Video: CathroVision Track Walk - Vallnord World Cup DH 2019

Jul 3, 2019
by Ben Cathro  

Ben Cathro takes a look at the 2019 Vallnord World Cup track and sees more of Rachel Atherton's leg than he was expecting.

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Vallnord Bike Park


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 Ben for Prime Minister. Vote here >>>>>
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 With quotes like "downhill still the one for me", he has my vote.
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 Big mistake in this vid everyone. Tracey Hannah is the series leader, not Rachel Atherton as stated. Apologies for the Error!
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 Perhaps a sit down chat video with Sven, @ben-cathro. That guy had some crazy good insight on how riders build their runs.
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 The only mistake in your vids is that hat mate!
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 @ben-cathro: Admitting to mistakes? Maybe you don’t have the makings of a British PM after all. In all seriousness good work though mate.
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 Eddie sat in third overall EWS, doesn't want to give that up and GT currently doesn't have Maes so it's probably resting a bit on Wyn's shoulders to carry through some results for them in the enduro scene. Just my theory
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 Wyn said he likes to ride his bike and he does that more at an EWS than at a DH WC on a track that he has ridden on many times before.
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 @jmjr: That's the excuse! More like it's easier as Ben says
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 @russthedog: Combination of both? I mean after all those years riding DH WC I can see what he likes about riding new venues every race.
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 @russthedog: I wouldn't say its easier..if you didn't do the training for an EWS race you wont enjoy it, at a DH race some riders still can get away with it if its a steep track. While it is a sick track, I've raced Vallnord more than 7 times already so why not check out somewhere new, and get more than 48mins of riding in for a weekend.
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 @wynmasters: fair enough, And thanks for the info!
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 @russthedog: EWS courses will destroy most "riders". There are sections that are no easier than can be found in a UCI DH course. The catch is that those tough sections are thrown into the middle of natural, narrow trails and occur when riders are drained of energy. On top of that, EWS riders wear much less protection because of the stamina required across the long day so bombing into the difficult sections is even more of a mental game than in DH where all protection is being worn. I'd go as far as to say that, with all things weighed in, EWS is more difficult than UCI DH.
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 @thesharkman: it sounds like you mean ews courses are more difficult. I don't think I've seen or read anything that talks about it being more difficult in general - you have to have a different kind of fitness and manage your effort over a longer time, but youre going slower and riding further from the limit. It's not coincidence that a lot of the top riders were previously DH riders.
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 Cathro is back, WC DH weekend starts now.
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 Well Ben, you`re doing it on purpose with that cap, aren`t you? I`m gonna send you a straw hat with a MIPS system. You`ll love it ;-)
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 Ben whats with the finger at 2:28? Are you somehow sending us a message ;-)
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 a well established track, and the live footage only starts half way down. Come on RB. Does not bode well for the new DH track in the US where the bits of track that really matter, are in the woods.
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 Cathro talking shit about Wyn and Eddie... You know, the guys who are actually riding their bikes instead of making videos of whispering. Not a smart move.
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 YES! Thank you @ben-cathro Always look forward to your vids, cheers
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 This dudes a dude... love him
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 Ben, you are very very good at what you do.
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 I guess he cant lose the hat now, its too famous.
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 Someone get this man a hat sponsor
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 Good stuff Cathro!!!
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 Congrats to Cathro not having Wyn there being more entertaining.

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