"I don't ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days."

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BikesNBites jamessmurthwaite's article
May 20, 2019 at 5:45
10 hours
Must Watch: Danny MacAskill is the World's Best Babysitter
BEST Danny MadSkills video ever !!!!!
BikesNBites Tajlucas's article
May 14, 2019 at 8:05
May 14, 2019
Just Riding Along - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
@bikeskibikeski: Ehh, it's not too-too crazy besides just the amount of riding ---- we always did it as a 4 or 5 person team. a 5 person required at least one female rider but, it didn't matter how many laps any one given rider did...... we did all 8(?) of the 24 Hours at Canaan then we did 3 of the Snowshoe... we stopped doing them after that, only because Granny Gear Productions (the host) had lost touch on what makes a fun race environment. aka charged waaay too much money...…….. every year we did see anywhere from 8 to 10 solo riders race those races -- That is crazy as hell. One season our best team did I think 17 laps total --- the guy who won the solo category did 18!!!! -- we found out, he never stopped riding for the entire time. Sam Stamsted I think was his name..... his fuel --- mostly Twinky's …. some of us would do 2 laps in a row so we could spend more time resting before we went out again. I preferred the night laps when there seemed to be less riders and shoot, for some reason, I was always a good bit faster at night. my guess was because I didn't see some of the dangerous elements of the course and Id just blast through everything, not knowing the dangers. ----- I tell ya though, those night laps, you'd get some serious tunnel vision riding those courses, totally messed with your head... tall grass would appear cartoon-ish, drops and bumps were totally different than they appeared and if you had someone riding behind you with a more powerful light, that really messed things up for ya
BikesNBites mikelevy's article
May 13, 2019 at 15:23
May 13, 2019
Review: Fuji’s 2019 Auric LT Enduro Bike is Surprisingly Versatile
Not knocking that bike, that's a darn nice looking bike and I'm sure it rides well but, $4K for a Fuji? hard to justify
BikesNBites Tajlucas's article
May 12, 2019 at 9:05
May 12, 2019
Just Riding Along - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
Some of mine thru the years. 1. customer buys brand new 29er from me.. has it for a few days.. calls to complain getting a flat and because the front brake didn't work all of a sudden. *****turns out, he slammed into a rock or root, got a pinch flat and when he changed the tube on the trail, he put the front wheel in the dropouts backwards ---brake rotor no worky when it's on the wrong side of the fork ya silly... we had a good laugh about that. and --- hey, flats are flats when you have tubed tires. For some reason, lots of people think their new bikes shouldn't get flat tires 2. I bought myself some brand new XTR gear for my bike (at retail). had it on my bike for at most 2 minutes...trail side stick kicks up, goes into my spokes and rear D. rips the rear D in half, takes out about 4 spokes. 3. Snowshoe 24 Hour race.. buddy of mine and I were riding to the start/finish line, getting ready to go out for our lap. super long and steep road getting there from the condo we were staying at, we were probably doing about 40mph for 4, 5 minutes (all paved downhill). outta the blue we hear a load BAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR noise. well, the pads on his Vbrakes melted from all the heat and flew out and he was metal on metal for a solid 70 yards until he came to a grinding stop . ahh, rim brakes, gotta lover em
BikesNBites RichardCunningham's article
May 7, 2019 at 6:06
May 7, 2019
Review: Time Speciale 8 Pedal
I have 2 sets of TIME Z's ...must be pushing 15 years old? doubt, more than 10 years old for sure still smooth as silk.... replaced the cleats only 2 times best pedal out there
BikesNBites mikekazimer's article
May 6, 2019 at 15:35
May 6, 2019
Video: Are 29/27.5" Mullet Bikes Faster Than 29ers?
PAAshaa… been doing stuff like this for years --- just for kicks. bike industry is doing it just to boost sales with "look at what you're missing out on' marketing
BikesNBites BikesNBites's photo
May 3, 2019 at 19:38
May 3, 2019
1st gear? you're semi local -- I'll ping ya

BikesNBites jamessmurthwaite's photo
May 3, 2019 at 18:50
May 3, 2019
damn ---that's sweeeeeeT

BikesNBites momo-noriaki's article
Apr 28, 2019 at 15:22
Apr 28, 2019
Video: Burly Freeriding in Japan
the water shots --- reference to Godzilla?
BikesNBites RichardCunningham's article
Apr 26, 2019 at 15:24
Apr 26, 2019
Poll: Does Your Trail Bike Have a Weight Problem?
when racing XC, sure … lighter everything else --- meh, who cares? funny how you gotta pay more for less. for just riding around, just reasonable is fine, just makes you a stronger rider for what it's worth My 2009 Transition Dirt Bag sports around 34lbs.... jump on my road bike for a day, I'm passing guys on their mega-bling 15lbs carbon road bikes like they're standing still
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