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U23 XC Results from the Glentress XC World Champs 2023

Aug 11, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
The U23 XC World Championship have been crowned at Glentress. In the Men's race, it was Charlie Aldridge who mastered the Scottish course to take home the rainbow jersey. Charlie Aldridge adds to the British Charlies taking gold medals at this year's World Championships as he looked strong from the off as he battled off attacks from Adrien Boichis and Dario Lillo to secure victory. Adrien Boichis tried his best to beat the British racers but an attack up the first climb would fail and a gap would build that proved impossible to close. Dario Lillo wrapped up the medal 29 seconds off the pace.

Samara Maxwell has secured another gold medal for New Zealand as she dominated the U23 Women's field. Samara Maxwell took the lead up the first climb on lap one and never looked back as no rider had an answer for her today. The Swiss riders of Ginia Caluori and Ronja Blochlinger would try their best to catch the new World Champion but they would have to settle for the silver and bronze medal positions.

Check out the results and race updates below.


U23 Women:

1st. Samara Maxwell: 1:16:26
2nd. Ginia Caluori: +1:01
3rd. Ronja Blochlinger: +1:27
4th. Emily Johnston: +1:54
5th. Kata Blanka Vas: +2:18

U23 Men:

1st. Charlie Aldridge: 1:13:53
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +13
3rd. Dario Lillo: +29
4th. Riley Amos: +1:23
5th. Tom Schellekens: +1:57

U23 Men's Race as it Happened:

3:33 am PDT: The U23 Men are Off
The U23 are off as Charlie Aldridge leads after the start loop.

3:36 am PDT: Charlie Aldridge Battles Dario Lillo Up the First Climb
After Dario Lillo took the lead at the start of the steep climb to the first descent Charlie Aldridge pushes hard to go back into the lead and be first down.

3:39 am PDT: Charlie Aldridge Builds a Gap to Dario Lillo
Charlie Aldridge is powered on by a home crowd as he makes the most of being in the lead down the first descent as he sits in front of Dario Lillo by a few seconds.

3:41 am PDT: The Second Big Climb Brings the Race Back Together
The large climb on the second half of the lap brings the front four riders together into a group at the head of the race. Charlie Aldridge still leads as the front four are spit by one second.

3:43 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 1
1st. Charlie Aldridge: 12:47
2nd. Dario Lillo: +0
3rd. Adrien Boichis: +1
4th. Riley Amos: +2
5th. Andreas Emanuele Vittone: +14

3:44 am PDT: Adrien Boichis Takes the Lead
Adrien Boichis has moved to the front as the leading pack head up the big climb of the first half of lap two.

3:47 am PDT: Dario Lillo Takes the Top Spot into the Downhill
Dario Lillo has taken control of the race as the riders start making their way down to the second half of the lap.

3:51 am PDT: The Leading Group Sit 17 Seconds Ahead
The leading riders of Dario Lillo, Adrien Boichis, Charlie Aldridge and Riley Amos have built a strong gap back to Tom Schellekens in fifth.

3:54 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 2
1st. Riley Amos: 23:14
2nd. Dario Lillo: +1
3rd. Adrien Boichis: +2
4th. Charlie Aldridge: +4
5th. Luca Martin: +19

3:57 am PDT: Dario Lillo Once Again Pushes to the Front
After Riley Amos took the lead in the later stages of lap two, Dario Lillo has made another attack to take the race lead into the first technical descent of lap three

4:01 am PDT: The Group of 4 Rermain at the Front
As the third lap reaches its conclusion there is still a group of four riders at the front. The chasing riders led by Luca Martin seem to be falling slightly further back with the gap increasing from 19 to 22 seconds.

4:04 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 3
1st. Riley Amos: 33:37
2nd. Dario Lillo: +0
3rd. Adrien Boichis: +0
4th. Charlie Aldridge: +1
5th. Luca Martin: +24

4:11 am PDT: Dario Lillo is Pushing Hard
Dario Lillo looks to be putting some pressure on the leading group of four riders as the pace is picking up. The group is staying together so far as the race starts to enter the final stages.

4:12 am PDT: Riley Amos Makes a Small Mistake
Riley Amos loses his composure through one of the dusty turns as he will now have to push harder to catch the leading group headed up by Charlie Aldridge.

4:14 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 4
1st. Charlie Aldridge: 43:45
2nd. Dario Lillo: +1
3rd. Adrien Boichis: +2
4th. Riley Amos: +2
5th. Andreas Emanuele Vittone: +48

4:17 am PDT: Riley Amos is Dropping Back
Riley Amos has lost the back wheel of the leading pack of riders as a gap of 17 seconds has formed.

4:21 am PDT: Charlie Aldridge Remains the Riders to Beat on the Descents
Charlie Aldridge is making the most of the downhills as he creates small gaps that require the rest of the leading group to push hard to catch up.

4:25 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 5
1st. Dario Lillo: 53:54
2nd. Charlie Aldridge: +1
3rd. Adrien Boichis: +1
4th. Riley Amos: +27
5th. Tom Schellekens: +1:08

4:26 am PDT: Dario Lillo Stalls on the First Climb of Lap 6
Dario Lillo struggles slightly up one of the technical features on the first climb of lap six. The gap is quickly closed back to Charlie Aldridge at the front but this could be a sign that the Swiss rider is struggling.

4:32 am PDT: The Leading Group are Evenly Matched So Far
With just over a lap remaining the leading riders seem to be closely matched as they still can't separate despite multiple attacks.

4:35 am PDT: Top 5 Going Into the Final Lap
1st. Dario Lillo: 1:04:15
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +0
3rd. Charlie Aldridge: +1
4th. Riley Amos: +34
5th. Tom Schellekens: +1:20

4:38 am PDT: Adrien Boichis Launches an Attack
Adrien Boichis goes hard up the first climb of the final lap but Charlie Aldridge has the power to beat him into the descent. Dario Lillo looks cooked as he falls way off the pace.

4:41 am PDT: Charlie Aldridge Crates a Huge Gap After the First Descent
Charlie Aldridge uses his riding skills to create a sizeable gap back to 2nd-placed Adrien Boichis. The French racer will now have to push hard up the next climbs if he wants to beat Charlie into the final downhill.

4:42 am PDT: A 9-Second Gap Between 1st & 2nd
Charlie Aldridge leads Adrien Boichis by nine seconds into the final part of the race. It's now all or nothing for Adrien as the race reaches its conclusion.

4:44 am PDT: Charlie Aldridge Wins the 2023 U23 Men's XC World Championships
Charlie Aldridge wins at home as he leads Adrien Boichis by 13 seconds following an amazing performance.

The U23 Women's Race as it Happened:

7:30 am PDT: The U23 Women are Out on the Start Loop
The U23 Women are off the line and making their way around the shorter start loop.

7:33 am PDT: A Crash for One of the Front Runners
One of the loose corners on the start loop has taken out what looks to be Sofie Pedersen. Sofie was going into today as the favorite, this is not the start she was hoping for.

7:36 am PDT: Ronja Blochlinger Takes the Lead
Ronja Blochlinger has moved into the gold medal position as riders make their way up the big initial climb for the first time.

7:37 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Powers into 1st to Lead into the Descent
Samara Maxwell has pushed herself into the top spot as she wants to be leading down the descent.

7:40 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen has no Time for Split 1
It's hopefully a timing error but we have not seen Sofie Pedersen go through the first split on lap one.

7:43 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen Sits in 6th
Luckily it was a timing issue as Sofie Pedersen has received a timing update at the second lap split and is currently in sixth position.

7:46 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 1
1st. Samara Maxwell: 14:52
2nd. Ronja Blochlinger: +5
3rd. Sara Cortinovis: +13
4th. Noelle Buri: +13
5th. Kata Blanka Vas: +25

7:48 am PDT: Samara Maxwell is Starting to Ride Away
Samara Maxwell has really upped the pace at the front as she builds her lead to 16 seconds at the first lap split.

7:53 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen is Sitting in 4th
Sofie Pedersen is making her way up through the ranks as she now sits on the rear wheel of 3rd-placed Sara Cortinovis. At the last split this group were between 24 to 36 seconds off the pace.

7:55 am PDT: Ronja Blochlinger Looks to Struggling
Ronja Blochlinger is having a tough time in 2nd as she falls over 22 seconds back and is now at risk of the big chasing group catching up to her.

7:58 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 2
1st. Samara Maxwell: 26:59
2nd. Ronja Blochlinger: +21
3rd. Ginia Caluori: +39
4th. Kata Blanka Vas: +39
5th. Sara Cortinovis: +47

8:01 am PDT: Ronja Blochlinger Loses Another 7 Seconds
Ronja Blochlinger has lost more time at the start of lap three as Samara Maxwell is looking unstoppable so far.

8:10 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 3
1st. Samara Maxwell: 39:17
2nd. Ronja Blochlinger: +32
3rd. Ginia Caluori: +40
4th. Kata Blanka Vas: +1:01
5th. Noelle Buri: +1:19

8:12 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Stalls on a Technical Climb
Samara Maxwell has hit some trouble when taking on one of the technical climbing sections at the start of lap four and will have lost time to Ronja Blochlinger.

8:14 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Didn't Lose Any Time
Despite her mistake Samara Maxwell has extended her lead to 39 seconds.

8:23 am PDT: Top 5 After Lap 4
1st. Samara Maxwell: 51:42
2nd. Ronja Blochlinger: +36
3rd. Ginia Caluori: +41
4th. Emily Johnston: +1:29
5th. Noelle Buri: +1:33

8:27 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Extends her Lead Again to the Swiss Chasing Group
Samara Maxwell has increased her lead to 52 seconds against the Swiss riders Ginia Caluori and Ronja Blochlinger.

8:31 am PDT: A Big Mistake for Ronja Blochlinger
Ronja Blochlinger loses her footing on a technical climbing feature and has lost a few meters to Ginia Caluori.

8:36 am PDT: Top 5 Going into the Final Lap
1st. Samara Maxwell: 1:04:00
2nd. Ginia Caluori: +59
3rd. Ronja Blochlinger: +1:05
4th. Emily Johnston: +1:43
5th. Kata Blanka Vas: +1:57

8:40 am PDT: Ginia Caluori Pulls Further Away from Ronja Blochlinger
2nd-placed Ginia Caluori has increased the gap back to 3rd to 16 seconds.

8:47 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Wins the 2023 U23 Women's XC World Championships
Samara Maxwell dominates the competition as she takes the rainbow jersey.

Full Results:

U23 Men:


U23 Women:


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 Yes, Sammie! Totally mint ride for the rainbows. Well done!
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 Very much enjoyed her post race interview, basically “I’ve learnt not to sacrifice and just enjoy riding my bike”
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 At least the play by play was an exciting read
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 Charlie smashed it!
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 I didn't realize GB had any up-and-coming XC talent. Home field advantage working well...
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 Charlie won 2019 Junior World Champs at Mont Saint Anne and European U23 Champs in Portugal last year, and he's been racing Elite tWorld Cups this year (best result - 14th Lenzerheide).
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