Exploring Sweden's Mountain Biking Playground at Åre Bikepark

Jul 11, 2020
by Samantha Saskia Dugon  

Situated just over 7 hours north of the Swedish capital Stockholm, is the country's biggest mountain biking wonderland; Åre Bikepark. With 35 trails totalling over 50km worth of singletrack, it's a dreamland for mountain bikers. Whatever your preference Åre caters to them all, from open mountain top trails with endless rock slabs to negotiate, fast and flowy jump lines through the trees sure to get your adrenaline pumping, or steep, rooty and rocky tech trails that push the limits of your fresh tubeless setup.

Whilst on a trip through Scandinavia, myself and 3 friends Tina Gerber, Monet Adams and Hanna Jonsson headed over to Åre bike park where our token Swede and Scandi bombshell Hanna, took on the role of being our very own personal guide.

Tina Gerber, Hanna Jonsson, Monet Adams

I always find myself going through phases of the type of riding and terrain I like, one day I could be bouncing off the ceiling stoked on jump lines, and the next all I'll want to do is thrash some technical rocky descents. Thankfully Åre was well equipped to ensure that I'd never get bored of riding the same old stuff. At the end of the week in Åre I came away with 2 favourite tracks: Bräckebäcksleden and Shimano. Both tracks are a perfect example of the range on offer at the bike park as Bräckebäcksleden is a rocky, rooty, tight and often quite dark track weaving through the trees. Shimano on the other hand, it's wide open, fast, and packed with jump after jump. Åre is a place where the novelty of a trail doesn't wear off.

Monet tackling the roots

bigquotesThere's a good range of ability levels and you can spend a whole day lapping the park or head out for a longer pedal. We rode a wide-ranging mix of trails in the few days we were there, from Rocky alpine-style descents with loads of man-made corners and natural rock features, into lush deep green woodland further down the mountainside where the trails become much more technical.Monet Adams

The dirt in the woods could easily be described as 'hero dirt'

Luscious green woods are a stark difference to the bare open mountain at the top of the trails.

bigquotesÅre has so many amazing spots it’s hard to name them all, but when it comes to the bike park you have to ride the famous mega-root fest that is Bräckebäcksleden. It must be around 5 minutes long and just has that perfect balance between roots, flow and tech. If jumping is your thing, the Shimano trail or new Cobra trail is worth a visit and if you go the top of the mountain you have 900 meters of goodness to ride down - either go for Easy Rider, a fun but easy flow trail or try your luck heading down the rocky and rough tail named 1000-metersleden (1000 meter trail). You can literally do 15-minute top-to-bottom runs all day long.Hanna Jonsson

Endless views down the valley into Åre

I hope you like rocks because the '1000 meter trail' has plenty.

As a mountain biker from Sweden, Hanna is no stranger to Åre bike park, but this time it was different.

bigquotesThis time it was extra fun because I got to show an intentional crew around: taking them down my favourite trails in the park, having them try Scandi food like “Moose pizza” and introducing them to our “Fika” breaks: something we swedes value highly - it’s like a mini-break to drink coffee, eat cake and talk shit. It’s like a religion here and the prefect mid-ride break.Hanna Jonsson

Coffee, cake and sessioning.

But it's not just the tracks that will provide endless fun and entertainment, the local town of Åre itself is packed with coffee shops, bars, restaurants and culture, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the Swedish lifestyle. Heck, even go and try out some real, authentic Swedish meatballs, you won't be disappointed! We were never gutted when the lifts closed at the end of the day because it meant we could move onto our next best thing; food and drink.

bigquotesApres options are all so varied and amazing! We ended one day with beers and delicious salmon crepesMonet Adams

Post ride dinner
There's not a better way to end the day than with beer and crepes.

bigquotesAs for food and drinks - the whole town is covered in amazing restaurants, pubs and after bike spots. Some personal favourites are Werséns for some typical Swedish meatballs, Hotell Granen with its insanely tasty fish dishes and huge wine list, and Parkvillan for a good old “after bike” drinks and burgers. We were lucky enough to stay ay Holiday Club Åre and I don’t think you can really stay anywhere better when in Åre: they have the best and biggest breakfast buffét, a sauna spa world, gym and the best lake view going!Hanna Jonsson

Finally, and more personally the best thing about Åre; the abundance of wonderful and friendly dogs. No good bike ride or adventure is ever complete without saying hello to a four-legged friend or two, and a run is going to be made even better when you get to pet a dog before jumping on the lift.

No better way to spend your time waiting for the lift than by making friends with the locals.

Getting to Åre

If you're not driving, you can take advantage of the local public transport or book a transfer. The local airports to Åre are Trondheim just west over the border in Norway or Ostersund, an hour and a half away from Åre itself. Or, if you've found yourself in the capital and you're in the mood for a long-distance bus ride, you can even jump on a bus in Stockholm and wind up in Åre.

More information can be found here.

bigquotesI think Åre is definitely up there as one of the best bike park destinations in Europe. Yea, it might be slightly harder to get to compared to the Alps, but it’s 100% worth it. It just a has a completely different vibe. The trails are sick and will keep you entertained for weeks on end and there is something for all kinds of riders.Hanna Jonsson

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 By the way, "Å" is pronounced as "oh" (better yet, "eau" in French). "Ä" is "aye" and "Ö" is "Uuh". To hear them in action put on your favorite porn film!
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 Theres hand sanitizer at lifts and restaurants. It's not busy compared to Morzine etc, so should be lower risk in that sense.
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 Always wanted to visit! Hopefully it happens this summer.
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 Thanks @SaskiaD! Can't wait to have you back in Åre!
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 On my way to Åre right now!!!
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