Video & Race Report: Enduro Sweden Series 2019 Round 06 - Falun

Oct 2, 2019
by Johan Gustavsson  
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Video by Peter Eriksson

The sixth stop of the Enduro Sweden series was held in Falun, a city that just might be the bicycle capital of Sweden. This place has a relationship to pretty much every big Swedish name in the mountainbike scene so hosting a race here is a must. The competition was held at both Lugnet and Källviken, two hills on either side of the city that had the riders transport themself trough the city.

Both the start and the finish was held in Källviken for the 300 rider participating.

Even though we started in Källviken, the first stage was at Lugnet. The riders had to pedal through the city of Falun before reaching the first stages on the other side of the city.
Olle Lundahl made sure that we had something to look at while most people struggled at all the jumps during this competition. Olle lives in Falun at the moment and seems to be well known to these tracks.

Lia Jenhagen won the 15-16 girls class, she just started her studies in Falun's bicycle college and will certainly be a fast one to look out for in the future.

Jacob Ekström nailed the second spot in the U21 men class. The young guys is certainly getting faster and faster, the top 3 lined up in sixth, seventh and eighth spot in the overall timing today.

Andreas Höglund was one of few that took the sketchy A-line on stage 6. There was a lot of speculation about the B-line being faster if you don't get the A-line perfect. Andreas sure got it perfect since he had the fastest time of the day down that stage. Ending up third in the U21 mens.

Tommy Varg from Täby MTB seems to be a tough one to stop, winning once again in the Master men class.

Josefine Björkman was not on top this weekend, ending third in the Elite women's class. This means that the last round will be the one that settles the overall since she's real tight with Linn Olstam at the moment.

Elin Eng has sure stepped up her game, another weekend on the podium with a second-place this time.

Lugnet in Falun sure has some serious features, packed with activities during both winter and summer it really makes us happy to see that mountain bikes are one of their main priorities.
Simon Carlsson, not on top for once with a third-place this weekend, although he seemed to already secured the overall for this year.

The local boy Johan Geschwind seemed really fast this weekend, ending just outside the top 3 and is currently in the same fourth spot in the overall.
Most stylish trough the rhythm track on stage one was certainly Hampus Rocksjö, always a pleasure watching him ride.

Finally the top spot for Simon Lundblad in the U21, Simon's been a bit off the pace these last races but seemed to find something that none of his "classmates" found this week.

Elina Davidsson is once again at the top of her class in the Ladies U21, just preparing to enter the Elite women's where she will surely be a threat.

The PPcykel team with Stefan Person and Daniel Swanbeck seemed to have some issues with the last stage of the day, both doing what Stefan showed us on the Photo to the right. Daniel Swanbeck might not have done his crash in front of a photographer but it sure hurt anyway, he won most stages this week and seemed to go for the win before the last stage where he lost over 15 seconds after his crash.
[PI=17808657]Always a threat when she shows up on a race, after winning this weekend the overall is looking so tight and it's Linn or Josefine that will end up on top.

There were a few new faces on top of the box this weekend and one of them was Pontus Olofsson, he's been grinding so hard this year and finally it paid of. Second place for him and we sure will see more of him in the future.

The fastest guy of the day was Anton Karlsson. With a lot of close races he finally got to enter the top three, and what an entrance on top. Anton has sure been riding a lot in Falun which is his home for the last couple of years. He's a young guy and has a lot of racing in front of him and this is not the first time he'll win a race, that's for sure.

1. Anton Karlsson 8.08.81
2. Pontus Olofsson 8.10.32
3. Simon Carlsson 8.12.21
1. Linn Olstam 10.02.24
2. Elin Eng 10.13.96
3. Josefine Björkman 10.16.41

1. Simon Lundblad 8.24.46
2. Jacob Ekström 8.26.31
3. Andreas Höglund 8.28.26
1. Elina Davidsson 10.28.88

1. Tommy Varg 8.38.25
2. Johan Johannesson 8.45.30
3. Johan Dovermark 8.52.30
1. Charlotte Von Feilitzen 11.20.82
2. Cathrine Svensson 11.30.97
3. Hanna Neftonsson 11.44.80

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 Really great race report and the video was super! Great work!
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 Awesome as usual from Falun!!

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