Video: A Rider's Perspective of Racing Trans Cascadia

Nov 20, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesTrans-Cascadia is more than a bike race. In our minds, it is a five-day culmination of all of the truest aspects of mountain biking. A visceral backcountry riding experience, you are transported far from civilization, with no cell service, camping in the woods, and nothing but the days of riding to worry about. You are fully immersed in the culture of mountain biking.

With little more than a physical map and some quick highlights from the organizers, you set off for the day’s adventure each morning. Raw and gritty wilderness-style trails are the overall theme. Summiting high peaks, traversing ridges and plunging down seldom-used trails are staples of each stage. Even more amazing is the effort involved with opening and revitalizing these seldom-used trails. The majority of each route has never been ridden on a bike, much would be impossible without the months of hard work and dedication that the organizers put into breathing new life into these forgotten trails.

Unlike most cycling events that quickly fade after the racers have gone home, Trans-Cascadia leaves a lasting impact on the region with improved trails and expanded riding opportunities.
New Zealand

Pinkbike's Alicia Leggett raced the Trans Cascadia this year as well. You can read her 5 Things I Learned at Trans Cascadia article here.

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 Paywall Dec 3rd folks. Have fun while it lasts. I hope you're ready for exciting new reality shows like "The Masked Downcountry E-biker"
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 Have I missed something, where has this December 3rd date come from?? (I know the whole Outside situ, but this Dec 3rd date is new to me) any URLs to an article explaining?
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 @holt1997: We all got an email, might be in your spam:

On behalf of Outside, we'd like to officially welcome Pinkbike to the network.

Since joining forces back in July we have been working behind the scenes, and are ready to tell you a bit more about Pinkbike's future. First and foremost, Pinkbike as you know it will stay largely free, and will continue to be the pulse of mountain biking worldwide. Friday Fails isn't going anywhere.

Moving forward Pinkbike is adding resources to build a new layer of member content on top of our existing foundation. It's no secret that the advertising model is getting harder, and it's changing the media landscape. We're evolving our business for three reasons. First, so Pinkbike can keep doing honest reviews and important reporting–from environmental issues to doping stories to advocating for higher rider salaries. Second, so we can compensate our staff fairly and work with even more of the world's best journalists and content creators. And finally, so we can take on big projects like supporting up and coming World Cup DH racers who otherwise couldn't afford to race at the highest levels through our new Pinkbike Racing team.

From film festivals and new Trailforks features to some surprises in Beta's print magazine, we're excited to roll out our new programs to the mountain bike world in early 2022.

New Terms of Service

One piece of housekeeping, effective as of December 3, 2021, Pinkbike and Trailforks will be under a new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you use our services or access our site after that date, you are confirming that you've read and agreed to the new terms. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team here if you have any questions.

Thanks to the entire Pinkbike community, everyone that has made this place ridiculous and amazing over the last two decades. Glad to have you along for the ride!

— The Pinkbike and Outside Teams
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 @pisgahgnar: ALL I have to say to this is that PinkBike has been a great website. Outside mag is one of the worst magazines I've ever read. ( as well as GQ. and Esquire ) Lets all just hope that anything that's going on at Outside does not rub off on PinkBike. Time will tell.
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 "Pinkbike as you know it will stay largely free".
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 It really makes me chuckle that Levy and Brian have been yakking it up about the paywall in the podcast insinuating that we're all jokers for assuming the paywall was coming - except here we are, with the paywall coming .
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 Wonder if they can work that into the advent calendar give-a-way?
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 @markymarkindenver: Pinkbike had a good run. VitalMtb about to get a whole 'lot of market share.
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 @unicornmtb25: I just signed up on VitalMTB. It will now be my first place to check MTB news, I’ll come to PB afterwards just to see if they have any different articles. I noticed they have a lot of the same videos and news, so I think there’s a lot of overlap between the two sites. Maybe after enough of us switch over, VitalMTB will be able to provide even more content.
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 Not directed at you, but piggybacking on this. Deeply annoyed that a company this large buying one of the communities most important sites can't sort out basics like ensuring stuff like this doesn't land in your spam. It's a solved problem and has been for a long time. Email delivery is not bloody difficult and you make enough money not to screw it up. That lack of care speaks volumes about the attitude of the company in general and doesn't bode well for what you'll do with all the good things that PB creates.
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 @hughbm: Articles will be free, the comments section will be $29.99/yr, 100CAD or £150 + VAT.
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flag pink505 (Nov 20, 2021 at 14:04) (Below Threshold)
 @hughbm:$ 8.99 a month is largely free for all the benefits you get from Outside+. Plus we are all getting it as a gift since it was in the gift guide....
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 @SlinkySammy: but how are the comments section? What does NotVitalMTBCEO post?
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 @hughbm: "largely" is definitely less than "mostly"
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 @pisgahgnar: Not bought just by outside. bought by the company that owns outside and some 40+ other companies like backpaker, ski, and other BS "active lifestyle industries"
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 @st49: you are thinking of Bonnier. I do not believe they own Outside. Bonnier publishes Outdoor Life though.
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 @pisgahgnar: Outside is about to find out that they’re going to lose their ass on this one
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 Have a browse through the Terms of
Service and Privacy Policy if you want to see the inside of Outside.
- anything you’ve posted? It’s theirs now, they own it and use or sell it any way they want. In fact, they licence you the privilege to access your own photos, videos, posts etc.
- must be 18 to register. Y’all groms need that adult permission
- will use any number of means to collect information about you and sell to whomever they please for whatever reason without you knowing
- outside can delete you any time for any (or no) reason at all

For these ‘privileges’ and more, you can enjoy paying a subscription, and access your own content.
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 @pink505: Vital has the potential for a great comment sections as well, we just need to go there and start commenting
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 It's being bought for its user traffic. It'll be pushed in a different direction for sure. Expect a name change, forum closure etc.
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 ...When the Outside header is now larger then the Pinkbike header on the webpage.
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 @g123: I find irony in the claim that "the advertising model is getting harder", but digging into the privacy policy … “ You may be given the option to link to your Facebook or other social media account through the Services. When you do, we may automatically receive certain information about you based on your registration and privacy settings on those third party services.”

Facebook isn't finding it hard to make money selling ads.

I don’t know exactly where that is going, but I get pretty jumpy at the mention of FB. I was open minded about this acquisition by Outside up until I received that email.

Also, apologies to Trans Cascadia for participating in this article hijack. Cool video. Thanks for sharing.
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 Hey all, just to address some of the concerns here. I can confirm there will be no paywall coming on December 3, you'll be able to access all the usual Pinkbike content as normal. We've had some feedback on the new Terms of Service and we are working with a group of content creators to clarify and improve them further. We'll update you all on this soon.
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 Man you all really do jump to conclusions huh
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 @GotchaJimmy: I thought jumps lead to concussions?
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 Trans Cascadia looks awesome Outside taking over pinkbike not awesome. How many cool little mountain towns has Outside ruined with their bullshit Best Of articles. I feel for pinkbike.
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 Dec 3rd we'll probably all lose the #1 reason to read anything on Pinkbike. Outside will deem our writings too offensive.
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 I’m offended by this statement. -10 outside points
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 Comments section and forums probably locked to only outside plus. Good for them.
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 This video will be free until Dec. 3rd
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 SICK VIDEO from the Peterson Brothers !!! " Trail Peek " !!!!!

Was So McRad Ripping Trail that week with the Killers !!!!!!

Trans-Cascadia 2022 !!!! Get Fired Up !!!!! CAW CAW CAW !!!!!!!!!
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 I wish they'd do more videos again. Best mtb yt channel by a long shot
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 I really need to get off my ass and try to race this next year. It looks awesome, and I’ve never heard anyone say they regret going.
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 How long before Laird Hamilton stories start popping up? Hopefully after the paywall.
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 Surprised to see a heckling section! People hiking back up after the end of a stage (or the day)?
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 Yeah. Last stage of the race.
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 Cool vid, great song
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 Trailforks & Gaia alone are incredible, life-saving, adventure-spurring apps. I use both year-round and appreciate them enough to pay $ for them.
Beta has given the staff at BIKE new life, a magazine I subscribed to for over 10 years, now I get that too.
All this stuff costs $. If you want really great websites, magazines, apps, etc it's going to cost you one way or another. I'm choosing to support the people behind it all, and hopefully, they will get to continue to produce awesome apps & content!
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 Fuck off cunt
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 @makripper: GOLD MEDAL
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 JUST SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Great video and vibes! Looked it twice because of the music.
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 The fires are a bad look.

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