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Pinkbike Interview: Jordie Lunn

Apr 3, 2005
by xtrememtbkr killer  
I had the opportunity to be introduced to Jordie Lunn by a mutual friend(thanks Dawn). Never being one to pass up an opportunity to ask a few questions I hit him up with a few for our readers:

For Jordies' replies ....read on.

Jordan. thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Jordie- Hey, no problem Jordan...

Jordan- Well first off i guess,how old are you Jordie?

Jordie- 21...Legal all over..haha

Jordan- Where do you call home bro?

Jordie- Parksville, B.C.in my dad's house.... It RULES!

Jordan- How is the riding in your area?

Jordie- I mostly ride in and out of our back yard.We have about 15 jumps,an RC car track, foam pitt with some good mountain stuff nearby.....

Jordan- What types of riding do you enjoy most?

Jordie- DH, dirt jumping, and freeride stuff mostly.

Jordan-riding is fun but it can be dangerous what is the craziest thing you have ridden and walked away from?

Jordie- A cougar. Well she was like 38 or sumthing..... hahaha.
Probably a unicyle though.

Jordan-Cougars...haha...whats the unicycle story?

Jordie-Haha, yeah.... ummm, my little brother used have some and he could ride them good, eventually I got the hang of it,,.... I just think they're crazy.... hahaa.

Jordan- Whats the worst incident you have not been lucky enough to walk away from?

Jordie- Nac-nac turndown to face grind unconcious and braces through my lips when I was like 15.

Jordan-i have seen you in a few MTB vids,name a few you have been in for me

Jordie- Ride To The Hills, The Collective, Back In The Saddle Again,Run For Your Life, Torque, Eastern Standard fully, Rise, and some others...

Jordan- Derek Westerlund loaded you and Darren Barrecloth up and did some filming for his new film due out sometime in the fall. Where did you go filming?

Jordie- Top secret locations!(Utah)

Jordan- While filming with Darren and Derek did you do anything new or push yourself more?

Jordie- Ummm, I did like one street style wall slap... I'd just learned that, so it was sweet. Other than that not anything super outstanding, some big gaps and some tricks... nothing to new for me Frown

Jordan-Whats it like going riding/filming with a rider like Darren?

Jordie- It's not toooo intimidating, but I'm into dating.... I like
girls who are into dating me.

Jordan-Where do you see the sport of freeriding going over the next few years?

Jordie- I see the sport of freeriding continuing its ongoing
progression...more tricks, bigger jumps, more comps etc..
Hopefully the casualness of it all stays the same....its sweet.

Jordan-Do you think someone will ever die shooting a bike vid or doing a comp like red bull?

Jordie-Yeah probably... people die, its sad... but it happens.

Jordan-How do you think films like NWD affect the sport?

Jordie- I think that Dereks film, and others like it are great for
the sport, they show the riders talents very well and present our sport in a respectable manner.

Jordan-I watch you on Dropin with the crew riding in your area whats it like ripping it up with that bunch?

Jordie- haha yeahhh, there the shizzledizzlenizzlerizzle. i love
riding and hangin with them , especially TIM! and Cam too...
burrito comps for life, he'll never win.

Jordan- Burrito comp that sounds interesting, ...wanna tell us more about that?

Jordie- Ummm, of course I won! hahahahaha, I did 13.5 to cam's 11 or 12.. all in 30 mins, and I was super hung over so I nearly puked alot....

Jordan- Jared told me that bus reeked? How was the aroma in the bus a few hours after that burrito comp? scary I bet eh?

Jordie- Haha bet it was!!! , luckily we did the comp in Mcfat's so I didnt smell the bus...... It was sweet tho, we had radio's to the girls in the back for burrito shipments..

Jordan-Do you parents support your freeriding?

Jordie- Yeah totally!, ummm well I think my mom wanted me to be a XC racer or a triathelete or something, always telling me to do long rides and stuff. But yeah she supports me for everything! and Dad too, build'n me jumps and stuff all the time.... its dope.

Jordan-We all need to eat and pay the bills, what do you do for work?

Jordie- Ride, haha, its sweet...Manitou supports me pretty good. There my best sponsor, werd to them!

Jordan-What are your plans for the future? Any education upcoming?

Jordie- Maybe be a hellicopter piolot.

Jordan- Any pet peeves about biking or the biking industry?

Jordie-There are not enough sweet companies involved in the industry like crunk juice, TEAM, or sean john....

Jordan- Whats your favorite tech move?

Jordie-Probably fingerflip to blut slide to 3 flip out to manual....

Jordan-Family, got any brothers or sisters?

Jordie-Yeahhh! 2 brothers,one older(Creggy),one younger(Jerry).They're real sweet.Oh Joe and Ryder are pretty much brothers too.....

Jordan-Whats a weird thing that happened to you?

Jordie-Somewhere on the road with the sunrace team. We were
parked with the trailer, just hangin out for a bit... and this homeless guy with a dog came up with a drawing to sell to us!! It was a blue print for the King Cobra bike Paddle(pedal). Hahaha it was real narrow with like a sweet toe clip on it and stuff.... We just didnt have the cash right then to launch it for him....I still have the diagram somwhere.

Jordan-Do you remember a cool thing that happened to you?

Jordie-I was at the vancouver airport waiting to check in and friggen Avril was standing right in front of me.She had some huge body guard and stuff, but then she came and stood right behind me going through security and I was like OMG we are sooo meant to be.

Jordan- thats all I have today. anything you would like to add?

Jordie- Yeah, haha! This was fun. I wanna thank all my friends and family for all the support all the time. Without them
I'd probably be a fat geek taking mythyology or something in
university. I'd also like to thank my sponsors for all the support. Manitou, Oakley, Raceface, The Bike Team(and all associated companies), E-13, TEAM, IronHorse bikes.I'd also like to thank bearfoot for helping me with my riding, sponsors and my breathing, hahaha. PEACE OUT RABBIT!

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 Just saw the movie ROAM where they shot a sequence in his backyard, Man, Jordie's dad is loaded...did you see how nice that house was and the big back yard? Definitely a fortunate upbringing, although I've quickly come to realize that most action sports athletes that rely on expensive gear like bikes or snowboards and parkas usually come from affluent families. It seems the only down to earth people anymore are skateboarders, and even then many are spoiled brats. Sigh, I love mountain biking just wish I would have grown up in a better situation and I'd be a much better rider than I am since I'm starting late.
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 Man Jordie your my idiol ....
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 Hi, My name is ryan and i am pissed off at you. WHY are you no in the seasons movie? haha jokeing.

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