I ride and race Dh as well as trail riding, I am not a keyboard warrior and ride master, I am current Scottish vets Dh champion and have done my time to make educated comments based on experience. I train hard for racing.

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Feb 14, 2019 at 8:07
Feb 14, 2019
Video: Unior Devinci Factory Racing Welcomes Canadian Kirk McDowall with Full Tilt Edit
I half expected him to have the roller to hit at the end of the video. Nice feel to the video though.
betsie sarahmoore's article
Feb 13, 2019 at 1:59
Feb 13, 2019
Video: Danny Hart POV from Testing in Portugal
That track looks amazing, would love to ride that, think it would take me 10 minutes though :)
betsie mikelevy's article
Feb 7, 2019 at 15:34
Feb 7, 2019
5 Details About SRAM's Wireless AXS Components
Global certifications. Sounds expensive... Oh. That's because it isn't cheap to get lots of FCC certs. Then rechargeable batteries and IATA. Not to mention California state prop65. Release a product. Want to make a change... EMC legislation just changed. Oh the joys. So much fun being an EE. 95% paperwork and compliance. 5% design.
betsie mikelevy's article
Feb 7, 2019 at 1:40
Feb 7, 2019
Video: RockShox's Wireless Reverb AXS Dropper Post Explained
I can just imagine the conversation.... (not based on real life at all....) R&D Engineer - "We know how to make the Reverb more reliable" R&D Director - "Can you make it cheaper?" Marketing - "We need a differentiation, the competition is killing us" R&D Director - "We can give you wireless" Marketing - "What an awesome idea, that will give us what we want to make a difference in our sales figures" R&D Director - "Lads, we have a new project, you will love it, we are going wireless" R&D Engineer - "But we know how to make the current post more reliable, move the actuator to the bottom, make it cheaper and lighter" R&D Director - "Great idea guys but please stick to the business plan that we have global alignment on, we are going wireless, if you are not working on this key project then I need to know why" R&D Engineer - "But we have working samples which show how reliable this new design is!!!!" R&D Director - "Why have you worked on that, its not part of the business goals, we need wireless and we need it now, lets stay focused on the company goals". 6 months later..... R&D Director - "I will now push this as my idea and take all the credit, we have wireless" Marketing - "Thanks R&D Director, this is exactly what we need to make a difference in the market, nobody will care about the price as we have removed a cable and this looks amazing as a market differentiator" Pinkbike - "Thanks for the seatpost, we will review it" Customer.......... flag adrennan (18 hours ago) Why not try and make normal reverbs work first? R&D Engineer - Sits and watches all smug that he was right all along but is still miffed as that R&D director is on the big money and the marketing guy has his new product launch bonus. Being the R&D engineer, this is pretty much how it goes.
betsie RichardCunningham's article
Feb 6, 2019 at 1:20
Feb 6, 2019
Review: Niner's New RIP 9 RDO 29
What about taking into consideration that on some frames the effective seat tube angle changes through the suspension compression... Factor in that people ride different sag and some coil, some air.. Then some set their sag with no kit on then put a rucksack on (camelback), as they remove some of that 3L of water and food etc, then their weight changes. What if you put an offset headset in which impacts your reach. Then crank arm length, stem length, stem rise, spacer below stem, handlebar width, bar rise, bar sweep, saddle position... OMG... I think I will just ride from some approximate static figures and setup from there as there are to many variables to get an exact figure. There is no magic answer, we are all different and ride setups which are different based on personal preference, strengths and skill level.
betsie RichardCunningham's article
Feb 5, 2019 at 4:18
Feb 5, 2019
Review: Niner's New RIP 9 RDO 29
Do you mean an actual number that changes depending on your height... A table would be good so that someone has already done the maths, but then that would have to include different body dimensions for each height. OR They could give you a number that is parallel to the ground relative to the BB and a seat angle. Maybe they could call them stack, reach and seat tube angle...
betsie Sleeper-co's article
Feb 5, 2019 at 2:01
Feb 5, 2019
Video: Reece Wilson Puts in the Hard Work in 'What Are You Chasing?'
Nice video, unlike the haters on here, you are right, and it doesn't matter what age you are the mentality of some risk and hard work is what works. It doesnt have to be for riding. The problem with risk is when you cross the line and injury strikes. These guys that we see near the top, many of them live a thin line financially as they are young, they are way below the living wage but still manage to train and eat properly with what they have or pretty much dont have. Yes they get a free bike, or a bike they have to hand back at the end of the year. I wonder what Reece's equivalent hourly rate was for 2017-2018 then 2017-2018. A single podium made this all worthwhile, hat off to you, you are young and dont have the family to support or be supported by, it is still a massive risk, not only for today but for your medium term future. Good luck with 2019 and hopefully we will see you on that podium again.
betsie Sleeper-co's article
Feb 5, 2019 at 1:45
Feb 5, 2019
Video: Reece Wilson Puts in the Hard Work in 'What Are You Chasing?'
WAKIdesigns, you are wrong, so wrong 99.999999999999% wrong. Dont listen to Reece, he is 100% right, listen to the man himself who broke the internet. If you don't get it, don't understand it, don't believe it, then that is fine, you are entitled to an opinion, even if that opinion is based on not trying, not believing, not being willing to put the effort in to get somewhere. Dear Waki, here is Arnie. Mr Universe at 20, actor, governor, public speaker...
betsie projectnortheast's article
Feb 3, 2019 at 23:58
Feb 3, 2019
Video: Not Your Average Fatbike Ride at Highland MTB Park
My face is hurting from smiling, that was awesome. The guy with his saddle up the whole way down.... legend :)
betsie enduromtbtrainer's article
Feb 3, 2019 at 23:50
Feb 3, 2019
Video: EWS Pro Trainer Dee Tidwell’s Program for Building Muscle
The bosu pull in the first video is one of the best exercises, a compound movement that is relevant to the bike. Nice video, but needs some excitement. Anyone with a bad knee injury, keep the knee behind the ankle and not over the toe, step ups work better for getting the knee over the toes. My personal favorite... "get comfortable being uncomfortable" - Jeff Cavaliere
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