Happy Holidays From Commencal

Dec 19, 2012 at 0:02
Dec 19, 2012
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
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Commencal's riders and employees wish you a happy new year, full of great rides and fun shred session with friends. May your bike take you to some amazing places in 2013.
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 Love Commencal bikes. Owned many. Love the bikes, the riders, the marketing. They even seem to have fixed the almost 100% frame failure rate of old. Just need to give realistic warranty periods (like more than 6 months on the DH bike) and the brand will be amazing
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 I totally agree with you. I've a Commençal too and if I change it, I choose a Commençal again.
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 I heard their bikes rock but... 6 months... Let's say i buy one now and i can't ride it till spring. And if it cracks or snaps on my first ride i can not get it fixed under warranty. Yeeeeey, go commencal!
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 Totally agree 6 months is not enough I just bought a Norco shore and even that has a 5 year warranty on the the frame ?!? Love Commencals bike but don't think i would buy one with only a 6 month warranty period.
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 Commençal is rock solid,,,pretty much the only bike I'd choose over my TR...love them !!!
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 He almost pulled off a 360 skid
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 Nice vid, even though the intro took a while before the riding. Different than the norm on PB.
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 Caught myself thinking the same, restrained myself from skipping forward. We're getting impatient, don't we? Not good.
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 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2 u 2!!!And Everyone that Loves Riding Bikes!!!
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 I snapped my Meta 4x and cried for a week- but better to have loved and lost than never loved at all!!! I now ride my Absolut SX and it's straight up awesome.
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 Just don't make any 'snappy' decisions on those things... I know of one bro that rides one, and yes he broke it.
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 that blows... happens to everyone tho unless their on a karpiel or whatever unbreakable bike on the market
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 Bikes break.. That's what they do. All of them. It's up to manufacturer to provide good or bad customer support.
I cracked a swingarm on my bike(among other stuff) and i got a whole brand new frame. And a newer model. 2012 instead of 2011. Wanna talk about customer support?
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 My Commencal was a cracking bike , it was cracking on the roots , jumps , corners , head tube , seat stays , chainstays....
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 ...and I have a 2009 supreme which is still running perfectly.
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 Happy holidays and???? Free shipping? 10% off? ?? Hey my bank account says Happy New Year to you Commencal.
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 I must say well Edit and good fitting music. One of the best edits i seen this year!
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 The most acid trip like mtn bike vid I've ever seen. Nice!
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 Aww wrote this as reply but wont let me delete this post go figure !
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 man those are nice shots
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 Damn that was real. Like really really real.
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 anybody care to tell me the name of that song? Smile
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 The Rip by Portishead

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