Final Results: Highland Slopestyle - US Open 2019

Jul 21, 2019
by Highland Mountain Bike Park  
Photo: Peter Cirilli

David Lieb gets his first FMB Gold win at the CLIF Slopestyle Presented by FOX US Open. Highland Mountain Bike Park 2019.


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 We are absolutely stoooked for David Lieb and his first FMB Gold win!
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 Did Jacub Vencl change up his run significantly to get into the 90s or are the Crankworx judges just too harsh in general? Never seen this guy get much higher than 78ish even with top tier tricks included..
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 Every time I see him in a different contest he changes his run significantly from the previous one. It’s called progress, dude really is stepping up as rider I can only imagine how much work he’s putting in
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 I was fortunate enough to be riding here this weekend with a good friend as this was going on. Lieb and Rogatkin both rode incredibly and had well respected wins. The tension while waiting to see who was going to take first was intense and well celebrated.
Definitely check out a slopestyle event if you get the chance.

Lieb all smiles talking with Aaron Chase after his win.
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 Wow second event in a row Rogatkin has come in second. Is everyone finally catching up or are judges just not as impressed anymore? Didn't he do 1080 in his Big White run and still come in 2nd.
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 Make sure you guys check out the guy in the #18 spot. Hes so good and hella underated for doing this well on a gold event.
@zspearsmtb on instagram .;
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 He came in 18th
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 Doesn’t he have a Youtube channel where he used to upload Game of Bike vids at the skatepark? If he’s the same guy - those vids were hilarious! 50mtb or something?
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 I love his YouTube channel
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 @SirWonky: Yes MTB-182 I believe.
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 Yes. I saw Zack at my local park a few years ago and started following him. Kills it on MTB and moto. Always seems to be having fun with style and some top tier tricks too. Get that man some Chili's plus some sponsorship.
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 @makripper: He's from Houston, Texas, a place that is flat as a pancake and has absolutely no MTB scene, he is by far the most talented rider to ever come out of southern USA especially considering his training ground is the local skatepark. Its absolutely amazing that he is able to make it to a gold event, especially considering he finished mid pack in a field of well known pros. Additionally he came in second in the bronze...
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 Thanks for all the support boiz! @chillis please sponsor me!
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 @zspearsmtb: good showing man! You need to get to more contests. Plus you have crazy dunk skills on that 8 foot goal at your crib Smile
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 Can’t wait for video highlights!
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 Kevin Sweeney, local boy! Great weekend up at Highland, hopefully more events like this in the future!
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 I don’t know much about David but it gotta feel good to beat some of the topdogs- congrats !
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 Video's please , some people had to work this freakin weekend Frown
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 Rogatkin was more than a little deserving of the win.
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 What did Lieb exactly do in his run to beat the Juggernaut....?
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 @chriskneeland: Cheers- hmm ok pretty technical but no bangers? Very Emil-esque
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 @steezer: It's definitely a very technical course. I think judges were awarding the best use of each feature over the standard bangers you see at the bigger crankworx events.
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 Gutted for Max Fredriksson who just can't catch a break.
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 How is there not a highlight video of this contest. I couldn’t even find anywhere to stream it when it happened. Fail
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 Back then a cork 720 is the sure-win trick. now it's just another warm up trick.

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