Mountain Biker in Manchester Seriously Injured After Motorbike Hit and Run on Trails

Jun 6, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

A mountain biker riding on purpose built mountain bike trails near Manchester has suffered a serious leg injury after a hit and run involving a "scrambler" motorbike.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the unnamed rider, who is in his 40s, was riding in Philips Park, Whitefield, Bury, when the collision happened at 7:30pm on Monday, May 13.

He collided with one of a group of four motorcycle riders and was thrown to the ground, landing on top of one of the motorbikes. The motorbike riders simply lifted him off the bike and rode away, apparently "showing no regard for the obvious pain the victim was in".

Police are investigating and have appealed for witnesses. A spokesperson said: "The pedal cyclist was thrown to the ground in the collision and lay injured on the offender's off-road motorbike. The offender moved the injured man off the motorcycle and fled the scene. The victim suffered serious leg injuries in the collision and required hospital treatment. Unfortunately, there is no further description of the motorbikes or riders."

Anyone with information can call police on 0161 856 6108 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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 The unnamed rider was in fact me. I was riding down the red and from round a corner the motorbikes just appeared from nowhere, they were travelling up the trail at around 25mph and I was going down at the same speed.. It was a head on collision and I broke me fibula and tibia. I wasnt even thrown from the bike, both me and the other rider just came to an immediate stop with a crunch. My leg was literally snapped in two and my foot was facing towards my face, very upsetting. The story is every bit as grim as it sounds and the bastards made me move as I screamed in pain, begging them not to move me. Utter scum.
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 After a break like that I hope you can ride again. Get well soon.
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thanks mate, ive got extensive metalwork in my leg now and its starting to heal, ill be back on my bike as soon as the swelling in my knee and ankle has gone down enough to spin a crank. Swelling is from the surgery - they peeled my patella back and hammered a 12inch nail into my tibia WHILE I WAS AWAKE!! hahaha, fun times ;-)
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 @shakermaker99: get well soon pal. Lee quarry getting bad too for MX. Especially when there are so many dedicated areas for us all to ride in the area. No excuse really.
How old were they?
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 Rest up pal, what c*nts to do you over like that. Good awareness for others at the least
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 Set of cunts,the police and the scrotes, that is. Just got back in from Phillips and was a bit more on edge after hearing about your incident. Speedy recovery pal!
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 FFS man what a scumbag.
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 What goes through these peoples minds!! You've got a guy lying on the ground, probably crying out in pain and their only concern is not getting caught! Total wankers!!
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 Bloody ebikes
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 Wish I could upvote this more I also hope the poor man makes a speedy recovery.
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 What you on about ? O I see trying to be clever ... fail
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 Tossers indeed! I imagine it's a problem for many riding spots. At our 'no longer with us' local spot I used to regularly face off to the motorbike riders. Most were pretty decent and just went on their way after it was explained how long it took to build the runs and how quickly they could demolish them but some were not so decent. I don't remember anything like that ever happening though.
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 F**king scumbags
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 Worse part police will slap their wrists for it and tell them not to do it again
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 Damn budget cuts
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 This used to happen all the time at a local spot of ours, all the locals started taking digging and building more seriously and now they could not ride MX bikes on the trails at alll thanks to all the obstacles and drops, each has a dummy run for less experienced riders and we have not seen an MX over there for years now. Hope this dude is ok.
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 oh and police are not investigating, they have chosen to do sweet f*ck all. They never turned up to the scene to check my bike for prints or the blood from the other rider and when we asked for the case to be moved from traffic (f*ckING TRAFFIC!!!!) to either CID or the local police, the policeman declined, saying he has 15 years experience and is fullly capable. He then proceeded to do precisely nothing. The council aren't interested either and I feel a bit like ive been swept under the carpet.
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 Oh it was you? Are you ok now though yea?
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 Once you are better you need to find out who it is and brake his leg as payback. I'm sure he will be still riding in the same spot.
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 Find them and destroy them.
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 Get well soon. On a side note, does anyone other than local newspapers actually call a motocross bike a 'scrambler'?
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 Yes, here in Liverpool everybody calls them scramblers even the local newspapers Wink
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 @neureye: I am from South Shields originally, defo still called Scramblers there!
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 I don't wear a full face and body armour to look more moto, I wear it to look more scrambly. Moto is a nonsense American affectation. It always has been, and always will be, scrambler. I am not a local journalist.
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 @bedmaker: I thought you would just be wearing it to not die?
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 Blame trump

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