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Video: Be Different - There is No Conformity, Live Your Adventure

Oct 26, 2012
by Hoffmann-Massé Antoine  
Some people live their passions more deeply than others. Anne Caroline Chausson (multiple world champion and Olympic champion), Yannick Pontal (winner of the RiderZ), Antoni Villoni (4 Top 10 in 2012 on the FMB World Tour), and Fred Funel (V8’s creator) are part of these people. Because each of their adventures are different, they make Vertical Eight.

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Fred Funel is reaching is goal gt a perfect day of riding On top of our world in south of France.

In fact, there is no conformity, each one leaves his own mark. Create yours! You own a bike, you ride a spot, you are a mountain biker, you can become an athlete. Fred, ex-military and founder of the brand, is the incarnation of that philosophy. Each new product he creates is dedicated to this mission: to be faithful to the V8 athletes’s adventures!

After a long day of riding Fred is taking a moment to improve his fresh stuff.

Hiking, All-mountain, Enduro, Dirt…. Garments, material, piloting, style, age or prize lists can be different, but we are all attracted by the perfect moment. The moment when the wonderful gesture and the beautiful spot overlap.

Live your adventure, “be different”!

And then before the total sunset sat in his old paragliding stuff thinking never ends.

And then before the total sunset sat in his old paragliding stuff thinking never ends.

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 Great video! Really catches the essence of riding.
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 Such a cliche statement. Not that I don't agree, I'm just tired of hearing that. Same with "it makes me wanna go ride". Just go friggin ride then.
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 Great point EllioMoose. Really catches the essence of comment critiquing. Comments like that just make me wanna go ride
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 I'm with the old geezer, hangin' in the little hammock, chilling with my camelbak...but it's true...it makes me wanna go ride...
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 It really embodies the essence of comments that emphasize the essence of wanting to go ride to find the essence of riding.
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 Heh, using anti conformity to mass market a label...There is no conformity, only marketing Great video though, they can keep pedalling their wares if it means they sponsor video artists like this
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 lol. "because you are so hard to define and so unique - here, express yourself with one of 10 million of our identical products sold to people just like you"

haha, Where do i get one? that sounds like me.
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 Another great video from Antoine!!!! Nice work as usual!!!!
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 am going shopping check out this vertical eight.I AM NAPALMJEF AND I AM DIFFERENT.
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 Sick vid and the remix was great!!! dose anyone know the name??
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 Feed Me - What You Know (Two Door Cinema Club Cover)
I don't know the intro song, wish I did.
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 Thanks man!!
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 Hey I think I know that truck!!!???!!! Sure looks like one of the guys on Expo-portal....
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 Amazing video, cool music? Mountain biking is so great in every way. Yesterday I got my Kona Operator, so stoked! Smile
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 i love that defender!
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 Neat Deffy, just hope he's got a Toyota around to go for parts Wink (I kid I kid...sort of)
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  • 1 2
 There is no conformity....only the same crappy music as every one else.

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