Yeti 303R
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Yeti 303R


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 Not black please!!!! and yellow....for a oldschool like me.....anyway...realy nice.
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 this bike is worth every penny,I rode a 303 dh and compared it to my 303 rdh. theres not much diffrence exept for price they both are super smooth and just peer awsomeness
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 im with nikitoy with the colores
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 BEWARE The Swingarm!!!
As SEXY as it Looks, I do NOT Like the Swingarm near the dropouts
(under the red ano rear brake caliper bango in the pic)...
Looks lighter than the 2003 as-X (which broke often
enough for them to BEEF Up the following years)...
And Yeti only offered to SELL me a 'Replacement' swingarm for $350/$250 that was obviously worthy of a 'Recall', as they stopped making it the same way, Beefing it up thereafter... AND, they required me to send the broken one Back To Them - FIRST!!!
(I didn't pay them to replace their under-designed swingarm,
I welded and reinforced the broken arm myself for less than $50 and 2 ounces of aluminum.
They should buy MY swingarm as an example of the original *Ideal* version, or for future designs...)
Other than that, I have loved and ridden the heck out of my *REPAIRED* as-X!!!
I Like Yeti enough to buy their bikes USED, now, seeing as the warranty support is that of a stranger asking an elitist for directions ('I don't have time for this, unless you PAY Me...') {Dude! I bought the bike! I already *Paid* You...}
If they do not stay behind their product, I do not stand in line for their NEW Products...
But, I can admire their work, nevertheless...
They are nice! and Fairly Well Thought Out...
Even if there is (always) Room for Improvement...
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 I like that! Looks super beefy!
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 nice beast!! yeti rocks.
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 coolest bike ever made
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 omg i am getting that
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 yay, another year of a 303 with a suspension that wants to tear itself apart...
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 My dream bike now. Unfortunatelly I cannot effort it Frown
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 yetis 303 rdh is expensive but worth saving for i rode it at a demo and loved beyond my wildest dreams, i started saving for one, look on the bright side compared to the 303 DH this bike is cheap haha
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 how much is it?
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 Jaw dropper!!!!

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