Interview: Kurt Sorge

Oct 29, 2012
by Julian Coffey  
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 Such a modest guy. Congrats on life, dude!
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 A man who rides for the love of the sport, not the competition, makes the best rider.
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 gee, that bike got a really good cleaning
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 Win Rampage > Indo Surf Trip > BC Sled/Board Season > Cali Biking...Pretty much as good as it gets
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 Living the dream Smile
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 Between Rampage and Where the Trail Ends, Sorge is King right now. That dude shreds.
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 the 9th Knight .... rad!
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 Giant for LIFE and always stay stoked on sledding!!! Good to see you tear it up in such a windy run down that demon of a mountain!!! May the POW be thick and plenty this winter!!!
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flag Protour (Oct 29, 2012 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 Giant for life? How naive, why can you for marketing bs like that? They are a fine company (albeit one with a silly name), but committing to any corporation to that extent is ridiculous. Hell, Sorge will probably change frame sponsers in the next year or two.

I remember when I worked at a shop that sold Giant, customers would sometimes pronounce it Gee-ant.

I think a big factor in his win was line selection. He pulled off some huge moves, but superior lines were what set him apart from some of the big names that were expected to do better.
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 shut up... just shut up...

and I wouldn't mind committing to Giant for the rest of my life Wink
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 god i hate how PB makes me log on to read all the super stupid comments (ones with lotta neg props).. then i feel almost kinda dumb for logging in just to read them..
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flag Protour (Oct 29, 2012 at 10:38) (Below Threshold)
 I made a valid point that you couldn't make a valid counterpoint to, so there is no reason for me to shut up.

Would you put a Giant tattoo on your body? No, most people would agree that is stupid. Especially if the company goes out of business or sells their bikes in Wal-Mart someday.

Giant does make some good bikes and sponsors great athletes, but they aren't perfect. They stole the DW link design without paying royalties, and have sponsored roadie teams implicated in doping.

Attack the message, not the messenger. Peace out.
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 Fuck off Protour
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 lol, protour, giant is not about to go out of business anytime soon..
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 Protour needs to leave pinkbike
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 nahh dude i think he can stay he makes me laugh every time i read something he writes.
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 Protour, please be quiet. Giant has put him in really great place, and he has ridden their bikes to great succceses. Their bikes are really good, and he likes them. He really likes and appreciates what the company has done for him, and getting a tattoo is just one of the ways he shows his support. Lots of people get tattoos, and the only difference with his is that it is the giant brand. He loves the bikes that he rides, and wants to show how committed he is. So maybe you should just shut up and think about stuff before you say it. On the other hand... Keep making me laugh.
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 Protour, here's the thing that you don't seem to get. Everyone on pinkbike (except you) understands that mofyman is just expressing the fact that he like Giant bikes. We read his comment, we get that, we respect that. Then you come along and take the comment far too literally, and expand it to the level of ridiculousness - this is why the argument that you are looking for becomes meaningless. The basic intent of a comment is obvious to everyone except you, and you come on and make a comment looking for an argument, which is why the discussion becomes about how annoying you are.
I usually wouldn't comment, but it annoys me how you come in and hijack a comment section and make it all about you, how about you try adding something of value instead of just using hyperbole to start an argument.
Back to the subject - Giant bikes are awesome, Kurt Sorge rips, and Rampage is such a great competition.
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 Protour, can i ask what bike brand do you ride. Why don't you tattoo that brand to your chest because you are so so wise and full of wisdom about technical gear, frames, riders etc and obviously because you know so much that is the BEST brand - oh wait huffy is not that good! i suggest you grow taste buds in your ass h@le.

Peace out.

oh and Giant bikes are awesome, Kurt Sorge rips, and Rampage is such a great competition as nz stormer wrote!
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 Oh, Protour, always good for a laugh you dumb bastard.
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 hahaha good to see Protour is back!
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 I dont always read stupid comments, but when I do, Protour made them
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 One of the most down to earth guys I have had the chance to talk too. Last night "Where the trail ends" in Toronto was fantastic. Red Bull afterwards for a private gather and chat with himself and the film crew! Very awesome! Thanks Kurt for being number one!
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 I am happy he won. But I still didn't get what the f*** the "judges" had in mind to put C. McCaul out of the podium. Weird!
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 that will soon be set right
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 I Hope. Norbraten was affected too.
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 I tried to understand what he said about his crank but I didn't get that. Would anyone explain to me what is he using in his crank to prevent it from spinning too much?

Thanks in advance!!!!
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 Pretty awesome he talked about his snowmachining and other activities in the off season... Nice bike too...
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 Sorgl-hoff is the man!!!!!!! Congrates buddy, you deserve it all!!
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 wurd! Well done Sorge... Hope to see ya this winter for some sled laps.. Or some surf!
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 I'll put my props here too budday! Still haven't had the chance to congratulate you in person...but we'll be sledding right soon here...kitty sounds real nice like!
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 didn't realize that was what he meant by sledding...
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 HAHAHA ya me too until the end.
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 yeah I was thinking Calvin & Hobbes style tobogganing was kinda tame for this guy.
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 Master of whips and scrubs!
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 awesome no-foot-can at the end. looks way too easy!
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 nice to see humble people win
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 Sorge is such an honest guy and deserved to win redbull rampage
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 Anyone know what stem he is riding? Not in the video clip but rather the first picture.
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 Weird, that looks like a $5 department store seat on his bike.
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 Interviews lack biking.
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 ... thats why its called an 'interview'.
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 nice guy and awsome ride at RedBull Rampage....
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 When will Under Armour start selling merch for the MTB market???
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 Anybody knows if UFC can be watched anywhere?
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 On TV.
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 Where? And just in case, I mean the FR one, not the fighting.
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 No idea mate , I genuinely thought you ment the fighting , I did not make the link to the Freeride comp xD
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