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 See, only an idiot that has no idea would leave that many mags fully loaded. Ruins the springs so when you get in a firefight and you have stoppage after stoppage the enemy will laugh at you as they desecrate your corps. As cool as this may seem, you can not carry all that so it is a mighty old waste. If you want guns just join the infantry. Then you get paid to shoot.
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 that guy is prepare for the zombie attack
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 US hasent been invaded mmmmm. diddnt OUR ANCESTORS use guns to shoot the native indians. and claim their land. some hard men did that. so our ansesteros did this im not reailly proud. and neither should you be with all your gun talk. have you ever served in the military? its not nice. sometimes pepole get killed with weapons like this. my only wish was the indians had theese . AND SMOKED THE FOOKIN LOT OF YOU.
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 ... silence from the Americans
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 U hm...
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 I served six years in the United States Marine Corps, did some service with the British Royal Marines (Great group of warriors), Desert Storm Vet. I am currently a Louisiana State Trooper. Yes people do get killed with guns like this... but its not the gun that kills them, its the person firing the gun.
As for what happend during the American reveloution, I wasn't around back then. I'm talking recent past...
As for us getting smoked by the Native Americans, again, I wasn't around back then... maybe you need to see a shrink about your built up feelings...
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 Was that towards me or the other guys?
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 The other guy, he has issues...
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 only in america
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 America...FUCK YA!
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 Coming again to save the mother fucking day yeah
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 i met some guys on the weekend that are competitive shooters and they are equipped like that and then some, one hell of an expensive hobby.
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 well, its a good hobby though. once you have your equiptment your set. my anshutz 190 was about $2000, and the shooting jacket was 300? but once you got your gun your set, they last FOREVER. and ammunition is relatively cheap (100 rounds of CCI greetag)-high end ammo for 19.99

100 shots lasts you 10 rounds. and when your precisly shooting a single shot weapon, that will last a while
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 Such a redneck hobby.
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 they have to.. your ass is covered by a billion citizens and a gddamm big army..and you dont exactly live in freedom.??..
long live freedom Razz

wish i could do this in my country Frown
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 that doesn't make sense...
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 and can you tell me why ??
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 The population of Japan is 127 million, not a billion. Also, they have just 2.3 troops per 1,000 capita, compared to 5.4 per 1,000 capita in the Nederlands.
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 and now do your math with those numbers comparing 15 million peeps live here in comparisant to 127mill. in japan.... Razz
ahh you got me ? Salute
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 to the gook up at the top... this isnt a redneck hobby because those guns probbly cost as much as 4 of your camrys lolol
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 I agree with doctorz, and every one else is a fool for not seeing the true potential/purpose of this little cache
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 This is the reason the U.S. has not been invaded... An armed population!!!
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 err... no
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 you probably met me before then. read a book for me. called bury my heart at wounded knee. still serving. 45 commando.
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 Was in Norway with a Commando unit doing cold weather ops in 1991. You there? Got drank under the table by a bunch when we stopped in Dundee, Scotland on our way home. The Royal Marines are awesome!
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 when the zombies come, im going to his house...
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 oh yeah this is America
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 It's easier to be ready than to get ready.
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 who u gunna kill there
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