Video: Vinny T's Loosefest XL POV

Jul 26, 2019
by Vincent Tupin  

Thank you Nico Vink for the best jumps line I have ever ridden.


  • + 29 big. Knowing the difference between crab apple hits footage versus hitting in reality...I literally cannot imagine how big these are haha
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 Agreed, Crabapple's make me pucker every time I hit them. On another note, I would like to be able to no-hander like that. It all looked so stable. Massive props, dem are mega!
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 @scott-townes: that's rad, thanks for sharing
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 Deleting all my irrelevant POV footage after seeing this.
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 @jorgeposada: All of the blood, sweat, and tears that I put into aggressively NOT recording any of my riding for fear of it looking unimpressive has finally paid off!
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 Hello? Scientists? Yes. Monsieurs Vink, Tupin and Co. have unlocked the the secret to gravity. They appear to be able to defy it at will, pause or freeze it, if you will. Yes. It is true - astounding, incredible, and impossible though it may seem. Monsieur Vink seems to be the architect masterminding this. No, I don't understand it either! please don't ask me to explain; I can't. Come see it for yourselves. Ask him for that matter. At any rate I highly recommend them for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Thank you.
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 When the G-force (if the stats are to be believed) of the landing is less than half that of the take off you know the course is built pretty well, though the highest G-out of approx 3G in the corner is madness.
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 For us backward folks using the imperial system - top speed was 79km/h or ~49mph. Seems like the average jump speed was about 64km/h or 40mph. Pretty wild.
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 70km/h into the first kicker! Can see the dudes balls from here.
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 Jeezuss!! That spot where he was heading pretty much due west and then switched to south was amazing. So glad that compass was there to give me perspective!
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 If he had lost his bearings things wouldn't have gone so well...
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 Tour de France roadies: *ultra high speed at 70km/h*
Vincent Tupin: -hold my redbull
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 Crazy how they can send such big jumps at such low speeds. I've put a speedo on my bike and at 40kph I'm doing pissy little jumps and these dude are sending massive hits at 40-50+ kph...
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 IT is because their suspension and tire pressure are rock hard!
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 @SintraFreeride: that and it may depend on how the speed was measured, if by satellite/gps it may be line of sight and their actual on the ground speed is much higher. I've watched again and most hits are at 60 not 40.
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 I was at the end of the turn. Someone was flashing riders at around 72 kmph. Amazing!

Also took a pic below the last jump:
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 Shit is Bananas..
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 The real question is…where does does one keep their enormous balls when riding this line?
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 Someone on a dirtbike rides off to the side under him with them so he doesn't launch into orbit...
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 when will the full footage video be available for the loosefest xl?
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 The speedo is super cheesy, but the hip at the end is cool.
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