Photo Epic: Slopestyle - Crankworx BC 2021

Oct 3, 2021
by chris pilling  

Diamond level slopestyle returns, after a summer-long hiatus, to the beautifully constructed Title slopestyle course in Silver Star, BC.

Griffin Paulson, the only Canadian on the card, threw down a heater run to open the day. Filled with double flips, 3 double whips, and a flat drop front flip, the Canadian is making his mark in the FMB world tour. Dawid Godziek followed shortly and placed 3rd on the day with moves like a cash roll bar spin, a twister, and a front flip bar to tuck no hander. Fedko was also laying down so many insane moves today like a 3 bar-whip-bar and a 3 windshield wiper, his second ever time landing it to dirt.

The man of the hour though, winning his 5th consecutive Crankworx slopestyle and putting him in prime position to win the Triple Crown, was Emil Johansson who smashed the competition. Emil threw some firsts for him like a switch 3 dub whip and a truck to double down whip.

Morning frost thawing out with the help of some tiger torches

The landscape was carefully crafted to be more than just some jumps on a ski run and it shows.

It's all in the details

bigquotesBuilding this course was instrumental in the progression of slopestyle. I hope the guys who are at the top level of Slopestyle riding are the ones designing courses. That should be the only way that courses get developed. Otherwise the best interests of the sport aren't being looked after. So let's build them.Brett Rheeder

Griffin Paulson
Griffin Paulson cleaned this front flip off the flat drop both runs

Paul Couderc
Paul Couderc truck driver up the step up

Lucas Huppert truck drivers into the lower half of the course

Nicholai Rogatkin
Rogatkin up the step up

Tom Isted out of the whale tail

Thomas Genon
Thomas Genon 3 down whip

Nicholai Rogatkin
Rogatkin couldn't quite put it all together today

Thomas Genon
Thomas Genon

Athletes and friends watch the runs from the Title tent

Tom Isted flips off the SRAM drop

Griffin Paulson
Griffin Paulson
Griffin Paulson didn't quite land his second double flip tuck no hander. He's stoked all the same.

Erik Fedko
Fedko 3 Indian air

Emil Johansson
Emil on his winning run oppo 3 double whip

Dawid Godziek
Dawid Godziek cashroll barspin

Erik Fedko
Emil Johansson

Fedko conceded to Emil in the second run and the two trained in to the bottom on their victory lap.

Erik Fedko Emil Johansson
Respect between friends

Dawid Godziek Erik Fedko Emil Johansson
Dawid Godziek (3), Erik Fedko (2), Emil Johansson (1)

Dawid Godziek Erik Fedko Emil Johansson
RedBull podium sweep

Emil Johansson
Can Emil take the triple crown in a few short weeks' time?


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 there is a chrome plugin that hides this
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 Has there ever been an opener like the one Griffin Paulson threw down? Historically it's been a rookie trying to overcome monster nerves and scoring in the mid 60's. If the new standard for rookies is to kick off the competition with a potential winning running where does the sport go from here?
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 Seeing the stills of these tricks makes you appreciate how weird and unnatural slopestyle really is, impressive to see these guys bend physics and land!

Also, can we just appreciate the carve up that lip with Godziek in the air? Jeez
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 The first whale tail feature should have been the finish feature! Had so much amplitude in and out of it, was so sick to watch on the replay.
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 Just wanted to know if there were any above 6ft riders like me
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 That Timothie guy is like 6'4
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 Loved the course! Great job all!
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 How tall is Emil?
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 None of your business pervert
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 I met him last year and he is well and truly over 6 foot, probably 6.3
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 @RideThicccBC: Exactly. Finally some respect around here.

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