clamping size.
The bar feature a 725mm width (29.5") The handlebar tapers from 1.2mm at the center to 0.9mm at the bar end to provide shock absorbtion, flex memory and fatigue strength unrivalled by aluminum.

MTB bar:
weight: 500 grams (17.5 oz)
31.8mm OD
offered in black or white.



Snafu Mayweather crankset in bright green



Snafu Mayweather crankset in black with all hardare & spindle

Mayweather crankset

The Mayweather is the Dave Mirra signature crankset and has a 1.4mm wall straight-gauge 4130 chromoly arms with concentric taper with one piece forged and broached spindle boss with two tuck pin holes. The mayweather crankset features drilled machined 9/16" pedal boss with TIG-welded gusset. The mayweather is Left hand drive compatible.
At 842 grams the Mayweather is among the lightest in the "bmx style" cranks on the market and yet sturdy enough not to have issues of strength.
Offered in 170,175 & 180 mm lengths



Snafu is distributed by Norco products

Please visit snafubmx.com To learn more about Snafu bmx and all of it's products offered for 2010.

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