Lezyne Stainless 12 Multi-tool

Sep 9, 2008
by Simon Paton  
I've seen some tools in my time, I've even had to work with a few of them and still do today and I'll tell you now, some of them are as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

Not Micki Kozuscheck of Lezyne though.Like your Grandma we all know the guys at SRAM are wise cookies and as she always told you, "A bad workman always blames his tools".

SRAM purchased Truvativ four years ago from Micki Kozuscheck. No doubt he earned a few dollars and whilst you and me would of been off to Vegas and the Crazy Horse II (Yes I know it's closed down now). Old Micki joined up with his old mucka from Truvativ, a Mr. Dillon Clapp and they started to make some beautiful products that are now hitting our European shores.

Lezyne Stainless 12 Multitool retails for £19.99

Sexy? You gotta love that neoprene style wrap around mini skirt, didn't Kylie Minogue wear something like that? Keep that in place whilst in your shorts pocket in case of any crashes. This will stop a 4mm Allen key from skewering you silly.

Now take a look at the way each tool is attached: Most manufacturers use the "Wrap Around" style of securing their tools to the end axle. Lezyne cold forge and then CNC from Stainless Steel each tool and manufacture a hole at the end. The end axle slides through said hole, this makes them lighter and stronger than your conventional multi-tool.

2mm L-shape hex
3mm-4mm-5mm-6mm-8mm standard hex
Phillips screw driver
25t torx
Precision cast and machined stainless steel chain breaker with 4 integrated spoke wrenches
1-Mavic spline
2-standard square (3.45 & 3.22).

Weight: 115g

Weight: 115g

Lezyne is exclusively available in the UK from:

Never, ever clip in..

Si Paton
Funn Sam Hill Lock-On Grips £11.99


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 no bottle opener?
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 To whom it may interest, Lezyne will also be available in Canada through Lambert
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 also here in fort collins colorado at single track cyles.
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 Awesome tool, I have one and love it! I used to carry a topeak alien tool, too much weight, and never used all the tools. Try out the lezyne alloy drive mini-pump. Made from machined aluminum with a hose to attatch to valves, hose stores inside pump when not in use. Quality stuff!
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 i just bought a crank bros multi tool, it has 17 uses which includes all 12 lyzines- The crank bros has 18 if you count the grip on the sides as a file tool, which i have used to shave off jagged bits from a bent rim already. it cost $35 CDN and in my opinion was worth every penny.
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 I like that they made the 2mm a L shaped allen, this is key for the lever reach adjust. My crank bros tool wont fit in between the bar and lever and hane carry a separate allen. I have their all pack which is pretty sweet tons of room for pads and armor, full face helmet carry. But it uses those shitty waterproof zippers that always break is my only complaint.
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 from his old mucka,ha ha had to be a brit who wrote that,and nice tool's.
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 Nice little tool
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 its basically the same as the crank bros. tool, which is awesome
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flag ghostman (Sep 9, 2008 at 17:11) (Below Threshold)
 nothing like crank bros. this one sucks
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 yeah the tools look too short... the 1's on my crank bros. 19 pce r already too short...
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 yah those wouldnt give u any leverage at all
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 if you didnt notice, each piece is a single machined piece of metal formed around the "axle" of the tool creating an even stronger and sturdier tool. its a banging specimen of a tool
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 they all look pretty good.
The first line sounds bad, "I've seen some tools in my time"
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 Its a pretty good looking tool. I had a sample and I broke the chain tool piece. Thanks god I was in the middle of know where at the time and completely stranded.
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 nice. but all stainless? kinda heavy.

i like my compisite bodied tool. nice and light.

but no doubt its very well crafted.
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 loooks sik deffo gonna try and get hold of them with my lego bikes yh nice
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 I wish "superfly" spent more time writing a quality article than trying to sound cool.
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 link to the lambert site?
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 looks like a quality tool. but are they forgetting a 5.5mm hex?
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 or is that in the "20" version?
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 funny you should say that, i had to file down an allen key for a mate yesterday...
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 Just wondering, whats a 5.5mm hex for?
  • 3 5
 maybe a 5.5mm hex bolt? uh i thought it was more or less self explanatory.
  • 2 1
 No way dude, your so smart. OK, Ill try be more specific this time. What bike part requires a 5.5mm hex?
  • 0 0
 ya i dont think my bike has any of those
  • 0 1
 Maybe he meant 2.5 (like those bolts on ODI Lock grips and RS Boxxer forks)
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 nope i think he ment 5.5 my mate was after one the other day
  • 3 2
 there's a bunch of things that need a 5.5 off hand though i can't remember i think hayes uses them and my shmano shifters do, um derailleur? not sure, but yeah it's used.
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 looks nice but I already use topeak's 16-in-1 tool...
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 pretty nice but i still trust park tool more
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 nice sounds like a nice pump and tools
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 Mac gyver tool!!!
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 prefer not to have my chain tool attached to a multitool, but the quality looks like it could be one tool for a lifetime
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 looks pretty sweet and the price is alright
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 such a copy of crank bros
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 wil u do them me 4 £15
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 Cool little tool!
  • 0 0
 for the set of alankeys
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 i think the crank bros tools are way nicer
  • 1 2
 not bad price either
  • 1 3
 Crankbros make a pritty good tool, you lose them befor you break them

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