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Nutcracker mikelevy's article
Nov 3, 2015 at 19:46
Nov 3, 2015
Now THAT Was A Bike - Moots Mountaineer
Since we’re being ‘precise’, Precision and Accuracy are not the same thing. Precision is repeatability. Accuracy is how close something actually is to being correct. If your goal is to always be within 50% of your target and you achieve that then you have been precise, wildly inaccurate but precise. So calling a pickup truck a car is not imprecise, so long as you always call it a car. It is inaccurate, but not imprecise.
Nutcracker pinkbikeaudience's article
Jul 22, 2015 at 20:08
Jul 22, 2015
Breaking News: Marzocchi to Close its Doors
Liquidating the Marzocchi Operations means turning them into cash rather than an asset. The only way to do that is to sell it to someone, in parts or as a whole. There's a whole lot of IP and inventory that has a value to someone, the price just needs to be right. They'll be back. They better be back.
Nutcracker mikekazimer's article
Jun 22, 2015 at 21:01
Jun 22, 2015
YT Capra CF Pro - Review
I'll concede a BOS shock might not feel smooth over chatter, but the flip side is it also won't flinch no matter what chunder you stupidly plow through. I've found you don't get mid corner wallow or blow through the travel like certain other shocks might have a tendency to do. I'm personally more interested in how my shock behaves when things are getting hairy, not how it behaves on groomed trails or carparks.
Nutcracker RichardCunningham's article
Jun 2, 2015 at 20:32
Jun 2, 2015
Absolute Black Oval Chainring for Race Face Cinch Cranksets - Review
@dungeonbeast, I assume from the description of the redundant DOF in the ankle joint effectively negating the eccentricity of the pedal stroke that the data collection was based on clipless pedals with the ball of the foot placed over or very near the pedal spindle? This is a very road cycling style approach and I would expect you might find you collect quite different data using flat pedals and a more mid-foot position as is not uncommon when riding a mountain bike. Muscle recruitment between the two pedalling approaches is quite different and the mid-foot position significantly reduces the DOF at the ankle and is generally a far more stable riding position to adopt on unpaved surfaces, such as dirt. Smoothing out power output of the pedal stroke sounds like a pretty tangible benefit when standing to pedal a technical climb and dropping RPM accordingly to maintain traction. Sounds like your friend has a few more scenarios to consider before we declare oval rings pointless.
Nutcracker rdimporters's article
May 27, 2015 at 19:52
May 27, 2015
Video: Introducing Red Dirt Importers
If you dodged paying GST and import duty on a whole bike you got lucky. I've always been hit with it on anything I've imported that was over $1000.
Nutcracker rdimporters's article
May 21, 2015 at 20:06
May 21, 2015
Video: Introducing Red Dirt Importers
I had no trouble ordering direct from them either, but if you take the price in euros add shipping and then add GST and import duty the couple of bikes I just compared come out within about $10 of the asking price in AUD. Difference is you bought it locally and getting warranty issues sorted will probably be easier than dealing with Andorra. I think you could probably spare the extra $10 to support a local importer and get local warranty.
Mar 1, 2015 at 19:16
Mar 1, 2015
Nutcracker mikekazimer's article
Feb 4, 2015 at 19:16
Feb 4, 2015
Spotted: Prototype Maxxis Minion Semi-Slick Tire
Try the Ardent Race? I hated the Ardent on the rear, it just always felt like the grip was shit, it didn't corner, and it didn't stop, and it wasn't particularly fast. The Race version in 3C grips better and rolls faster, not the sort of cornering grip you get from a HR2 or a Minion. But then Jared Graves smoked everyone at Buller on the weekend with an Ikon on the rear, so...
Nutcracker pinkbikeaudience's article
Jul 29, 2014 at 21:24
Jul 29, 2014
Ask Pinkbike - Out of Control Rear Derailleur, Flat-Pedal Rider Switching to Clips, and a 24-Inch Wheel Question
@Mike Levy, I would have said that the shifting problem sounds like the shifter wasn't at the end of range when the cable was installed. Assuming your limit screws are set properly, if you don't upshift all the way before clamping the cable then you'll effectively have only 8 (10 positions = 9 shifts) downshifts available and you'll have one cog left that you can't shift to. Going in the other direction you'll get back to the other end of the cassette and still have one upshift left on the shifter, but no more cogs and a mech that has hit it's limit screw. Then as he noted, he'll need to double shift to get back out of that gear. Undo the cable, make sure you shift all the way to the limit of the shifter and then re-clamp the cable, it should be all good. This is a variation of the same basic principals that mean you can use a 3 position front shifter to operate a double chainring. I hope my opinion conveyed the requisite impression of being qualified to comment.
Nutcracker mikelevy's article
May 19, 2014 at 20:12
May 19, 2014
Cane Creek's New DBinline Shock - First Ride
Thema, how do you go accessing the air valve on the bottom of the piggy back. It looks like it would be sitting really close to the rocker assembly? I've often looked at my Meta 55 and thought that surely there are some piggy back shocks that would fit. That said, a DHX air would appear to be more $$ and less adjustment/tunability than the CS Inline, assuming that it is actually possible to find one for the stated price.
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