NiteRider 700 Pro LED - Review

Dec 6, 2010
by Fraser Britton  


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 That is a lot of money for a light.
700 lumens is 200 lumens down on a $40 torch that you can use as a bike light and works very well.
The battery technology is behind the times also, with Li-pol being the preferred option in 2010.
I would say that this light is over priced, under powered, slow charge time, uses old technology and not good value for money.
No mention in the review of the LED temperature, which is important for LED lighting.
It would have been a good light if released in 2007/2008.
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 Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer are essentially the same chemistry, only differing in the internal physical layout of the cells. A lithium ion cell is likely advantageous in this application because of its increased durability resulting from a hard aluminum case. If Tesla, Nissan, and GM say lithium ion will work in their cars in 2010, then I say it will work in our bike lights just the same. The only advantage lipo cells show in real world applications is in high current situations, where the battery is fully discharged in a small fraction of an hour.
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 I just cant imagine spending £400 on a light... :S still looks pretty good Smile
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 not pounds US dollars that's like £250 if I'm not mistaken. that would be crazy expensive if it was
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 I have two great lights (helmet and bars) and they have paid for themselves last winter alone when I was able to ride an extra 4-6 hours after work each week.

Base miles in the Winter = Podiums in the Summer!
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 I built a light with one of these LED's in it, but used a cheap reflector that flooded the trail with light instead of just a spot. It was perfect for DH. hit a 25' speed double no problem. Was running that trail at about 90% of full speed in the middle of the night which was crazy fun.
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 Not a bad light system, niteriders have been known for pricy equipment

I own a niteride light system. The old models when the batter sits in the water bottle cage. It has to be over 7 years old now. Cost me $250 cad. It has a halogen bulbs, 12 watt and 20 watt. SUPER bright. I'm in the progress of updating the bulbs to LED. I'm thinking of using the SSR-50 LED bulbs. I still haven't seen a bike light using that sort of bulb. From what i gathered, its the BRIGHTEST LED bulk out there. Anyone know any info. is it worth the $30 price tag per bulb?
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 hey i have an old system like this too but my battery does not hold a charge anymore. do you have any idea where i can get a new battery that is still compatable or is it just time to chuck it all?
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 If you have the know how, i would look into new batteries, or design your own battery pack. e-bay and other sites sell similar batteries cheap. What i am doing is revamping the headlights to LED and more likely revamp the batteries to something that is smaller in size, but greater in power and durability. If you get a better battery pack and run LED, you will get so much more power and burn time.
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 I just received the NR mini-newt for commuting. It is a great light. However, it is about $200 less expensive, and not nearly as bright. I know of a local who builds light systems in his garage. They have a lifetime warranty, and he'll upgrade the light system as the need arises. His light systems are comparable to NR stuff, except brighter and less expensive. From the word on the local MTB forums they are durable and the support is great. I like to see reviews like this, but is it possible to find alternatives to these larger companies to review their products.
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 I agree, it would be great to be able to do this. However, a lot of the smaller brands are either too afraid to have their product reviewed (we WILL run a bad review if the product sucks) or they simply do not have the budget to supply product. It's unfortunate, but the larger brands generally have a bigger marketing budget for this sort of thing.
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 LISTEN UP SPORTS FANS! THESE LIGHTS ARE ALL YOU NEED!!. you may have to wait, but its admna worth it! and it comes with a touch sensitive battery indicator!
and i use this aswell as my helmet light too!
you'll obviously neeed to get the charger for the batteries!
get these red ultrafire batteries as they last longer! />all you need boys and girls. don't waste your money on anything else!!
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 might be worth getting yourself 2 red batteries and a helmet mount for the torch

my friends advised me of all of the above kit i just mentioned, and you'd have to be foolish/stupid to waste it on anything else!!
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 such a badass light that works extremly well by the sounds and looks of things!!!
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 I have owned one of these for about a year now, and I can testify that its a badass light.. the build on them is good and I never have issues with it.. The pictures dont do justice as to how bright these lights really are.

Plus you never know what you might be able to use them for.. I used mine to mow the lawn at 10:00pm a few months ago.. Just grabbed my helmet and Jumped on my riding lawnmower and the Night Rider lite up my 2 acre back yard. Defiantly has more uses then just on the bike..
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I wonder what your neighbors though when they saw you mowing at 10:00pm with a helmet
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 Well my one neighbor is the super competitive guy that has to have the best looking lawn in town, So I thought he was going to come ask where he could get one so he could keep his lawn looking fresh at all hours of the day.. Plus he was mad that my one little light blew away the headlights on his riding mower.. haha
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 a carrot a day keeps the really expensive bike light away Razz Razz Razz
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 Pretty serious light, but pricey! I think i will stick with my MagicShine.
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 you do get what you pay for so i bought 5 magic shines and a case of beer ... I am the light.. even if I break 3 I am still brighter than 1 Nite rider..and i got some beer I win..
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 My buddy has this light and I borrowed it last week. Its awesome, totally worth it, great if you are getting your first and only light too
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 whatcom falls park at night is definitely a good place to test the awesomeness of a new light
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 I think I will just go old school and duct tape some flashlights to my bike and helmet.
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 Duct tape officially fixes everything. It might fix my fork that died.
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 wow.... verry powerfull ...i want a truck horn same powerful like this Wink )
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 that would be great to get your friends to ride faster or get out of the way.
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 Magicshine ftw - 900 lumes for less then $100.
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 Not even remotely the same quality. I have used/tried them. Super bright hot spot, no peripheral, and definitely not 900 lumens - no matter what they claim. Build quality is also suspect on the ones I have handled. You get what you pay for in this case.
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 I own one of these and its amazing pure and simple all i need is one on my helmet and its like a cops spot light..
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 400 dollars for a light is ridiculous.

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