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Jun 6, 2024 at 14:04
Jun 6, 2024

Ohlins TTX 22M Demo 8 Rear Shock 2011-19 models

$675 CAD
I have a "as close to brand new" Ohlins TTX22M rear shock designed for a 2011-19 Specialized Demo 8 for sale. I bought this brand new last year for my daughters DH bike that saw 2 months of summer use on blue flow trails primarily. ***Anticipating she would be riding the same bike this year, I had it fully serviced by SUSPENSIONWERX (authorized Ohlins centre) last winter to bring it back to new condition, ready to go again for a season of problem free riding. She is not riding the Demo 8 this summer. So its for sale and in brand new condition. $675 Ready to bolt in and ride. If you want a 480lb ohlins spring included ... assuming you need a spring (brand new), the price is $725 total. ** No I will not include the spring in the $700 listing ... go price one of these out to see how much they cost. Will not sell spring outside of this ad, so please do not ask. If you have your own spring (or its the wrong rate), then all good. ALL I ASK 1. No lowballs. If you find the same condition Ohlins shock, fully rebuilt with practically zero use, I will price match it. 2. Serious inquires only. Please do not send me a PM if your not interested. Thanks ahead of time. 3. No trades - no I don't want your DHX, PS2, drum set, or iphone5 as part of any exchange. Thanks for making it this far.

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Jun 6, 2024 at 12:49
Jun 6, 2024
Jun 6, 2024 at 12:46
Jun 6, 2024

Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp - Custom

$7200 CAD
I have an absolute MINT Custom 2023 Specialized Turbo Levo SL XS for sale. You will have a VERY HARD time telling this from brand new. OK so your one of the "earn your turns people" ... I was too (past tense). But all of a sudden having my 12 year old daughter be able to bike to the KVR and gain 800m of elevation every ride became a priceless experience. Riding a bike with her dad was FUN for her all of a sudden. She was always asking me to go riding, not the other way around :). If your looking for a light e-bike for your son or daughter (or wife) to ride along with you and FINALLY put an end all the complaints on the climb, this may be your ticket. Plus a build that is adequate size for small riders and does not weigh a TON (41.8 lbs complete ready to ride). This bike will change your riding experience with your kids entirely ... no more stops every 100 ft and your kids will be grinning rather than complaining. For this reason alone it was worth the investment and time on my end to build this bike. This is a 100% custom build from the frameset upwards and a massive upgrade on stock parts. So for reference, this bike sold for $10 199.00 last year (which is what I paid) and recently specialized put them on sale for $8159.00 (link for reference). https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/turbo-levo-sl-comp/p/154888?color=263663-154888&searchText=96820-5004 ** Note the part spec on the STOCK build and compare it to this bike (Roval wheels, SRAM NX (yikes), seatpost, Guide R brakes, Rythym fork, etc. etc.) So I wanted this bike due to its XS size and low weight for my daughter to ride, but was not a fan of the part spec, in the least. Also it was a 29'er that did not suit her 5ft stature. So the goal was to build up this frameset with all new parts in a 27.5 configuration yet still maintain the same BB characteristics of other e-bikes (not an easy task). The 170mm from full bottom of pedal at full extension to the ground was the target (same as other e-bikes - YT Decoy I used for reference - relying on the change in crank arm length to match lower BB height) The Decoy I baselined off has a 165mm travel rear end (170mm pedal platform to ground) where this one is 160mm travel and shorter crank arms (hence a bit more clearance). I did not just throw on 27.5 wheels, this build took a lot of time and patience to build. Head angle is 64.5 degrees with the rear shock mount in the low BB setting. You can increase it by flipping the shock mount using the high BB position or decrease it marginally by throwing on a 2.4 DHR tire (which I have and will include - likely 64.3 range .. a guess here) This is a very small bike that would fit somebody in the 4'09" - 5'2" range (IMO) So here are the details of the build and some of the reasons behind the part spec: 1. Changed wheelset from Roval stock wheels to Raceface Turbine R. Wheels are perfectly true without even a scratch on them. Zero dents or dings. They will pass as brand new. 2. Changed fork from low spec 150mm Fox Rhythm to Rockshox Lyric Ultimate 170mm. ** so the intent here was to not end up with a 27.5 wheel on a 51mm offset fork designed for 29 wheels. So I put on Lyrik to maintain a 46mm offset (for handling) and rely on tokens to in essence limit the travel to 160mm (end ramp up) ... which it does (so the intent is not to have a 170mm travel up front .. it was for 160mm at the proper offset .. the 170mm was used to maintain the target geo - tokens control end travel). So wanted to keep the proper axle to crown height and offset for 27.5 wheel (and that could not be done using a fork designed for 29 inch wheels) 3. Changed the rear shock to a Rockshox Monarch with MEGNEG can upgrade. Stock was 150mm of travel BUT this shock is 160 (52.5 mm to 55mm) marginal eye to eye difference but brought the rear wheel up slightly to compensate for 27.5 drop). Also put on a Minion DHR11 in 2.6 size to also address rear drop. So the MEGNEG balances out the characteristics of the Lyric up front - softer initial stroke and mid support. 4. One up dropper (120mm) installed vs the horrible stock specialized command post that would not insert fully. Very important for seat height and stand over 5. A month ago I added brand new SRAM Code RSC brakes and MTX red brake pads (vs stock Guide R) 6. Drivetrain : the stock had a complete SRAM NX drivetrain (no words needed here) .. replaced with FULL Shimano XT drivetrain, XTR shifter and XTR chain. This was replaced a month ago (with the RSC brakes) and has about 3 rides on it. Almost brand new drivetrain. 7. Pedals are color anodized Crankbrothers Stamp 7 small pedals 8. Brand new 160mm Praxis added (to replace Praxis 165mm stock cranks). This reduces chance of pedal strikes and was needed (the -5mm) for the 170mm bottom of pedal target to ground mentioned above. 9. Tires are Minion DHRII rear and front is a brand new Assegai 2.5 10. Title Line saddle - rear and front fenders 11. SRAM HS2 rotors - 200mm front, 180mm rear 12. Complete Ride Wrap plastic coating. Forks also has 3M plastic. ALL seams that may allow for dust ingress also sealed. 13. Renthal stem and Nukeproof Youth bars This bike has absolutely zero scratches and will pass for brand new. Its a one of a kind for sure and perfect for its target audience as limited as that audience may be. So its in essence functions as a 160mm/160mm full on enduro e-bike for kids. ALL I ASK 1. No lowballs. 2. Serious inquires only. Please do not send me a PM if your not interested. Thanks ahead of time. 3. No trades - no I don't want your PS2, drum set, or iphone5 in an exchange. 4. I will not ship .. so don't ask 5. Will I "hold it" for you. If you send me $200 cash, I "may" hold it for you for a few days. Don't show up in person as arranged, I will keep your $$$. If you show up and decide not to buy the bike, I will refund the $$$. Thanks for making it this far. NOTE: If your seriously considering this bike, dropping this kind of $$$$ on a bike based on visuals and parking lot rides is not realistic. I am offering to let you demo this bike for a typical riding session (I have access out my door to trails nearby). In essence, "try before you buy".

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Jun 5, 2024 at 17:30
Jun 5, 2024
Jun 5, 2024 at 17:29
Jun 5, 2024
Jun 5, 2024 at 17:24
Jun 5, 2024

Specialized Demo 8 Carbon Mint Custom Build

$2650 CAD
I have an absolutely MINT custom 2013 Demo 8 that I built from the ground up 2 years ago for my 12 year daughter (at the time). She is a new rider that rode this bike on green and blue flow trails at Silverstar resort. As many of you know, finding a bike that fits smaller people in stature and weight in almost impossible. The problem is most suspension is targeted for 180lb riders and not 120. So custom tuning is the only option (and a pricey one). Secondly not every 5ft rider wants a 525mm reach and 820mm bars. Looking for an excellent bike for your son or daughter, that won't break the bank, or result in unforeseen maintenance costs, this may be your ticket. Or buy and salvage the parts for your existing demo 8 and put your used stuff back on and sell at a reduced price (as per most listings for this bike) This is one of a few framesets I targeted and found one (paid more for the frame and fork years ago that I am asking for this complete build) and built it up with new parts and custom suspension tuning. I knew I would lose a lot of money on this build, so don't let the year fool you regarding the condition. Its basically all new parts on a 2013 frameset. This is NOT one of those ... I have an old stock demo in the shed with some scratches, dinged and warped rims with the usual wear and tear .. that "never affect" performance (of course). This bike rides like new and has the part spec that make it truly one of a kind for a specific rider (lighter rider). This bike comes in complete as seen at 34.72 lbs. Very light for a DH ride. Here is a list of what sets this bike apart (as you can see this is FAR from the STOCK configuration of this bike) Suspension : Fork is a 2018 Boxxer World Cup completely rebuilt by Fluid Function with light compression tune and SKF seals. Also has new Brand new Maxle and matching decals. Fork is also covered in 3M . .....And with ZERO hours on it .. that's right, no use whatsoever. I had the fork serviced from the ground up and never used it. Rear Shock : A DVO Jade rear shock with a custom tune by Suspensionwerx to match Boxxer. Only one season of use - 2 months ( I bought this shock new) and just serviced it so its ready to go so its problem free. This was a custom build to accommodate the unique Demo mounts (note rebound). The spring is a new DVO 400 lb. (I kept the 300lb I had mounted). So the only thing you may need is a lighter spring (cheap to buy) Wheels Light bicycle CARBON rims mounted on Hope Pro 4 hubs (I spec'd these and had built new). - These have 2 months of use (cost me over $1200 for the set) Front: RM26C05 Matte UD 32H All Mountain (for better compliance) Rear : RM26C05 Matte UD 32H With Access Holes Heavy Duty (HD for stronger wheel) Hope Pro 4 20 front and Pro 4 DH hub rear The rims are also coated with 3M thick plastic to prevent any scratches (you can see in pic) Brakes : Magura MT5 brakes with 223mm Galfer rotor up front and 203mm Galfer rotor out back (lots of power for kids and smaller riders). I bought these new as well, and chose these brakes for the very light lever throw and modulation. Kids have short fingers and the less force they need to pull with, the less complaining of hand fatigue. MTX brake pads (and will include brand new set of Galfer green pads as well) ... so your set for the year Drivetrain SRAM GX 7 speed shifter, cassette and derailleur Maxxis Minion DHF front and DHRII rear - tons of life left on them .. good for season Rimpact Tire inserts - front and back New sealant added STFU chainslap unit Controls Nukeproof youth bars (25mm rise) Deity 50mm DH integrated stem Crankbrothers Stamp 7 pedals (small) Extras: I'll also throw in a Renthal Integrated DH stem - 45 mm. This allow for a lower bar position if that is desirable. With this stem, bar height can be adjusted lower if required. This bike is an absolute mint machine that is ready to go with top end components that have minimal use. You won't find a 2013 Carbon demo comparable to this one. It is ready to ride. ALL I ASK 1. No lowballs. But, but, I can buy the same year demo (all stock and beat up) for a lot less money. Good, then go buy it :) 2. Serious inquires only. Please do not send me a PM if your not interested. Thanks ahead of time. 3. No trades - no I don't want your PS2, drum set, or iphone5 in an exchange. 4. I will not ship .. so don't ask 5. Will I "hold it" for you. If you send me $200 cash, I will hold it for you for a few days. Don't show up in person as arranged, I will keep your $$$. If you show up and decide not to buy the bike, I will refund the $$$. Thanks for Looking and making it this far.

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Mar 17, 2024 at 17:01
Mar 17, 2024
Mar 17, 2024 at 16:55
Mar 17, 2024

YT Capra MX Uncaged MULLET BRAND NEW - never ridden

$6050 CAD
I have a BRAND NEW never ridden 2023/4 YT Capra MX MULLET Full Carbon - Uncaged bike - Medium size for sale - I was lucky to pick one up last November So the story ... I bought this bike with FULL intentions of riding it this season. However unfortunately some medical challenges are preventing this from happening, so it looks like I am sticking to the e-bike. I have been riding e-bikes for years, but REALLY missed my old lighter enduro bike of years ago, so I bought this one. My cardio level is not where it needs to be, so its going up for sale, hoping to recover some $$$ from what I have into it :( Specs and Upgrades/Add ons 1. Carbon Frame 2. Ohlins RXF 38 M.2 fork 3. Ohlins TTX22M coil - 2 springs (your choice - only selling one with bike - pick one) 365 or 411 4. Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro CARBON wheelset - Mullet 29/27.5 5. SRAM AXS GX Eagle 12 speed Transmission - wireless 6. SRAM Code RSC brakes (220/200) - I put a 220 up front but will include the 200 as well. 7. Maxxis Assegai 2.5 MaxxGrip up front and 2.4 DHRII DD out back 8. I installed a OneUp 180mm dropper post (removed the 150 RS AXS - too much stack height and limited seat position) 9. OneUp EDC lite tool 10. Full ridewrap kit installed PLUS 3M rhino film installed on carbon rims and fork (protect those carbon hoops) 11. Renthal Stem 12. SDG Bel Air V3 Saddle 13. Brand new Deity TMac flat pedals 14. Brand new OneUp Carbon bar (cut to 780mm) 15. Rear and front fender 16. Bike is covered completely with 3M rhino film - even the cranks. 17. Battery charger included for SRAM AXS 18. Stock 800mm Renthal Fatbar included All I ask is: 1) Serious inquiries only - please don't message me with no intentions of buying :) 2) I am losing $$$ on this bike so please no lowballs. I never even rode the bike. 2) I will not ship 3) If you want to arrange to have a look in person, please contact me and set up a time 4) No trades Thanks for looking

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Feb 25, 2024 at 10:32
Feb 25, 2024
Feb 25, 2024 at 10:21
Feb 25, 2024

SRAM X01 DH Carbon DUB Crankset

$425 CAD
I have a brand SRAM X01 DH Carbon DUB Crankset 165mm that I bought a few months ago that "in the end" I will not be using. Still in the box. So here is your chance to save some $$$ ** Serious inquiries only and shipping only within Canada. I am losing money on these (not a sponsored rider or bike shop). Price is firm. Thanks

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