Video: Peter Mihalkovits Shreds his Local Trails in 'No Place Like Home'

Mar 6, 2020
by Lines Magazine  

As exciting as traveling and riding at new places might be, there is also something special in coming back home and shredding the trails you grew up on. I believe that your local tracks shape you as rider more than anything else. You adapt your riding style to the trails you are used to ride day in day out and luckily, I was fortunate enough to grow up on trails that I still view as some of the best I've ever ridden.

Knowing every turn, every little rock and every jump by heart allows you not only to go fast and work on your speed but also to get creative. Riding different lines and finding new gaps is what gets me excited to go out and shred on those tracks whenever I'm home. Being away, riding and racing on new, unknown tracks often triggers that creativity and allows me to see certain features on my hometrails differently. After a few weeks on the road, I usually can't wait to get back to my local tracks to try out a few things I visualized in my head.

Most of the riding at home happens during the offseason. All the mates are at home and it's easy to find good company ride with. We don't get too much snow here and the tracks are in perfect condition almost all year long. And let's be honest: Nothing beats being in the woods from dawn til dusk, having a good time with your boys and riding bikes. Plus: There is probably no better place to do so than the local tracks. There's just no place like home!


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 Bold move to shred a hardtail like this
  • 2 3
 check out the bold cycles unplugged. actually a full squish
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 one f the best vids I've seen in a while, got me stoked!
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 This is low-key one of the best edits of 2020, such a stylish rider.
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 They do look like rad trails. Where is it?
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 Sopron, Kőszeg Hungary

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