Troy Lee SE2 Helmet

Jun 12, 2008
by Simon Paton  
Troy Lee really is for the World's Fastest Racers and also for the best looking. We wouldn't be surprised would we if we saw a couple of male models strutting their stuff on the catwalks of London, Milan, Paris or even New York wearing TLD.

Take a good look at the SE-2, Speed Equipment Helmet.Without doubt the most important piece of safety equipment you can purchase and wear is your helmet. PERIOD. Now this isn't going to be a write up about wearing your helmet or even doing it up, we all read that story didn't we!

This is a quick insight into upgrading to the ultimate protection, that of an MX lid. .

The first thing you will notice besides from the stunning looks is the size and weight of this piece of artwork.

My scales showed the following weights of a D2 and a SE lid, both in a size Medium:

D2 1.115kgs
SE 1.536kgs

Just note the SE lid comes in three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large. The D2 comes in three different sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL.

Now some of you have the faces that only a mother could love, I'm not even going to mention what is between your ears. Remember I have to try and decipher the entry forms of the NPS series that I run. Either way you need to look after what God gave you so please read on.

For the trail pimps out there there is a wealth of functional and stylish titanium on show. This helps save grams of weight plus wins points hands down in the bling stakes on the hill. Checkout the Ti air scoop ontop, how trick is that?

Improved intake and exhaust ports, and mouthpiece for better ventilation, safety and durability. The improved internal shape and thicker liner means she fits like a glove and is super soft and cosy to wear and even comes with earpiece indents! The SE-2 helmet more than exceeds Snell M2000, M2005, US DOT, AU and CE standards and the fact that it is here on is the recommendation in itself. (That and I hear that the guys at race with them too!)

Warranty is the usual 1-year limited warranty.

If that is not enough you get an awesome deluxe helmet bag that probably retails around $50+ as well as a spare exact colour matching visor that again must be worth $50.

Therefore that hefty price tag of $495US realistically is closer to the $400 mark makes it that little bit easier to reach down into your back pocket.

The Union Jack sticker on the back:
Racing the Masters World Champs? Then you need to mark your helmet with the flag of your country. No better way than to show your British Colours than to support the Stephen Murray Stay Strong Campaign.

For more information on TLD please checkout:

Stay Unclipped.

Si "Superfly" Paton
Funn FatBoy Bars in White Instock £39.99


  • + 11
 dont put it on the floor!!
  • + 2
 Nice lid, but thats some weak photography. A shot of the improved mouth peice would be nice ... or any picture not looking straight down. Does it still have the rubber flap under the mouth peice? most ppl cut them off becuse they are really anoying.
  • + 2
 More of the same from the Troy Lee "retro" styling dept, one of the most ordinary lids i've seen in my life!

Far more to choose from on the market these days than this overpriced overhyped nonsense?
  • + 2
 Nah not fan of tld simply because any helmet u get always gets scuffed and for some thing that costs like more than £200 english pounds It aint worth it compared to what 661 and THE one have to offer
  • + 1
 also they dont seem to be so well made to me this year the shell on the inside has come loose on all my mates lids with little or no crahing impacts
  • + 1
 I used to have an SE any barely any goggles would fit inside the eyeport. as soon as you hit a bump the top of the helmet pushed the goggles down on your nose and pinched your nostrils. Made it tough to breathe.
  • + 1
 please correct me if i am wrong, but were it says the wegith of it, i think it says that the D2 is still lighter, quote-
"D2 1.115kgs
SE 1.536kgs"
  • + 1
 Airoh moto helmets look waaay nicer and they are far lighter than this TLD helmet. The Airoh helmet is the lightest motocross helmet on the market.
  • + 1
 (sorry missed a bit)

bit it says that the SE is lighter i belive, but yet that quote says othewrwise,

or am i readind the text wrong?
  • + 3
 that is ugly as fuck
  • + 2
 I dont like it, to boring to look at!
  • + 1
 i bet will be steve peats new helmet like his 2009 one that is so nice shame about the price tag
  • + 2
 yap...and i don't even like the design, weight and price.
  • + 1
 nice designs but the SE and SE2 are so heavy!! SE L 1450gr SE2 L 1550gr the Fox v3 is 1290gr in L
  • + 1
 tld pretty much sand bags there own game dopest shit ever seen laid on a helmet!
  • + 1
 tld helmets are the !@#$ing bomb!!!

ive seen their moto helmets cheaper...
  • + 2
 wow ugly
  • + 2
 Sick design.
  • + 1
 sick looking lid TLD is amazing
  • + 2
 I want one
  • + 0
 Stop smokin pole girls that lid is sick uk flag on the back awsome!!!!!!
  • + 0
 thats fuckin pimped
  • + 0
  • + 2
 Yep, I think those are ugly... remind me of like 70's or 80's... Not beast
  • - 1
 i agree man there ugly ewwww
  • + 0
 reminds be of transformers haha i think its sweet
  • - 3
 I hate it when ppl try to make countrys look better by putting the flag on it even for my country and makes them look full of them self and when i see that makes me feel like usa and thats disgusting so there for this makes all brits feel like usa there for making this helmet disgusting and should be crushed into a pullp
  • + 5
 Didnt you read. Its a stephen murrey stay strong sticker! have some respect!
  • - 3
 Me want! Seriously, nice fucking helmet!
  • - 3
 That is nice design! I love the color! I know its a MX helmet but i wonder if it is good for MTB since it is made for MX?
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