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Jan 4, 2013
by Virtu Media  
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This past June while I was filming for Virtu Media's upcoming movie “Shifted,” I crashed on a double back flip and fell pretty hard on my shoulder. I figured it would get better with time, but it never did. After seeing a specialist, I was told I had torn my rotator cuff. I needed to get a specific MRI called an Arthogram which is on a six month waiting list on the government system. I opted to get a private Arthogram that cost $1,200. Afterwards the sports medicine doctor viewed the MRI and referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon was not convinced that the tear was complete, and he recommended waiting three months to see if it improved. I have an appointment in the new year to ascertain whether or not I will require surgery. Luckily, my injury has not totally stopped my ability to bike. Over the past four months I have been recovering little by little. Each ride seems to get a bit longer, and I've been shortening the length between days of riding, up to where I can almost ride every day.

Shortly before my injury, I got sponsored by Deity. Since then I have formed a great relationship with them. Eric and Sadie have been awesome, they have been really supportive after my injury and I'm really stoked to have them behind me. I am proud to be a part of such a sick crew of riders and I couldn't be any happier with the Cryptkeeper frame. Injuries are just part of the sport, and they can happen to anyone. This injury has really focused me and I think I am a smarter and stronger rider because of it. I just can’t wait to be back!

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 Shifted and Alchemy need to be released and stop being pushed back...pleeeeaase
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 $1200 for an specialized MRI? A normal one runs $800 or so. Either way it's good to see you healing up. Injuries suck worse than Nickelback.
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 my mri last year was almost $1500. had one in 1999 and it was around $1200 back then. if you go to the ER and they give you one its knocking on the door of 2k
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 ^Canada... six month waiting list. Just as bad as paying to have a scan immediately.
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 Not true one of my buddies ruptured his spleen on a DJ and had an MRI and X-rays within hours for get this for 0$ lol! it all depends on the situation if it's an emergency they will do it immediately.
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 And a torn tendon is usually non critical. The one I got back in Feburary was a little over $800.
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 It's a 6 month wait for that specific mri....
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 I really don't want to start a healthcare jihad here, and I work with several Canadians who love their system, but 6 months for an MRI is ridiculous. I got hit by a car on my road bike last year and damaged some cartilage in my rotator cuff. I met with the docs and got an MRI within 2 weeks of the accident, I think my co-pay was $35. If I didn't have a job or insurance it would probably be another story, but waiting 6 months just to find out what kind of treatment you need is crazy.
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 free national health Smile
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 no second amendment tho...America!
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 i´ve been looking for a guitar for some time now, and seeing one been destroyed so easily makes me so sad
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 Hey if you have problems bringing youre whips back, get someone to hit youre back wheel with a guitar!
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 Works every time!
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 Guitar was already broken before we broke it more
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 Well the soundtrack was certainly... original.
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 Jeremy is so dialled, deity have such a stacked & well rounded team! Really don't know if I love or hate the music though hahaha.
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 Awesome rider and awesome feel good vibe from this video! Put a big grin on my face watching it. Another spectacular piece of work by Virtu! Keep it up!
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 poor guitar!!
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 I just can't warm up to those goofy helmets.
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 I saw a sane person in the back at 2:28... Full face helmet on.
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 Great video!!! Whats the song? and what is that flame thrower thing? Giant blow torch?
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 Thanks! Song: A-Ha - Take on me (the Twelves Remix). Flamethrower thing is called a tiger torch!
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 Haha the guitar was awesome, really nice locations. Wish that i had a track in my yard..
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 I figured that guitar must have already been broken. Only a nutbar would smash a perfectly good guitar.
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 The govt sucks !!, glad ur on the bike again! sick jumps!
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 Love it! great editing riding and song! As to be expected from virtu!
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 That was so sick, awesome song too
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 Welcome back!
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 dope finshing move !
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 Nice ending...Awesome ridingSmile
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 ^^ yeah waste of a guitar- but it looks cool!
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 It was already broken, we just broke it a little more haha.
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 the guitar whip back at the end was cool
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 Whats the sound?
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 This Guy Wold be great with an sponsor
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 And great video by the way....those jumps by the house are just perfect
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 read the description hereSmile
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 that poor guitar....
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 bad guys break guitars
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