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bderricks redbullbike's article
Dec 17, 2015 at 12:36
Dec 17, 2015
Steve Smith is Big in Japan - Video
They literally could have strapped a $300 GoPro to his chest for one lap of his home trails at Prevost, and everyone's mind would have been blown. Instead they send him to Japan with a film crew and a helicopter, to ride a trail with no corners and bore everyone half to death. Stoked for Steve though- I'd happily take a free trip to Japan
bderricks mikelevy's article
Dec 3, 2015 at 22:03
Dec 3, 2015
Bontrager Lithos Softshell Jacket - Review
Outdoor Research backs up their products amazingly as well. If your gear blows out you just send an email and they'll ship you a new one, no questions asked- once the replacement shows up at your door you mail back the defective item and they give it away to charity. I use a couple different pairs of their gloves for snowboarding/touring. I'd 10/10 recommend any product they sold.
bderricks mikelevy's article
Nov 19, 2015 at 20:55
Nov 19, 2015
Pinkbike Poll: How Much Should a Top DH Racer Be Paid?
I was speaking figuratively. Teachers pick the 'pools' of students they teach. Teachers compete for jobs at prep schools, which pay far more. They don't compete for jobs at inner-city public schools with metal detectors at the front doors. The best teachers go to prep schools and teach children who are already pre-disposed to get good grades and move on to university. According to your thought, their students have the best grades, so they should be paid the most, whereas a teacher working at an inner-city school in Chicago with a 40% graduation rate should make peanuts because his students do poorly, even though he has a far more difficult task. What I was trying to say, is that it would make a much more positive big picture impact to reward a great teacher more for turning the 40% into a 65% graduation rate at a shitty school, than it would to have that great teacher wasted on improving Johnny all-american and his hero friend's grades from an A to an A+, you see what I'm saying?
bderricks diamondbackusa's article
Oct 27, 2015 at 20:30
Oct 27, 2015
Video: Moments With Mike Hopkins - Cruisin'
A 4-minute HD slow-motion commercial that begins with 90 seconds of sunsets/ driving/ walking bike/ putting on helmet and goggles, all with a voice-over interview about progression.
bderricks diamondbackusa's article
Oct 27, 2015 at 18:21
Oct 27, 2015
Video: Moments With Mike Hopkins - Cruisin'
Wait one second... Did I just witness a mountain biking video that was simply just.. mountain biking? What a fringe concept nowadays. Thank god someone remembered
bderricks mikelevy's article
Oct 18, 2015 at 22:38
Oct 18, 2015
Binggeli's Single-Speed KHS Prototype - Red Bull Rampage 2015
When you ride clipped in, being clipped in feels safe, not sketchy. Floating around on flats however, and getting bounced off the pedals in chunder, is absolutely mortifying. As someone who rides clipped in for literally everything, I promise you that rocking clips on steep terrain doesn't take extra big balls, it's just riding a bike. Keeping your feet planted in the right spot while charging rock gardens and race course chunder on flat pedals is what really takes balls and bike control.
bderricks redbullbike's article
Oct 16, 2015 at 8:23
Oct 16, 2015
Video: This Crash Couldn’t Stop Nicholi Rogatkin - Red Bull Rampage 2015
It's a perfect example of why they aren't compensated. If 2 million people watch this on youtube, that will make for about 1.9 million people who had never heard of Nicolai Rogatkin now recognizing his name and his massive balls. If he did this in his backyard with his brother holding a handi-cam, no one would give a shit about it. Instead he did it at a large event, with multiple camera crews filming him in HD. Redbull doesn't need Rogatkin to show up and fall off a cliff- the exact same number of viewers would watch the event whether he was there or not- and hundreds of other riders would happily stand up to take his place and risk falling off a cliff, for little to no compensation. Rogatkin on the other hand, will become a household name, albeit for a short period of time, because of this video. He needed Redbull to provide a venue for him to be seen and heard, far more than Redbull needed him to show up and fall off a cliff. The fact that he showed up and did this for free, is exactly why they don't pay people like him.
bderricks RichardCunningham's article
Oct 13, 2015 at 19:10
Oct 13, 2015
Pinkbike Poll: Should All Competitors Be Compensated at the Red Bull Rampage?
People who want something that they do for free to become their job need to 1) build enough interest in it that they can 2) refuse to do it until said interested parties are wiling to pay them to make them do it. You could be the best milk carton stacker in the world, and love every minute of it, but that doesn't mean you automatically are entitled to be compensated for it. If no one cares, no one is paying money, and no one is making money. Yes, 100% of people who watch Rampage care about biking. Unfortunately, 100% of people who watch Rampage equates to about 0.0001% of people who watch ESPN. When I say no one cares, I don't mean no one here. I mean no one in the real world.
bderricks RichardCunningham's article
Oct 5, 2015 at 23:06
Oct 5, 2015
Pinkbike Poll: Should All Competitors Be Compensated at the Red Bull Rampage?
That's simple: baseball, football, golf, tennis, NASCAR, etc... they all have decades (and sometimes centuries) of HERITAGE. MLB and NFL players used to have day jobs. Golfers were no different. Even sports like F1 had guys like James Hunt, who was essentially a really rich guy who decided to be a race car driver because he had enough money, free time, and balls to get good at it (yes, I'm over-simplifying his career). Eventually over many many years, unforgettable moments, upsets, and victories, those sports, teams, and athletes became larger than life, and started getting compensated equally. Mountain biking isn't there yet. It isn't even close. Mountain biking needs to wait for all of us people who grew up riding mountain bikes to get older. We're way too concerned with getting ourselves to races so we can race, not to pay money to stand outside the tape. The vast majority of people who care about mountain biking would rather spend their weekends riding their bike than watching someone ride theirs. When enough of us start getting old and crippled, that balance might start to shift. You can't just fast-track to pretending mountain biking matters to the masses, and tell people to pay $30 to watch a world cup stream, or Rampage, because basically no one would pay to watch (yes I know you people reading this might (news flash- you are a microscopic minority in the world of professional sports fans). As frustrating as it is,everyone needs to chill out and wait, and let mountain biking grow on it's own. You can't just look at other sports with high paid athletes- leagues that went through decades of growing pains- and say, "We're just as talented, we should get paid as much." It doesn't work that way. It might make it there, someday, where a young gun like Loris Vergier becomes a household name in the future. More likely though it will become like skateboarding and bmx, where the sport is so over-saturated with insanely talented people, that only the few standout guys at the top of the world make more per year than the guy working the Wendy's drive thru. The main curse in my mind goes back to my first line: heritage, or lack thereof. Teams thrive off local pride, they thrive off geographical rivalries, and most importantly, they have a potentially infinite lifespan. A professional golfer even can have a successful 30+ year career. Mountain bikers, bmxers, skiers- they rarely last long enough to become a brand name. If half the players on the Pittsburgh Steelers tear their ACL tomorrow, the Steelers will still finish the season, and people will be just as excited to buy their season tickets for next year. Transversely, if Thomas Genon blows out his knee two seasons in a row and then gets a bad concussion, he'll quickly fade into the abyss. Teams get bigger and brighter with time, individual athletes get old and broken. I typed way more than I intended. oops
bderricks RichardCunningham's article
Oct 2, 2015 at 16:21
Oct 2, 2015
Pinkbike Poll: Should All Competitors Be Compensated at the Red Bull Rampage?
I didn't say that I didn't WANT them to make money. I said that as a business like RedBull, if the top athletes in a sport are willing to put their health and safety on the line for free because they deem the publicity and notoriety of the event makes it worthwhile, then why in God's name would you just hand them a free portion of your profits out of your own pocket? As an act of good faith/charity? Good effing luck. If you want them to get paid more then send them some cash over PayPal. That's essentially what Red Bull would be doing by paying the riders that are willing to show up and throw down for free. The only difference is that Red Bull has more money than you. The athletes are the ones devaluing themselves by agreeing to perform for free, but the athletes aren't publicly complaining about their compensation, so perhaps they're perfectly content with their salaries and lifestyle. Just seems ridiculous for you as a person on a free website, who watches an event on a free stream, to complain that the company that organizes and streams the event doesn't compensate the athletes enough; especially when the athletes aren't even themselves complaining.
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