hope freehub did not like Shimano 105 cassette on road bike wheels, severe notching after 6 months of use. 

Hope were brilliant and replaced body FOC = awesome Hope customer service
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hope freehub did not like Shimano 105 cassette on road bike wheels, severe notching after 6 months of use. Hope were brilliant and replaced body FOC = awesome Hope customer service


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 I wish..my legs! I've owned a number of Pro II MTB hubs and was well aware of notching issues when using non-spider cassettes or even when using XT or SRAM spider cassettes where the smaller loose cogs would notch the body

was very surprised how bad this got as 105 is 1/2 spider, 1/2 loose cogs, it was fitted with anti-seize and lockring with torque wrench but the notching was severe and the cogs had to be rotated loose with hammer and flat-blade screwdriver just to get the cogs off the body!
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 That's why we should all buy SRAM cassettes with power-dome like Red, X0, XX or XX1. It just save you weight, time and money. Since i bought a carbon frame I felt I became a member of upper-middle class posh club... now speaking of posh toys... is that the green limited edition? How did you get into possession of that?
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 hammer and screwdriver wins when 2x chainwhips fail Smile
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no idea why my Hope Hoops (Pro III mono / Mavic Open Pro) road wheels had that colour hub, the free replacement they sent me was red?

I ordered the wheels last Christmas so maybe they were short on stock and used a green freehub to get the order out Wink


can never go wrong with big hammer and screw driver when all other methods fail - just make sure you are not using those "tools" in an open workshop where the paying public might spot your 'methods' Wink
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 I've just put in bed 6k on my Hope Pro 2 hub combined with Tiagra cassette and planning to kill the drivetrain with another 2k-ish. Scare to think how the freehub body going to look like when it comes to replacing the parts ?!!!

Problem with road cassettes is that even the Ultegra (which I have plan to use as an upgrade) have only 3 largest sprockets on the spider. That said no matter what cassette you use (apart from DuraAce and some expensive SRAMs) you are likely to see pretty much the same scenario as on the picture above.

Personally I would justify the gain of weight for a robust steel freehub body.
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I'd like to see Hope do what other manufacturers with aluminium bodies do, and mount a small sliver of steel on the leading edge of each spline, to stop the loose cogs cutting into the soft body. Would add minimal weight to the design

the steel body is bombproof but expensive and surprisingly heavy compared to the aluminium model; shame they don't use titanium body any more like they used to on their older hubs
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 Maybe hope uses some really soft alloy, my friend bought Superstar wheelset with theirTesla hub made of 7075 and he hasn't got such problems.
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I don't think Hope would use 7xxx alloys as they are not readily available in the UK Its probably a 2xxx or 6xxx alloy, the 2xxx should be superior in terms of strength and toughness for CNC machined items
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 I got the very original XCpro with the ti body . after 17 years still almost like new when I take the cassette off . I've only just gone to MTB cassettes and that's a top sram one (10 speed) , before I used Ultergra or Dura-ace .
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 The replaced it FOC?!

Holy shit, I have the exact same problem: eatridegrow.tumblr.com/post/66698401057/this-sucks

Can I ask what you said to them to make them replace it for free? I have difficulty getting replacement spokes direct from them and the distributor in France is fecking shit [either that or my local Hope distributor is] Frown
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I contacted Hope directly and after telephoning them, was advised to send it in for inspection. It was their decision to replace it FOC
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 to much power in somebody legs Smile

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