Spank Oozy EVO Rims Review

Aug 25, 2011
by Mike Levy  

Lightweight, all purpose hoops: Spank's Oozy EVO rims are light enough, at just 420-435g grams per hoop (depending on finish), to be laced up and run on a feather weight cross-country race whippet, but Spank says that they can also be used on all-mountain and enduro machines that would benefit from less rotational weight - ideal for those 5 and 6 inch travel bikes that earn their turns. The 21mm internal width strikes a middle ground that will work for both scrawny XC tread and proper, meaty all condition tires. The disc specific Oozy EVO rims come in 32 hole only this year, but a 28 hole version is in the works for 2012, and are available in high polished-anodized black, red, blue and the coated white versions that we laced up for testing. They retail for $74.90 USD.

The Oozy EVO rim uses a number of novel features that Spank says makes it up to the task on all-mountain rigs, despite its 435 gram weight.

Spank Oozy EVO rim details:

- Intended use: aggressive XC/trail/all-mountain
- Uses Spank's OohBah ribbed inner rim well
- Double BeadNip helps to keep tire seated when running low pressure
- Disc specific
- Weight: 435 grams
- Holes: 32
- 21mm internal rim width
- ERD: 537mm
- Color options: black, red, blue, white
- MSRP $74.90 USD

Rim technology: Spank has put quite a bit of time and effort into their Oozy EVO rims and it shows in the features that set them apart from more traditional hoops. The most obvious attribute of the Oozy rim is hidden from view by the rim tape (that comes included), that being its patented 'OohBah' ribbed inner rim well. The longitudinal ridges run completely around the rim's circumference and work to create extra rigidity and strength that would otherwise require adding more material, thereby increasing rim weight. The ridges function in the same manner as how the shape of a corrugated metal roof can withstand much more weight than a simple sheet of metal of the same thickness, with the concave outer wall with a convex inner rim well resisting flex or flat spotting.

The Oozy rims also use Spank's Double BeadNip™ design, incorporating a second raised edge on the inner rim well that helps to hold the tire bead in place and keep the it seated when running low air pressure. Spank claims that the Double BeadNip™ also greatly reduces the chance of pinch flatting by preventing the tire bead from shifting inwards. The Oozy EVO rim measures out at 20mm high, with an external width of 26mm. The internal rim width, an important number that can determine which width tires work best, is 21mm, great for 2.1" - 2.4" high volume trail and all-mountain rubber, but are capable of running as low as 1.5" tires for XC race or touring duties.

Spank Oozy rim profile
The Oozy EVO's ribbed 'OohBah' inner rim well (left) is shaped like a corrugated metal roof to add strength and stiffness, while the Double BeadNip (left) helps fight against flat tires - we didn't suffer a single flat.

Trouble free: We laced the Spank Oozy EVO rims up to be tested on our burly Orange Five test bike, a coil sprung sled that sees as much shuttle action as it does getting to the top of the mountain under good old fashioned leg power. It's fair to say that a rim's reliability greatly depends on the initial build quality, but starting with a true, stiff rim will make it much easier to attain uniform spoke tension, the goal of any wheel builder worth his Park truing stand. The Oozy's certainly fall into the 'easy to build' category, coming together quickly and effortlessly without having to resort to uneven tension during assembly. We pushed the Oozy EVO rims hard and have come away impressed with how well the 435 grams hoops have held up. Despite spending a lot of time on gnarly, rocky terrain, much of it with questionable air pressure, they have not suffered a single sidewall dent or flat spot to this day. Are they still true? perfectly. In fact, the last set of wheels that we had this little trouble with had carbon rims and cost well over $2,000 USD - we are impressed. There also seems to be something to Spank's Double BeadNip™ feature because we have yet to fall victim to a single flat tire when using the Oozy EVO rims, regardless of some questionable tire choices on our end. Keeping in mind that spoke tension plays a major roll in overall wheel stiffness, the Oozy EVO rims feel more than adequately rigid as well, no doubt helped by the fact that the build has held its tension quite well throughout the test period. The rim's finish also seems to be up to the task, not looking any worse for wear after plenty of abuse.

Spank Oozy EVO rims

Levers required: The Oozy EVO's score great marks in our books as lightweight yet robust rims that are a great option for those who want to shave some weight on their all-mountain rig or are looking for a set of burly cross-country hoops, but we do have a single complaint. As much strength as the OohBah ribbed inner rim well apparently adds, it does make installing or removing a tire a bit harder. How so? The raised sections can prevent the tire's bead from falling into the center of the rim, preventing you from getting the slack in the bead to make the job easy. While not a deal breaker in opinion, it should be mentioned that if you're used to using your bare hands to remove Kevlar bead tires you'll likely require a tire lever or two when swapping tires on the Oozy EVO rims.

Pinkbike says: Spank's Oozy EVO rims proved to be a reliable choice that makes sense for anyone who wants a set of relatively lightweight rims, be that for their all-mountain bike or a cross-country rig that gets ridden hard. If you aren't interested in lacing up a set of rims you'll be happy to hear that Spank is close to debuting their complete wheelsets, allowing you to get a set of off the shelf wheels without the hassle of having to build them up. Stay tuned to our upcoming Eurobike coverage to get the first look.

Visit the Spank website to see their entire lineup.


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 We run the Spank Spike's and the Spank Tweets at COC and they blow us away. I won't say what kind of rims we used to use but we went through cases and cases of tubes, sometimes over ten tubes a day, and quite a few replacement rims. With the Spikes we had so few flats , I don't even remember them. As far as durability goes, they are incredible. They stay straight and stay round. Last year Gareth Dyer blew a 2 inch chunk off the sidewall and didn't notice it till hours later. His Spike was still round and still true. Pretty epic performance all around. Ken
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 now that's a real test
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 best rims available...end of story.
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 The Oozy and most of Spank Industries Rims are sleeved, not pinned. That is an interference fit sleeve that is pressure inserted into the joint and bonded for good measure, similar to how they join tubes in aeronautics without rivets. This creates a stronger joint than welds, but just a little heavier. It offers the best strength to weight ratio between the standard joint technologies of pinnning, sleeving and welding. Hahaha....guys there isn't a single similarity between these rims and a Halo 4X. Material, profile, technology, all different...check it out. Halo 4X is a nice hoop, don't get me wrong.
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 Tubeless conversion kits work exceptionally well with these rims and wheels. That was one of the driving forces in designing these rims with such a tight tire fit. The tire bead actually locks in place with the double bead nip design, and tire retention is exponentially higher than conventional rim profiles.

To go ghetto...and super light, you can simply wrap the rim's tube well twice in thin tubeless conversion tape, burn or poke a hole in it, then insert the tubeless valve through the hole! The rubber seal on the valve creates an air tight fit with the tape (was that too obvious?).
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 I have been hearing good things about the Spank rims, I'm interested to know how they go in a ghetto tubeless setup. How did you guys run them, tubes or notubes??

any one else out there running spank rims tubeless?
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 I run mine with tubes and have a clean streak of no flats on them in the past few months - shuttling included.
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 I have the previous version of the Oozy(not EVO) and using it with Joe's tubeless kit and ordinary tires without tubes. I didn' have a single problem with it since I'm using it. no flats, no dents, perfectly round
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 I have ran spank subrosa rims (chocolate) on a ghetto tubeless setup for a while.
I have found that the subrosa's dent very easily though.
That said, they are easy to run tubeless as the tyre bead sits tight on them, however, as I found out a Fort William a few days ago, if you dent them enough then they will lose air from the bead.
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 I've got a set of Spank Spikes and they rock, did some nasty things with them on my hardtail and they're still fresh. I have the chromed ones, and the clear coat of protection did a fine job against rocks smashing on them and other stuff.
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 I have a Spank Spike on the back of my dirt jumper and I've purposely whipped it into tree's and other objects and its still straight. I have had the rim for over a year and only needed to fix the spoke tension once! Also I'm 6'5" and weigh 215 lbs. The Spank Spike rims awesome
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 I'm not wasting money on Spank rims until they start putting spoke eyelets into them. It's a crappy way to save weight and makes for less durable rims.
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 misconception! actually Spank extrudes and machines it makes for more nipple contact than using soft malleable eyelets.
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 Eyelets do not = strong rim. Nor do they affect nipple breakage if the wheels are laced up. Ever see a Zipp with eyelets?
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 Spank, is ACE. I have a set of spike wheels white and the run real smooth, handelbars and stems are awesome too. Nice colours too.
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 these wheels could be my next purchase
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 yeah same do you think theyre up to DH?
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 @greenwood102 spank makes a downhill specific wheel, so i don't think they were too focused on making it as strong
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 What spank rims are the downhill version ?
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 spank spike
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 Think These will be on my Christmas list!
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 When are they gunna start making eyeletted rims?
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 they stay true no doubt. but the spokes will rip out of the rim in no time . had tweets then spikes. all same problem . volcano-ed at the nipple area then cracked .
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 Im having trouble understanding why they are so cheap...
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 $75 isnt really that cheap for hoops alone
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 No eyelets and I'm 99% sure they are pined not welded.. I'm fine with no eyelets and no welds, both these thing are negotiable on the ride!
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 same as mavic 325s...pretty comparable price considering they come in fancy schmancy colours
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 @ Hyperi0n...they are sleeved not pinned. One thing not mentioned in the article is the way Spank extrudes and machines it makes for more nipple contact than using soft malleable eyelets.
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 They are cheaper because they own their own factories and are not paying 3rd party vendors unlike 90% of hoop manufacturers out there. And all of spank's tech is propriety. Oh and bang on! on the eyelet comment.
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