Suzuki Nine Knights - Masters of the freeriding realm

Aug 8, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
Press pics for Nine Knights.

The next chapter in mountain biking opens on the 21st of August 2011 in the Urlaubs-Arena Wildkogel Neukirchen/Bramberg in the SalzburgerLand, with the inaugural Suzuki Nine Knights MTB event.

Hosted by Andi Wittmann, Germany's premier freeride aerialist, winner of the 2010 best trick contest Vienna Air King and founder of the FRAMED video project, the Suzuki Nine Knights brings together the best athletes from across the globe to compete in a unique event that has no peers in the world of MTB sport. Joining Andi are freeride luminaries Yannick Granieri from France, Timo Pritzl from Germany, Sweden‟s Martin Söderström, Austrian Niki Leitner, and the triumvirate of Canadians Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge and Geoff Gulevich plus other special guests.

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Andi says, “With only four weeks to go until the event my excitement level is off the register! For three weeks now we have been building the trail and the feature and I can't wait to finally get out there and ride them. It is definitely going to provide a challenge to all the riders and that is exactly the inspiration we were hoping for. It's going to be huge!”

Neukirchen am Großvenediger, an award-winning, centuries-old village in Austria's Hohe Tauern National Park is hosting the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB event from Monday the 21st to Saturday the 27th August 2011, providing a sublime backdrop as well as numerous riding options.These riding options are focused around a purpose built freeride trail and a jump feature known as the Castle, a huge structure with a super-kicker unique to the Suzuki Nine Knights event. Built by the Wildkogelbahn with the help from the Verein Hohe Tauern Aktiv and the Nine Knights Crew, these features provide the athletes with an unprecedented opportunity to cut loose and showcase the best of freeriding. Several competitions will run throughout the event, unveiling the most worthy knights in the Nine Knights realm. The "Ruler of the Big Air(Castle)", "Ruler of the Trail", "Most progressive Rider", best trick, etc., will be judged by the riders themselves and crowned at the end of the week.

In conjunction with the athletic side of the event there is also an equally sensational media side. From Monday to Friday of the week of the contest, there will be special photography and filming sessions for the passionate supporters of mountain biking behind the lens. Sunrise and sunset sessions, heli & paraglider chases as well as different contest styles form the event's backbone. Aimed at getting the creative juices flowing and covering the event from every possible angle, the photographers will be able to present their best images for judging by a select panel at the end of the week.

For the public it all comes together on Saturday. Beginning with a winner-takes-all MTB "joust tournament", a.k.a. - the Big Air contest, the athletes will perform before the fans on the 6m drop tower as well as the 14m Castle jump. Sick tricks, huge airtime, and the best freeriders on the planet delivering for the expectant crowd the most audacious levels of mountain biking.

Press pics for Nine Knights.

Following the joust, there will be an epic after-party at Neukirchen‟s own Schweinis. Starting at 8pm, it will feature DJs courtesy of G-Shock, the prize presentations for both competitors and photographers, a barbecue, and the chance to rub shoulders with the knights themselves.

For freeriders, both amateur and pro, who think they have what it takes to be part of this amazing event, the "Wanna be a Knight?" online video qualification is open until 9th August, 2011, with the winner's to be announced soon after. Follow this link for all the details and the chance to join the illustrious Suzuki Nine Knights at the Wildkogel.

Find daily updates about what's going on at the Wildkogel on our blog and dont forget to follow us on facebook.

Press pics for Nine Knights.


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 ...Suzuki is the single best Japanese import motorcycle maker coming overseas, and yes, their cars have left something to be desired in the past, but at least they're throwing cash at our sport!
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 And Suzuki the worlds largest motor vehicle manufacturer.
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flag oonser (Aug 8, 2011 at 10:38) (Below Threshold)
 I think your wrong when you say they are the single best japanese motorcycle manufacturer. Honda kills them by miles.
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 I think you need to race with one. I did. Did just fine. Go check US and world MotoGP champs lists as well... If it ain't a euro liter bike, it's most likely a Suzie.
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 i used to race for Suzuki until they stole my dog and raped my garbage can. Now I drive a Benzo detailed at Lorenzos.
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 That comment made absolutely no sense.
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 Which is why it's funny Big Grin
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 Ya I definitely laughed when I read it so I guess it did its job haha
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 I happen to have raced two different suzukis. There not bad bikes by any means, i just think when it comes to a better all around bike, the honda comes forth. Also, just because you see more suzukis, doesn't mean they are the better bike. When it comes to that, its which company is gonna pay more for me to ride with them.
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 course looks insane so far!
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 just awesome whats going on im my home village! can't wait for it!!! wooohooo!
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 suzuki SAMURAI !
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 "based off of a freeski event"

wtf Nine Knights and Nine Queens ARE freeski events
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 good work guys! cant wait to see it all unfold!
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 Bearclaw is going to smash it!
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 Haha, I grew up in Wittmann, AZ
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 German's are smart!!!

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