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  • Canada Remi Gauvin - Flow Down, Speed Up

    2:48 | views: 15248

    comments: 5 | favs: 368

    OneUp team rider Remi Gauvin showing us why the rain can't come soon enough. Bring on fall our favourite time to ride. #OneUpComponents #Squamish

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  • New Zealand troy brosnan shaking his hands

    0:38 | views: 36694

    comments: 50 | favs: 344

    sandstorm remix of troy shaking his hands on start gates, probably some of my best video editing enjoy Slide into my dms if you want some master videos made of you @camerondodd98 insta

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  • United States Whistler RAW: Reece Wallace

    1:54 | views: 15467

    comments: 25 | favs: 320

    Reece Wallace shreds Whistler on the new Inudstry Nine Grade300 rims. Video by: Matt Butterworth

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  • Canada Weekend Slayer - Episode 1 - Vancouver Island

    17:01 | views: 21128

    comments: 20 | favs: 278

    Presented by Kali Protectives You'll feel like you were right there with us, shredding Vancouver Island with Darren Berrecloth, Mark Matthews, Evan McCurrie and Jordie Lunn. We shred their favourite trials, secret stunts, fresh singletrack, and local jumps. Produced by Eric Lawrenuk Filmed by Kaz Yamamura Music provided by local bands and friends

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  • United States RIDEORDIE

    2:33 | views: 11512

    comments: 28 | favs: 278

    Tyler said get a bunch of bikes and ride them around with your friends so we decided to do just that. Some epic memories from an awesome road trip with Damon Iwanaga and Alex Amaral for YT and Sensus! Coast Gravity Park was insane big thanks to Curtis and the whole Crew for the hospitality and hard work!

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  • Canada Stevie Smith Park Opening Day

    4:06 | views: 27058

    comments: 35 | favs: 228

    Stevie Smith is a legend to the sport of mountain biking. When we lost Stevie we lost a part of the Canadian mountain bike community and a role model of the sport. The city of Nanaimo volunteered their time and resources to create a The Stevie Smith Bike Park to help carry forth his legacy. Photos: Paris Gore. Music: Florence & The Machine: Dog Days are Over. #longlivechainsaw

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  • Germany STEAM

    1:54 | views: 10578

    comments: 18 | favs: 205

    Rider: Anton Wünscher, Camera: Anjuna Hartmann | Jan Philip Baldus, Co-Director & additional footage: Marco Freudenreich, Gimbal Operator: Jan Philip Baldus, Editor: Anjuna Hartmann, Music: The Seige | Bad Habits, Brambles | To speak of solitude, Sounddesign: Anjuna Hartmann

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  • United States Whistler Romp

    3:33 | views: 7136

    comments: 19 | favs: 193

    good times from heaven on earth

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  • United Kingdom Revvin' It - Presented by Burgtec

    3:25 | views: 9608

    comments: 1 | favs: 153

    Ratboy and the Hockey Brothers head down to the brand new track at Revolution to bed her in, and pull all sorts of shapes out of the bag! #teambadhaircut - Tracks - Descendents - I'm Not a Loser, I Don't Want to Grow Up. /

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  • United States Steeped in the Greens

    2:20 | views: 10005

    comments: 9 | favs: 147

    Professional rider and Vermont native Alex McAndrew and his Fiancé Ella Skalwold sample some of Vermont’s finest trail riding (and beer) in this new short film from Backroad Creative and Long Trail Brewing with support from POC.

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  • Canada Guy Rides Bike Faster

    2:26 | views: 17147

    comments: 6 | favs: 144

    Max Horner might be pretty seriously injured right now, with a fresh-from-surgery fractured hip, but he's doing alright. A few weeks before his crash and subsequent surgery, he was doing better, and riding bikes faster. Watch the video to be sure.

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  • Canada My own mark

    2:29 | views: 14539

    comments: 0 | favs: 133

    William Robert certainly left his mark on Whistler Bike Park earlier this summer! A little project filmed by Matt Brooks of Lonewolf Productions in the run up to Crankworx gives us a glimpse of ‘Wiwi’s’ bag of tricks with the ultimate goal eventually being Red Bull Rampage!

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  • Canada Process G2 - Built With Purpose

    2:10 | views: 15048

    comments: 6 | favs: 130

    Kona pro team rider and Sea to Sky shredder Rhys Verner is a perfect match for the all new Process G2. Together, they climb efficiently and descend in harmony. The Process has a long history of dominating the descents, and with this new design, now has climbing manners more commonly attributed to shorter-travel bikes. No switches to flip, just pedal up efficiently, then smash the descent.

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