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Nutcracker robertbbr's article
Apr 6, 2014 at 3:54
Apr 6, 2014
650B Think Tank
650b is the most successful marketing scare campaign in the history of forever. Basically a few companies started to dabble with the idea of 650b, then Giant announced that it was going to be 650b or nothing from now on and the entire industry shat itself that they were going to be left behind. Suddenly we’re told we should all sell our 26" bikes and buy a new 650b just to shave a few seconds. Who are we going to sell our now worthless, 3% slower 26" bikes to? After all, who would ever want to ride one of those again? Why aren't people buying 26" bikes this season, they're too scared to. How can there be not enough sales of the SB66 to justify Yeti making them, yet this season everywhere you look companies big and small now have fat bikes in their range? Fat bikes ffs, how niche can you get. I can now buy a carbon fibre fat bike but not the bike that took Jared Graves to 2ND in the EWS, I guess it just was #notenduroenough anymore. This is F'ing ridiculous. So few people come close to realising the full capabilities of the bike they already ride. You want to carry speed and roll faster? Learn to corner properly and then start to pedal like a demon between those corners, maybe even try manually occasionally or floating through rough sections, if you're not already doing those you don't need a 'faster' bike yet. Did I mention this is F'ing ridiculous?
Nutcracker robertbbr's article
Apr 6, 2014 at 3:54
Apr 6, 2014
650B Think Tank
Dear MTB manufacturers, please find below a short list of options for making your 26” bikes roll faster and feel more stable, these options will not cost you a fortune in re-tooling costs and might even make your bikes seem more awesome to prospective purchasers: 1. Don’t put a crap OEM spec fork on your bikes, I cannot stress this point enough. The fork maketh the bike, crap fork = crap handling bike. 2. Don’t put crap, heavy OEM wheels with rubbish hubs on your bikes. It’s a fairly well understood fact that wheels are about as important as it gets in terms of a performance upgrade. This is principally because the wheels your bikes come with are crap. 3. Don’t put crap OEM versions of OK tires on your bikes. Pick a properly good all-round tire and then use the same ones hanging on the wall in my LBS - not the paper thin, wirebead version. And ship them tubeless with a set of tubes thrown in for those who are so inclined. 4. If your bikes have crappy geometry and don't feel stable at speed, just fix it.
Nutcracker pinkbikeaudience's article
Mar 23, 2014 at 21:02
Mar 23, 2014
Press Release: Cannondale OverMountain Team Moves to SuperMax For the EWS Series
It's okay, i understood the question, I think. The trail on the fork would be crap and it would handle horribly. Try taking your stem off, turn your fork and wheel around the wrong way and then re-fit your stem. Now go for a ride and see what you reckon.
Nutcracker skylinestudios's article
Nov 11, 2013 at 19:28
Nov 11, 2013
Video: Through the Fall V2
What's wrong with blown out, loose and dusty trails? Riding in a dust cloud on trails with no grip makes you waaay faster when you finally get to ride somewhere that has rain and sticky dirt.
Nutcracker summer-of-summit's article
Nov 8, 2013 at 16:03
Nov 8, 2013
Video: Summer of Summit with Kovarik in Whistler
Little known fact: CK trains off season by slaying zombies.
Nutcracker mtbstrengthcoach's article
Jun 20, 2013 at 20:33
Jun 20, 2013
Two Simple Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated and Avoid Cramps
Did you actually read the article, or just the comments. The article doesn't mention sports drinks, not once. It does include a link to a brief article complete with numerous journal references. That article doesn't mention sports drinks either, just the scientifically observed effects of hydration level on exercise performance. Not being scientifically literate enough to read such articles, or perhaps just not literate, doesn't actually invalidate their content. Beyond that, all the original article actually says is that staying hydrated is important because being de-hydrated and trying to ride sucks. It also encourages you to do your own research on the topic and to develop a hydration plan for when you ride. Pretty controversial stuff. I tend to agree that sports drinks aren't actually much good for you. Gatorade for example was originally developed based on sound, scientifically considered principals. Then it turned into a business and they worked out people, not just athletes, would drink more of the stuff if they used lots of fructose instead of glucose. But again, the article doesn't tell you to go buy a gatorade. FFS, if people must rant can you please at least aim them at the actual offending parties rather than just giving everyone in sight a spray.
Nutcracker mattwragg's article
May 7, 2013 at 21:25
May 7, 2013
Old School Tech: The Original GT Zaskars
I had the original yellow Indi SL (76mm, I think) on my 96 Trek Y11 explode mid ride. I still don't really know what happened to it but I had a spring shaped grease mark on my jersey, a bruised chest and the contents of the fork leg were never seen again. Replaced it with a 2003 Judy SL (100mm) which was not only immensely less crap than the Indi but it eased the head angle enough to make its 'sharp' handling a little more user-friendly. Found the Azonic DH bar that was on it in a drawer recently and had to laugh at how ridiculous narrow it was particularly when combined with what must have been a 110mm stem. Still have the Y11 frame hanging on the wall above the work bench, electric blue with an enormous bright yellow, red and grey TREK sticker down the side. Still running it's original System 2 wheels on a single speed hardtail along with the Judy, they roll so fast it defies logic considering how old they are.
Nutcracker MaxBerkowitz's article
Apr 25, 2013 at 0:34
Apr 25, 2013
Video: Henry Fitzgerald - Sick Day
Turns out he's faster than you, even though his kit's not brand new.
Nutcracker brule's article
Apr 7, 2013 at 21:52
Apr 7, 2013
Videos: Kovariks Ripping Up Australia
Nukeproof Generator DH wheels. I guess if he'd got them in stock Nukeproof yellow you'd never know the difference because they'd just be a blur of yellow as he flew past in a cloud of dust.
Nutcracker mikelevy's article
Jan 1, 2013 at 22:59
Jan 1, 2013
Inside Sam Hill's Move to Team CRC/Nukeproof
I have a vague recollection of reading in AMB magazine (early 2000's) about Sam getting signed up for $400k waaaay back when he first went pro for an international team. I have no idea if that was all tolled between the team and other sponsors and I have no idea if that was for a season or the total for a multi-year contract. I don't think these guys can realistically be asked to continually risk their lives for our entertainment and then get paid less than they could make sweeping the floor somewhere. More importantly than how much he's getting paid - Sea Otter, wtf? Why aren't we going to see Sam on the new bike at Mt Buller for the first round of the Australian season at the end of the month? Too soon? How about Australian Champs at Stromlo at the end of Feb? I don't care how many BDS rounds he gets to. Surely he's not happy about missing the entire Australian race season.
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