Video: Explore the Influence of Powersports in Mountain Bike Suspension Design with 'Dialed'

Aug 6, 2020
by FOX Factory  

In Episode 28 of Season Two, the DIALED crew catches up with Bill Brown, Director of Engineering (MTB division), to discuss the collaboration with the Powersports division and how the two intersect and influence each other.

bigquotesWith the Float X2 and the DHX2, there was quite a bit of collaboration with Powersports. We had a Powersports engineer working on that project with us. So, that's a shock platform that is not only found on bikes now, but also Side by Sides. -Bill Brown

Enjoy the behind the scenes peek with our Engineering team? What would you like to see the DIALED crew tackle next? Comment below!

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 This is interesting. When talking to my powersports buddies I’ve always attributed the high cost of MTB compared to power sports was due to the higher level of technology in MTB parts.
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 I dont think the tech is higher, should be similar. I think its all about volume of sales, vs cost of design, validation, and tooling. Those are all mostly fixed costs to develop a shock. Sell 1k or sell 100k those costs dont really change. Also I dont think there is a lot of pricing pressure on the MTB market right now. Auto and power sports, there are tons of brands selling parts. MTB there's not a lot of companies making parts so theirs not a lot of pressure to push prices down.
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 @tbev: Well said, you nailed it.
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 It’s easier to make something heavy the it is to make something light.
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 @tbev: Perfect example is how the reverb used to be like 800$ when it was one of the only choice available and it would still break down on you like twice a season. Now there's a bunch of different brands that have started making them and you have bombproof long travel droppers for a few hundreds.
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 @tbev: Weight, it the main limit when we talk about MTB comparing to any other sports, MTB parts to fragile comparing to Moto / Car whatever conterpars
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 I always was surprised how low motohours can MTB suspension / parts can last; I barely could imagine so frequent service for any motor counterpart
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 Time for some venn diagrams!
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 That was fun, more of this please!
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 I would like to see jordi and bill do a race . Just putting it out there

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