Osprey BC Enduro Series - Vernon Course Release

Jun 21, 2015
by Ted Morton  

*NOTE: This will be the toughest course of the series*

The Osprey BC Enduro Series returns to it's previous format with the Vernon/Silverstar race being a TWO DAY EVENT!.

Day one will be out near Coldstream inside of Kal Park, this area is pretty relentless and we're likely to see lots of flats and wide eyes!

Day two will be hosted at Silver Star, the course IS NOT going to be released until after Saturday's round. Silver Star Mountain Resort has had two weekends of early riding this season, so make sure you get out to Silver Star on Friday or Saturday evening to ride some of their trails!

Important Info
Day 1 in the Kal Park area is likely to be the toughest course of the whole series, as such we will be running an INTRO COURSE, to keep the #Frienduro stoke alive! More info about that below...

If you feel you aren't up for a technical course, you have two options:
(1) walk the tough sections in stage 1 & 2 (day 1) and still do the full course
(2) do the intro course that doesn't include stage 1 & 2 (day 1) that are the most technical.
To collect series points you need to be in the full course
** Must ride the same bike for both days

Silver Star Mountain Resort has graciously offered racers 50% off of lift tickets on Saturday and Sunday. To redeem, be sure to bring your number plate with you when purchasing tickets (Don't tear it off, simply cut the zip ties!)

Silver Star has a wide variety of places to lay your head, head over to their webpage and check it out, they even have a few suites that allow pets! Click Here. Additionally, you can call their hotline here: 1-800-663-4431

8.45am - 10.00am: Registration (Location to be confirmed)
** Start and finish location are in 2 locations so a self shuttle will be required
** We will organize some shuttle vehicles for those that need it and it will be $5-$10 to the driver
9.00am - 10.15am: Wave start times (specific category start times will be posted the week of the race)
12.00pm - 2.30pm: Riders finishing - Pick-up Day 2 Map!
No awards as they are at the end of day 2 - GO RIDE SILVER STAR!

8.45am - 10.00am: Registration in the Village
9.00am - 10.15am: Wave start times (specific category start times will be posted the week of the race)
12.00pm - 2.30pm: Riders finishing

Stage 1: Big Ed
Stage 2: Fraidy Cat, 36DD
Transition: Pond Trail, Cabin to HRT
Stage 3: Twista, Noboats
Transition: 3 rings, Stone Free
Stage 4: twisted sister and Crash of 08'
Transition: Small transfer on the road
Stage 5: Black Powder, Cousins Bay Express and Freaky Creeky
Transition: Pedal back out Cousins Bay trail to Gingerly,


BC Enduro Series - Sunshine Coast Enduro

MENTIONS: @bcenduroseries / @trailforks / @SilverStarBikePark


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 Toughest of the series. What does that even mean? The Penticton race was my first foray into the Enduro circuit, and I found it was the hardest ride I've done! And this course looks to be shorter? Do they mean it's just gnarlier descending? I'm fine with that, I just don't have the endurance part of Enduro ha ha
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 My guess is more technical.
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 You'll want to walk Fraidy Cat and 36DD. There's a few steep surprises on both
  • + 1
 I don't think Fraidy Cat and 36dd are so technical that they need special mention. Unless you are new to cycling, or rocking a short travel hard tail, things should be fine....and I say this as a guy who has ridden Fraidy cat with a short travel hard tail.
  • + 2
 Normally I'd agree with you, but having recently ridden those trails with capable riders and watching them bail while trying to tackle those sections with more speed than they would normally carry. May have cause for people to stop and look. And having ridden both the north shore and Penticton races, those 2 trails are the steepest/most technical. But by no means are they so scary anybody has to walk. And yes crewford I've ridden both trails on a hard tail.
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 Hi Megan,
The write up shows 5 stages but the trailforks map only shows 4 stages.
The map on the BCES website shows 5 stages, but only 4 stages written about in the description box in the upper right.

Pretty sure it will be fun either way. But it's not clear if we get a break between Big Ed & Fraidy Cat... Or if we have to charge through it all in one go.

Either way, I can't wait! Smile
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 You get a break between Big Ed and Fraidy Cat.
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 Gonna be 40' C on Saturday! Cant wait to see who wilts! Bring lots of water
  • + 1
 40? I thought Penticton was hot at 36 deg C! Bring lots of water indeed.
  • + 1
 @HpSauce if you look at the bc enduro site, Fraidy cat to 36DD is the second stage and is seperate from Big ED.
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I might be hallucinating as I'm on very little sleep... But they look different to me.

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