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  • flag Malmédy

    szach: POY-2017
    in: DH Racing

    2966 views | 6 comments | 33 faves

    Bas Van Steenbergen

    Bas is a king of speed and precision - watching him at Loosfest

  • flag Reschenpass

    szach: POY-2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    1563 views | 1 comments | 9 faves

    Sam Pilgrim, Olly Wilkins, Axel Weinmann

    Shot during lunch time at Nine Knights. I overheard Sam's talk with one of the camera guys about shooting some random stuff at the trail Mr. Pilgrim found in the woods, so I kindly asked if I can join for a photo. Hour later we are beaten up after speeding at nerrow mountain roads to finally come into the best woods natural light I had during this summer and one hell of the loam heaven.

  • flag Warszawa

    szach: POY-2017
    in: Dirt Jumping

    2528 views | 4 comments | 36 faves

    Piotr "Kraja" Krajewski

    Shot at BikePark Kazoora in Warsaw which I am happy to maintain for the past decade with my best friends. It was after the session for the crowd gathered for the Polish XCO Championship (we couldn't miss a chance to show some straight shaved friends what we can do) when suddenly a massive hailstorm rolled over the city. When the sun finally breakthrough the dark clouds, the colours of the sky melted my mind so I run to put a ladder over a car's roof and shot a quick one with Piotrek Krajewski's signature.

  • flag PKL Góra Żar

    szach: POY-2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    1579 views | 2 comments | 6 faves

    Easy Line
    Jan "Elvis" Kiliński

    After chasing the sun from 4.20am, we suddenly realized that clouds will be extremely low this Summer's morning, so we rushed to the trails to capture the process. Mixed with with morning fog, we were gathering shots in awe that could only last as long as the sun got up.

  • flag San Diego, California

    satchscratch: 2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    1801 views | 12 faves

    Leah Lind-White & #punkrockpup

    The freedom and beauty of the desert at its best--where creativity and exploration is rewarded by magical moments like this.

  • flag Whistler, British Columbia

    satchscratch: 2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    5249 views | 5 comments | 67 faves

    Top of the World
    Elliot Smith

    A moment right out of my photographic dreams as the sun began to set on the final day of Deep Summer, and just another casual lap for 15-year-old Elliot Smith.

  • flag Tignes

    Petay1987: 2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    1337 views | 6 comments | 3 faves

    Nathan McComb

    Nathan 'Lizard' McComb laying the table high above Tignes bike park on a scorching July day.

  • flag Beaver, Utah

    parisgore: 2017-nugs
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    2062 views | 4 comments | 19 faves

    Mitch Ropelato

    Mitch had wheelied for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. I think he'll just turn around and go home now.

  • flag Vernon, British Columbia

    robb: Crema
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    15653 views | 38 comments | 268 faves

    Kalamalka Park
    Brett Rheeder, Tony Friesen

    When the weather does amazing things it's all about finding a way to make the most of it. Even though we got completely soaked and I couldn't see through my viewfinder, it’s moments like these that we all live for.

  • flag Vancouver Island, British Columbia

    CalvinHuth: Vancouver-Island
    in: DH Racing

    9687 views | 23 comments | 264 faves

    Daniel Fleury

    Dancing through a snowy pacific north west forest!

  • flag Marin, California

    CoffeeHouseMedia: 2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    6756 views | 23 comments | 111 faves

    Alec GC & Andrew D

    Definitely one of the most notable landmarks in the state of California, if not the whole country. However, I was baffled to find close to no images with bikes that truly capture the mood or scale. With some friends, I scouted out a location and happened upon some fast single track. The usual Bay Area fog held off just long enough to grab a perfect sunset. Riders: @DH-Racer-GC (lead), @andrewdoud (rear)

  • flag Bellingham, Washington

    Stasher: Mountain-Bike-Action-Photography
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    5256 views | 17 comments | 48 faves

    Double Down
    Mark Matthews

    These two old growth trees on the newly developed Double Down trail (great work WMBC) ) on Chuckanut Mtn provided amazing scale as Mark ripped down the mountain between them

  • flag San Carlos, California

    CoffeeHouseMedia: 2017
    in: XC Riding

    6486 views | 13 comments | 141 faves

    Alpine Road
    Alec Grogan-Crane

    California is a place of wonder. We'd been checking for a good sunset for quite a long time and we finally got that golden-orange we were hunting for. Couldn't be more happy on how this turned out. The slight haze really deepened the color and gradient of the landscape dramatically. Rider: Alec Grogan-Crane. IG: @coffeehousemedia

  • flag San Anselmo, California

    satchscratch: 2017
    in: All Mountain/Enduro

    6292 views | 23 comments | 117 faves

    Buck Wild
    Garrett McGurk

    Can you tell we were at Supercross the night before? Garrett pushes through the weekend's legendary rut.

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