TransRockies Race Series Cancels British Columbia Events Due to Covid Restrictions

Aug 23, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
2014 Singletrack 6 day 2 images by John Gibson

The TransRockies Race Series announced today that it has canceled its British Columbia events after a new Covid mandate has limited the size of outdoor gatherings to 100 people.

The British Columbia events are the inaugural Gravel Royale in Panorama, Canal Flats and Fernie, the mountain bike stage race Singletrack 6 in Fernie, Kimberley and Rossland, and the Golden Ultra running stage race in Golden. All registered athletes will have their entries transferred to the 2022 events.

Learn more about the TransRockies Race Series here.

Press release below.


The TransRockies Race Series team has made the difficult decision to cancel the inaugural gravel stage race TransRockies Gravel Royale as well as mountain bike stage race Singletrack 6 and running stage race Golden Ultra for 2021. This decision was made after a new COVID-19 mandate in British Columbia went into effect, which limits the size of ‘outdoor gatherings’ to 100 people maximum.

The TransRockies organization did everything to try to make the events happen and assured athletes that the best decision was made around this sudden change. The Public Health orders won’t allow events and small communities are once again being impacted by COVID-19. TransRockies main priority is to protect the safety of athletes, staff, volunteers and local communities.

Athletes will soon be receiving information on the 2022 events, which all 2021 athletes will be deferred to with no penalty.


TransRockies Gravel Royale - August 23 -26, 2021

Singletrack 6 - September 7 - 12, 2021

Golden Ultra - September 17 - 19, 2021


TransRockies Gravel Royale - Panorama, Canal Flats and Fernie, BC

Singletrack 6 - Fernie, Kimberley and Rossland, BC

Golden Ultra - Golden and Kicking Horse Resort, Golden, BC


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 Paid in full for our team entry into the Golden24, 24 hr race nearly two years ago. They wont refund our money and the event still hasn't gone off. The excuse is the series will go broke if they have to refund the entry fees. They keep deferring our entry to the next year. I sure do wish I had my $1400 back.
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 Who cares...these event leave the local trails runed with little provided back to fix the tatted remains.
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 Now that is the absolute truth!!
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 Truth - minimal $$ are returned to the local trail societies & the damage caused takes years to recover from. I get the influx of $$ to the local businesses as a result of these events but it hardly justifies the blood sweat and tears required to repair the trail networks. Glad to see it cancelled.
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 Agree 100%
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 Any news on BC Bike Race? Assuming this will impact them as well, but wasn't sure with the new race location.

Man I hope these events can stay around with all the cancellations. Has to be a tough call for the organizers involved.
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 BCBR just posted race course looks like it is going to happen!!
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 Yay more Covid BS. We should mandate a fitness passport not a vaccine passport. I'm sick of all these obese people being a drain on the healthcare system.
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 Seems like poor management on the part of the organizers. According to the BC Covid-19 Restrictions page:

"All outdoor and indoor group sports for adults and youth are allowed. This includes:


See here:
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 Interior health has different guidelines, effective as of Monday 23rd 8am.
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 @Applecrate: yes I am aware, I am also in the interior. The restrictions page has separate instructions for the interior under certain categories, but not for sport.
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 ? Clearky states limited to 100 people in Interior
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 @brentkratz: keep reading. There’s a section called Sports.
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 Gravel Royale - sounds like the french version of a quarter pound of crushed rocks!
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 who is going to wear all the lycra now?
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 Prepare yourself, Here come all the Lab Rat pinkbikers defending Globalization over more COVID BS…
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 Don't feed the trolls
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 Next up: BCBR
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