Video: Panorama Bike Park Teaser

Jul 26, 2013
by Ride My Domain  
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Ride My Domain - Panorama Bike Park Teaser. Local riders Angus McCarty, John Topozini, Nick Boland show RMD around the Panorama bike park. Full Episode soon.

Nick can whip

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 What's the DH rigs for? Super smooth trail.
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flag supersonicrider (Jul 26, 2013 at 19:04) (Below Threshold)
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flag kingeriii (Jul 26, 2013 at 20:20) (Below Threshold)
 Haters gonna hate
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 Not hating, but can't help thinking you could hit that on a bmx.
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 so your saying if you only own a DH bike you cant ride smooth trails
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 Read my reply to Baconbikers post.
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 My DJ would shred that place!
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 @daviebin you silly euro. I'd put you up and buy you a lift pass just to see you try and hit any trail at pano with a bmx including the 2 trails showcased in this video. Panorama is rough and ready !!! No smooth trails just a few smooth sections. I have spent 10 years in this park and I'm still not bored. Real DH trails Smile
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 Excuse me while i go get my 7kg roadbike to ride ur dh trails
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 Kingerii my main point is that it's a bad advert for the park. Look at how many middle of the road and negative comments it has! If this was done on a hardtail the replys would be "yea man killing it on a hardtail, wicked video etc etc"
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 I understand your point. Riding a hardtail at pano isn't fun at all and unfortunately this video sends the wrong message about our park. The trails are not smooth and it has everything to do with the terrain we have and not the quality of the work put onto them. I'd still like to see you ride here with a bmx. That would be awesome !!!
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 So you can't ride it on a bmx, fair enough. Doesn't change the fact that it looks like you can in the promo vid for the park!
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 no 24 inch wheels are the smallest u can have
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 awful song, tame trail, tame riding. Front page son!
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 The trail they went down is a blue run and its super super easy, the reason why that is the one they chose to film (probably at least) is because the trail crew did alot of work on it so I am imagining they probably just want to showcase it. Panorama does have more free ride/downhill stuff, this is just something that they wanted to "show off" I guess
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 I agree, but look at the reaction when you see a hardtail shredding in a video, it would have been smart for marketing purpose to use a hardtail or smaller travel bike to avoid people having poor opinions of what I imagine is an amazing place to ride.
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flag dmadness (Jul 27, 2013 at 12:51) (Below Threshold)
 You imagine wrong. Pano is ...meh...
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 I think that is a matter of personal opinon, dmadness.
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 It is, but imo I would rather steamboat or swansea.
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 Hey peeps just be nice. Remember there is never a reason to be unkind. So i am saying quit your bitchin'! Sweet park Cheers to that!
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 Where the f#@k is the gnarl. I'd hit it on my hardtail no problemo but it would be awesome hardtail shredding!
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 Perhaps everyone needs to realize for a second people have diffrent preferences and styles, and as long as your having fun who cares? Panorama is a sweet park and it has mediocre runs like this, as well as gnarly DH trails. Sure this looks boring but i was here today and it was super fun. And while i guess you could hit it on an XC bike, i personally wouldnt, as its way more fun to get on a freeride/DH bike and blast it super fast. So really, everybody who says they could ride it backwards while getting chased by a razzed wolverine ( and who knows maybe you could) that doesnt mean you should judge the whole hill by one begginer run.
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 It sure isn't SilverStar!
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 This perhaps...

(Copy and paste to watch)
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 Panorama sucks if you're an expert rider I was just there last week and was bored to death in 2 hrs. Every black should be a blue run. Go down the street to Kicking Horse where it's waaaay better.
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 obviously you forgot to ride insanity, crazy train or the bc cup race run. awesome steep technical trails that are super challenging. Kicking horse has a lot more rocks and no lazy easy trails .. but pano's difficult trails are comparable to kh's. I've rode em all. Pano does have some great trails for people who want to try dh for the first time.
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 Kinda disappointed , what would make me want to pay to ride there !?!
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 My brother and I love this trail! We rode on it just last week, it's actually a lot of fun!
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 I just rode Panorama and it was rough as hell, especially since its seen a ton of rain. My sx trail got put through its paces
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 One in Wales no?
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 I live in London...
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 So you want one in London?
It's a few hours drive n looks fairly decent, very few ppl have bike parks on there door step.
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 They should have ridden crazy train or something , those trails are fun but don't make a good vid :/
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 Yea, I totally agree, Punisher, CrazyTrain or Insanity would have been much better choices as the internet seems to hate jumptracks.... Pano might have dropped the ball on this one Frown
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 Crazytrain is closed at the moment, looks like they're replacing old structures with sweet new ones Smile
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 I was here today and its like half open it re-routes to the bottom of insanity
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 One adult lift ticket, please.
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 whats the cost to ride these places .
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 12 and under costs $21 youth- 13-18 costs around $36 and adults 19+ cost around $40.
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 not bad i suppose i would pay it .
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 If you go don't hit the wall ride on bender even if you can do the one on hells bells. Its really difficult.
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 when i go out sometimes i have days when i just ride and seem to roll up and over and down anything then i have a day when its not gonna happen but its all good you know .
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 Hells Bells... great track and great song!
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 It's actually painful to ride this trail on a hardtail.. I've tried.
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 Headed there next Friday
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 Great work guys!! Can't wait for the full episode!!!
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 Thanks! It will be a good one!
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 3 minutes of let it ride and mercy me ? Boo-urns !!
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 so what do their DH trails look like? because im pretty sure my xc rides are rougher than this.

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