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  • flag Rotorua

    cameronmackenzie: 2016-Randoms
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    2257 views | 15 faves

    Ngongotaha Access Road
    Carson Rayner

    Missed the memo about Deep Summer Photo Challenge Rotorua so I gathered the lads and we got amongst the Deep Winter sunrise over Lake Rotorua. For sure a Risk vs Reward moment as the weather wasn't wanting to play ball. Carson and Jack both threw down hard in the freezing cold but their efforts paid off! Sunrise | Lake Rotorua | July 2016

  • flag Ingelheim

    Laue: Photos2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    8682 views | 27 comments | 228 faves

    Max Mey

    About the photo: The picture is called Icarus 2.0. Our inspiration for this shot was the Greek myth of Icarus. The symbol of the first flying man, beating the laws of nature and gravity. According to the myth, Icarus got wings form his father Daedalus to escape a maze on the island where they were imprisoned. The wings were made of wax so Daedalus told his son not too fly too close to the sun because the heat would melt the wings. He also told him to keep some distance from the sea because the water would make his wings too heavy. Their plan seemed to work out: They managed to escape the maze and the island. On the way to freedom, Icarus became a little bit too reckless. He flew too high and got too close to the sun - his wings melted and he fell into the sea. Our athlete Max Mey is flying - just like Icarus - over the water and very close to the sun. The difference between the two flying men is that Max lands safely. His skills and his experience let him know what risks he can take and when he should stop. And of course his bike is not made out of wax, which is the advantage of the times we’re living in today.

  • flag Penticton, British Columbia

    FlowPhotoCo: POY-2015
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    2809 views | 7 comments | 4 faves

    Drops A Lot
    Ted Morton

    Just a quick huck during a broken knee recovery. ted Morton slaying it per usual!

  • flag Delhi

    Utkarsh: 2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    2067 views | 5 faves

    pedalers village
    Akshay Chaudhary

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  • flag Reykjavík

    parisgore: KC-Iceland
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    14838 views | 37 comments | 279 faves


    KC Deane and Geoff Gulevich in Þórsmörk, Iceland underneath a spectactular Northern Lights show. The town of Reykjavik even demanded all lights be shut off in the city during this night due to the intensity of the showing here. Our crew went to Iceland with a vision to riding under the Northern Lights and we continually got shut down by weather. We photographed this the last night we were there on a 10 day trip and only saw the lights for two nights at the end of our trip departing our journey beneath a river of green in the skies.

  • flag Reykjavík

    parisgore: KC-Iceland
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    8215 views | 16 comments | 206 faves

    KC Deane and Geoff Gulevich in Þórsmörk, Iceland down a trail that is rarely ridden and never had been photographed for mountain biking. It's always exciting to be somewhere and know you are one of the first to photograph MTB in the location. We lost the light behind the clouds which I was a little bummed about but it actually turned out for the better.

  • flag San Anselmo, California

    satchscratch: Self-Portraits
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    6450 views | 9 comments | 121 faves

    Satchel Cronk

    Self Portrait | Marin County | November 2016 | I'm always pushing myself to find beautiful locations and exciting conditions to shoot, but on this one my heart was beating particularly quickly as I ran back and forth between takes. I'd been past this spot many times and thought about shooting there sometime, but on this particular morning, it was as if West Marin knew I was coming and put on a special effects show.

  • flag Delhi

    Utkarsh: 2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    10515 views | 32 comments | 66 faves

    Pedalers Village
    akshay chaudhary

    "The Playground" Diwali was just around the corner, being the festival of light it signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and i wanted to create an image wishing everyone around the world a very Happy and prosperous Diwali, although i failed to complete this image as it got really technical and i messed up lighting the rider hence its low on action. There were fireworks involved and a lot more stuff but just couldn't bring it together, learnt from my mistakes, will definitely be producing crazier images with newer concepts(enough with the mushroom soup).

  • flag Lima

    bastian: PhotonSports
    in: DH Racing

    21282 views | 49 comments | 163 faves

    El Prado - Pachacamac
    Alejandro Paz

    Alejandro Paz saving it (qualifying first) Copa Downhill 3rd ace in Pachacamac - Peru

  • flag Whistler, British Columbia

    cpgang: SUMMER-16
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    11706 views | 22 comments | 309 faves

    Nick Pescetto, Gionata Livorti, Luis Biscaldi

    Mayhem everytime we shoot with Bartek Wolinski

  • flag Bellingham, Washington

    Bradandrew: The-Chronicles-of-The-Rob
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    12457 views | 19 comments | 174 faves

    Monkey Nuts
    Rob Kunch

    The best thing to me about shooting a photo is not capturing the moment as you see it but more so as you want it to appear. I already saw this happen in front of my face so I want to add light and make images look mysterious like the images I envision in my mind before I go out to shoot a photo. I like to make the photo not take the photo. Life already happened so why repeat it? Rob and I went out one cold winter morning and did a quick rake and I shot 6 photos with six different lenses. To me that is how I learn and its fun learning when you have a good friend like Rob who charges and never stops smiling. Roll on Reggie

  • flag Kelowna, British Columbia

    robb: 2016
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    27192 views | 47 comments | 627 faves

    Harrison Mendel

    Natural fires are a huge influence on the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Inspired by a particularly bad wildfire season, Harrison Mendel and I had been on the hunt to create a unique burn photo, but we were after something real rather than a staged fire photo. Several clearcut burn piles left to smoulder high above Kelowna gave us a perfect opportunity. Hidden pockets of soldering embers and toxic smoke made this a hazardous location, but when Harrison slashed into a pile of ash and this wave of molten embers erupted , we knew it was well worth the risk despite a deep burn on Harrison's ankle. Huge thanks to Ben Schleith and Harrison for helping to make this photo happen.

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