Ben Deakin: A Life Less Ordinary

Aug 31, 2017
by melonoptics  
Ben Deakin epitomises the ethos of having fun whilst riding your bike. Travelling the world and riding with his mates, Ben has become known as the guy who brings the good times. Find out what makes him tick right here!!

Ben Deakin signature melon goggle

Ben Deakin riding Bali Bike Park in new signature goggle

The New Ben Deakin signature Melon goggle

Check out the new Ben Deakin signature Melon goggle right here:

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 Talked to him at Crankworx a few weeks ago & he seemed like a pretty chill, good guy. Didn't play the "snob, I don't wanna talk to Joe Ordinary" at all. Saw him again the next day outside the hotel & he recognized me & asked me how I was doing. Told him I get a laugh out of the Dirt Burke edits & he thanked me.
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 so sick goggles are sick too.
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 oi oi oi
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 oi oi
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 Came here to say this..
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 and were running afraid!
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 Thanks for reminding me I am ordinary
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 You are a nice person and a cool biker, so it´s good that you could leave that brainwashed club. There´s no need to kill and getting killed. Maybe for the most young soldiers not very easy to quit, especially without getting mentally ill or finding themselves arrested.
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 You need to take your head for a wobble. How dare you even suggest that the military is brainwashed. I have worked with some of the most decent, intelligent, loyal and compassionate humans I’ve ever known in my time.

And what you just said would be something Ben would take personally. He’s proud of his time in the Royal Marines and to post what you just did is insulting not only to those serving, those who have served and more importantly to the memory of those those who died while serving.

As for your last comment; I’ll treat that with the contempt it deserves.
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 @dhmoose: sorry, but going to the military is a result of brainwash of young people and going to kill people in a foreign land is nothimg to be proud. Look at all the wars of the last decades. Based on lies but fighted by soldiers. With an age under 20 years the soldiers are just to young to check whats really going on. They believe that there are good reasons for a military operation like defending the own country or bringing democratic rights to a foreign country. Let's take the irak war - a lot of soldiers thought it has something to do wit 9/11 based on letters and signs of their helmets. It doesn't matter what you think about 9/11 - but you should agree thatt Sadam has nothing to do with 9/11. The afgahnistan war is another thing and a direct result of 9/11. Even if you believe the official version, it does not to make sense to answer with a war that destroy foreign countrys. Most of the killed people in all the actual conflicts are the normal people not the soldiers !
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 @fossydh: I’m not even going to bother with you, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Stick to riding bikes.
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 @dhmoose: You were going into this confrontation without any arguments. I didn´t want to blame anyone personally with my first post. Just to say that war is bad and that it is a good decision not to keep in the army to kill people or getting killed. To quit this shit and doing something peaceful like riding bikes is a good thing. So, Ben Deakin did the right thing !
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 He's a top bloke. Fair play Deakes. Oi Oi !!!
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 "They seek him here, they seek him there ,
His clothes are loud, but never square ,
It will make or break him so he's got to buy the best ,
'Cause he's a dedicated follower of media ".
Well I laughed !
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 Ben is one of the best out there, I will never forget how he took the time and actually helped me and answered questions for interview, which was my essay in school #OiOi
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 Maybe he can share some of his paparazzi avoidance tricks with David Beckham and other a-list celebrities.
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 I love signature products it's my weakness ????
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 Oh great... another "my life is better than yours" video.
I tend to avoid companies that market the "lifestyle" hard.

"Your life sucks, now buy our products. Maybe your life won't suck as hard now!" i don't get that.
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 You're the one who said your life sucks, they didn't.
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 Are those the x ray spec goggles ?? OIOIIII
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 He is a top bloke, Waiting for the latest dirt burke edit.
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 in portuguese ''oi oi'' means ''hi hi''.
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 Teabagger we love you xxxx oi oi
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 Oi oi
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