Video: Dan Atherton in the Dyfi Forest

Dec 22, 2014
by Liam Murphy  

Dyfi Forest


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 Really enjoyed this.. alot of what Dan said applies to pretty much all riding, as long you're riding with friends having fun, it doesn't matter how fast others are, it's the shredding with friends which makes riding SO much fun Big Grin
Any video with an Atherton in is always good!! Smile
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 I'm loving all the back story pieces. From Riley's pieces, to Dylan's, Freehub's, and the Atherton's.
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 So what's that amazing van he's driving?
It looks so practical, yet sporty and with great features.
I bet it's surprisingly affordable with great finance packages.

(yes I am taking the piss)
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 Spot on! Actually looks really dated from the rear now i think
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 Seems that Dan is really enjoying his new place AND most importantly his riding, that's a really well shot clip with humour which you don't often see with some of these serious movies.
I followed his Sis round CYB a few years ago, for a short period before she & her trainer knocked the legs off me, I rather embarrassingly fell off right in front of her then got a pinch flat, I'd love to ride in the Dyfi forest but as with most spots like this it's all about local knowledge, maybe I need to find that bike shed and turn up with cake & pies.
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 This video really shows it doesn't matter how old you are, how good you are or who you are. It's about having fun on a bike and thats what matters!
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 Sorry didn't mean to neg props you it's just my bloody sausage fingers and an iPad , not a good combination !!!
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 Mid wales is epic... we're so lucky to live in a place with so much natural space to play with. I ride Dan's tracks frequently and they are always fun (and challenging!)
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 If someone had told me enduro involved driving a brand new mercedes vito to the trailhead i'd have been alot more stoked on the concept Wink
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 "Down there ewe want to be boys, make a killing!" haha classic
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 "Hotdogs for tea, boys."
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 only 1 Welsher...... [perturbed face]
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 Loads of trails like these all over wales, we are blessed.
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 Dan's a legend! Great film as always!
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 We need a Forum pootle around these here secret Trails..................
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 Where can you buy that Barton Rovers FC jersey? Wink

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