Photo Epic: 5 Years of Flat Out EWS Racing in America

Aug 1, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

This weekend would have seen the EWS arrive in Burke, Vermont for the sixth round of the 2020 series. With no racing in Burke this weekend after the event was cancelled we have taken a look back at some of the past American rounds of the Enduro World Series. From Winter Park to Aspen and then last years dusty and rocky assault at Northstar there has been a wide variety of racing over the years with an American round hosting the EWs nearly every year since the series began in 2013. Let's hope everything is back to normal in 2021 where the EWS visits both Burke and Northstar.

Winter Park - 2014

Anne-Caroline Chausson opened her account today with a second on stage six losing some of her overnight lead to Tracy Mosely.

Justin Leov s good feeling on the bike didn t translate to a podium this time out but fifth is a solid result nonetheless.

For the more XC-orientated stage six CG decided to work on his aerodynamics. It was a solid ninth for him this weekend.
Cedric Gracia pushing hard on stage six.

Rene Wildhaber was flying all weekend getting very close to nature at some points but keeping his speed to rack up yet another podium finish.
Rene Wildhaber getting very close to nature.

Re-run or not Jared Graves had the horsepower to utterly dominate the very physical stage six.

After some bad luck yesterday Yoan Barelli bagged fourth on the final stage to take him back up to 11th this evening.
After some bad luck Yoan Barelli bagged fourth on the final stage to take him back up to 11t.

Josh Carlson reckoned this morning that he was going to vomit on stage six from the exertion. You can t tell whether he did or not from this angle but we wouldn t risk borrowing his helmet...

Anne Caroline Chausson got second on both stages today but she had enough of a time gap built up from the last two days to take the overall.

Despite not being the biggest fan of the Enduro race format and exceptional physical nature of this race Tracey Hannah finished a respectable sixth place.
Tracey Hannah finishing the weekend in sixth.

Graves had all of the power and fitness for the stage one win and the overall. It s been a good weekend indeed for Yeti.
Jared Graves was looking strong all weekend as he rode to the top spot of the podium.

Crushingly fast. The debate whether or not Richie Rude belongs in Enduro can be put to rest. Three stage wins and second place overall. Richie Rude is just damn talented on a mountain bike.
Richie Rude secures three stage wins and second overall at Winter Park.

Martin Maes finished the weekend in sixth place. He had a strong start to the weekend but Saturday didn t go as well as he had hoped.
A sixth-place finish for Martin Maes.

Crested Butte - 2015

You have to take your hat off to Anneke Beerten. Not only was she the fastest woman today but she rode most of the day with a gashed knee that required a hospital trip this evening to get it sewn back up.

Not the best day for T-Mo but you can t win them all. Fifth overall on the day--fifth on stage one and fourth on stage two. And while she may be nearly a minute back after a single day of racing there are two big stages tomorrow as well as the remainings stages on Sunday. So don t count Moseley out.

His performance last time out in Samoens seems to have brought Thomas Lapeyrie to life and he holds fifth this evening.

Rene Wildhaber went on a mission on stage two visibly looser and faster than anyone else who came through to claim the stage win and bring him up to fourth this evening just six seconds off the lead.

Ines Thoma 7th place at the end of day 1.

The working man s hero Joe Barnes was smooth as glass in some of the rougher sections of track... good enough to land him in the top 20 despite living at sea level.

Cecile Ravanel finished second today 11 seconds back of Anneke. But with Beerten sustaining an injury that required stitches in the first stage she must be wondering what happened.

Isabeau Courdurier has been working her way up through the womens ranks and managed a 4th today. Can she keep it up

Greg Callahan won the second round of the EWS this year in Ireland and followed that up with a second in Scotland. Unfortunately he went on to break his hand and is now trying to work his way back up the ranks.
Marco Osborne was only 16th today but he managed to win my personal photo of the day award with this shot.

Aspen - 2016

We stopped along the way from Denver to get some views in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

What can we say about Adrien Dailly Dominating the under-21 field once more with a time that would put him in 9th in the GC.
Adrien Dailly dominated the U21 category.

7th on the day for Ines Thoma

Sarah Leishman powers through stage 2 while probably thinking about how much easier it will be to breathe at the next round coming up next in her home town of Whistler.

Anneke Beerten started well this morning but lost time on the long third stage. With the tracks taking a turn for the bike park tomorrow expect to see her pushing hard to get back on the podium this weekend.

Cecile is in a class of her own at the moment. She holds nearly a full minute advantage on the rest of the field.
Cecile Ravanel was nearly a minute ahead after the first day of racing.

Isabeau Courdurier couldn t match Ravanel on any stage today but consistent clean stages land her in second this evening.
Isabeau Courdurier couldn't match Ravanel but she did manage to secure second place at the end of the first day.

While Casey Brown may have started a little slowly this morning she picked up speed through the day to cap it all with a second on the long third stage to land her in fifth this evening.

Not the day Yoan Barelli was hoping for as he struggled with the heat and altitude falling back to 35th.
Yoan Barelli fell back to 35th at the end of day one.

Blenki leans it in on the meadows on stage two.

Nico Lau is a ninja on a bike and also just a tad bit crazy when it comes to fast one sections as well as switchbacks. Not at all surprisingly he is sitting in 2nd right now.

Martin Maes takes the fast route over a drainage on stage one. Maes sits in third after day one.
Maes sits in third after day one.

Unstoppable once again Ceclie Ravenel was uncontested on every single stage.
Unstoppable once again, Cecile Ravenel was uncontested on every single stage ON DAY TWO.

After her best finish a few weeks ago in La Thuile Isabeau Courdurier would slip one spot back to take 3rd here in Aspen.
Courdurier slipped back to third during the second day of racing.

Anneke pushed it to the max today but it just wasn t enough to gain back the time she lost in crashes on day 1.

Your women s podium Ravanel Gehrig and Courdurier.

Jesse Melamed flying on his way to his first top ten this weekend - 8th. What s more it s the first time he has beaten his French teammates Nicolai and Cure which will be a big confidence boost for the Whistler native.
Jesse Melamed flying on his way to his first top ten.

Blenki may be back on the results sheet this weekend but he certainly makes riding these tracks look more fun than anyone else.
Sam Blenkinsop was having fun out on the trails.

Feeling less like a passenger today and more like a racer Richie Rude made up lots of time to salvage some decent points on the weekend. All things considered it could have been a lot worse for the series leader and defending champ.

Nico Lau has been off the podium for far too long Whistler 2014 was his last time up there... So it s great to see him in up there in second today.
Second place for Nico Lau.

Mark Scott showing you first hand how loose the last few corners were.

EWS Round 5 Aspen-Snowmass USA 2016

EWS Round 5 Aspen-Snowmass USA 2016

Aspen - 2017

Tubal Davis finds out how slick the woods are on stage 1.

6th for Robin Wallner and only 10 seconds back of that ever elusive first podium.
6th for Robin Wallner and only 10 seconds back of that ever-elusive first podium.

Casey Brown is clearly well rested up she sits in third at the end of day one.
Casey Brown sits in third at the end of day one.

Isabeau Courdurier came out swinging with a win on stage one but was over taken by Cecile by days end.

Jesse Melamed says the stages on day 2 will suit him better and he is looking to move up from his current place in 10th.

Back on form and dominating despite two big crashes. It s good to see Richie Rude out front again.

Former XC racer turned World Cup downhiller Kenta Gallagher is trying his hand at the EWS for the first time.
Kenta Gallagher is trying his hand at the EWS for the first time.

Rae Morrison started strong but would fade at the end of the day to finish outside the top 10.

Cecile Ravanel putting the power down on stage three. Ravanel holds a 38 second lead at the end of day one.
Ravanel holds a 38-second lead at the end of day one.

Jesse Melamed pulled back 5 places today racing stages that more suited his style and would finish the day in 5th.
Jesse Melamed pulled back 5 places on day two.

Same hill leaving a trial of dust and loam down stage 5.
Sam hill leaving a trail of dust and loam down stage 5.

[PI=]14997895 width=window]Second place for Courdurier.[/PI]

Cecile Ravanel making it look all too easy once again.
Cecile Ravanel made it look all too easy once again.

It s not too often that we see Jerome Clementz finish outside the top 10 but the high seeds and high altitudes just weren t playing to his strengths this round.

Remi Gauvin bested his preview best result by one spot today to finish in 8th.

Sam Hill has been itching for this. EWS win number 2 came today as well as the overall.
EWS win number 2 for Sam Hill.

Northstar - 2019

The morning saw riders practice stage 4 before heading back up the mountain to race stages 1 2

Shawn Neer battled the dust into 13th
Shawn Neer battling the dust.

Theo Galy slipping and sliding on stage 1
Theo Galy slipping and sliding on stage 1.

Flat pedal destruction and the reason Sam Hill has the number one plate on the front of his bike.
Flat pedal destruction.

Richie Rude crushed everyone on stage 1 but Sam Hill returned the favor on stage 2.
Richie Rude crushed everyone on stage 1.

Martin Maes started the in 2nd but ended in 4th just a few seconds back.

Sam Hill was on a mission on stage two taking seven seconds back from Richie Rude.

Two stage wins and a healthy lead for Isabeau going into day 2
Two stage wins and a healthy lead for Isabeau going into day 2

What a day for Mitch Ropelato. He feels right at home sliding around in the dust and currently sits 3rd
Mitch Ropelato was right at home in the dust and was in third going into day two.

Richie muscling it through the dust to take the win
Richie muscling it through the dust to take the win.

Sam Hill was so close to his first win but would have to settle for second by .8 of a second.

Mitch Ropelato was possibly the most impressive this weekend taking his first EWS podium.
Mitch Ropelato was possibly the most impressive this weekend taking his first EWS podium.

Karim Amour took home gold in the maters race
Karim Amour took home gold in the Masters race.

Isabeau Courdurier takes yet another win in what has been a perfect season.

4th for Martin Maes who will now shift focus to DH World Champs next weekend in Mont St Anne

Another top 10 for the consistent Matt Walker
Another top 10 for the always consistent Matt Walker.

Elliot Heap took seventeenth with a tenth and two twelfth stage finishes.

Isabeau Courdurier Noga Korem and Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau cool down with some podium champagne

Richie Rude Sam Hill and Mitch Ropelato make in rain in Northstar


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