New SRAM Tech Videos - Learn how to wrench on your ride

Mar 24, 2009
by Luc 'Acadian' Albert  
News Source: Eric Schutt
Check out the latest technical service video for SRAM, RockShox, Avid and Truvativ MTB products. There are twenty-three videos that range from proper SRAM chain sizing to RockShox Mission Control damper service.The technical videos can be found on SRAM’s Tech channel on at The same videos can also be found in the SRAM Service section of here

Each video features step by step tutorial covering service steps, the required tools, and proper safety equipment. These videos were filmed at our SRAM Technical University (STU) classroom facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To list a just a few, information can be found on SRAM trigger shifter cable change, RockShox Mission Control damper service, Avid hydraulic brake bleed procedure, and Truvativ bottom bracket & crank install. Login and learn more today!


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 nice..good too see some reliable tech tips with easy access
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 super good idea. finally i got around to changing my frayed X.9 cable which i left for so long because the written instructions were so vague. tup .
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 Awesome possum! Now I can bleed my code's and actually do it right this time...
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 I wasn't aware of that until this page was posted. Now I know!
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 Seriously though, this has been around forever and it isn't that hard to find on their site either. Nothing wrong with spreading the word but I guess there are always going to be a few that need to be spoon fed.
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 k ill pass on the message to sram and pinkbike to quite trying to help people
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 yea time bomb that was a bit of a dick move, i didnt know about this site are you saying i have to be spoon fed as well?
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 yea something like that
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 Aha...well said sgtjag Wink
I agree with time-bomb tbh...
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 Ive only been biking seriously for a few months now, i'm sure you needed direction at times when you first began as well and as long as there are people learning about parts people will need to be spoon fed some information, hell my teachers do it all the time. its part of the process of learning. Also i do see your point about people not taking action and trying to find information on their own. so there is really no need to be angry at beginers becuase there will always be beginers and there will always be people that know the sport that get fustrated at the begginers. we all just need to forgive and forget.
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 i wasn't getting angry or frustrated w/anyone, you are the one calling people dicks.
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 i didnt call anyone a dick i said it was a dick move and yea i know i made a big generalization i see your points but i dont think you have to consider every instance of someone not knowing something that they learned saying they need to be spoon fed everthing
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 It's good to have assistance with forks. But i still dont feel confident enough to rebuild my own forks lol
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 How come the comments are being deleted.
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 I think you hit a nerve with someone!
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 It must be my age. LETS get this straight i am very impressed with sram rockshox ect as a company,and my totem solo air where possibly the best forks i have tried of the long travel single crown variaty. and i love the way you can use the rebound adjuster to adjust the reach on my juicy 7s,and little things like that. BUT i just got so dissapointed when the crowns kept creaking over and over again,stuff like that irritates me im sorry. apart from that top forks top brakes.
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 Fantastic! Other manufacturers should take notice. It's tough to even find a parts breakdown on Marzocchi's site.
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 Thats great these companies are doing this. Qualidy vids directly from the people that know their product best.
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 Is there anyway we could get these uploaded onto PB?
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 these vids are cool used them meny times...

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